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...Roar of Dawn...

Updated on March 25, 2011
...Lion Blossom...
...Lion Blossom...

...The Lion has appeared again on the landscape of my journey. He is sitting on my chest watching the crows circle in the sky above. He is asking me to listen to his mighty voice now as it shatters the silence of my reverie. His magnificence rises like a golden blossom in my work as an energetic manipulator.

...He floods his voice into my life as the Eagle watches from his terrain. The Sun has risen once more in the East. He asks me what kind of circles I am travelling in. The Eagle is listening closely. He walks around me, inspects me. He is patient and aware. He is the epitome of Strength.

...He lays along the Horizon at Dawn. His mane glows and drips gold dust along the shore. Mermaids are in awe of this King of Morning. The ocean is aglow with his sheen. Everything within it becomes covered in a protective golden shine.

...Sacred Royalty...
...Sacred Royalty...

...Out further past the Dawn, the Cosmic Goddess drifts. The helm picks up the golden light. The maiden strapped to the front of the ship has been ornately carved out of ivory freely given from the places where elephant roam and perish. Silver stars and a crescent moon adorn the space around her.

...The Queen stands on bow watching the brilliant Golden Dawn roaring. A scorpion rests in the palm of Her hand. She summons the Eagle now. He is listening closely. He swoops down and faces her with his bronze eyes sparkling. She nods to the arachnid and raises Her arm. The Eagle leans forward and gently takes the creature by the end of its tail.

...I sit on the island where the lighthouse is, close to shore yet in the middle of the sea when the tide is in. I can see the Eagle approaching. He has come from where the water meets the sky and the thinnest layer of gold. He circles the air and something falls from his talons. I cannot see where it lands because I am watching the Eagle fly back toward the horizon.

...I must wait here until the tide comes back out. I have asked a question and have come here for an answer. The Lion's silent roar in my meditation prompted me to look to the East for the acknowledgement. I went as far East as I could, straight off the shore and into the Sea. Leaning back against the concrete structure I closed my eyes and listen for the Roar of the Sea to receed... be continued...

The Seashore Where I Have Seen Many Dawns

A markerPenfield Beach -
Penfield Beach, 800 Beach Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824, USA
get directions

Here I have spent many hours of my life. The lighthouse is a white dot closest to the words "Map Data" & the sand jetty arcs from the point past


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  • Carole Anzolletti profile image

    Carole Anzolletti 6 years ago from The Phantom Queen's Labyrinth

    Hi Bella! Thank you for voting me up, awesome and useful! I have always looked to the animals for inspiration, and have them tattooed all over me - three birds, a bee, a couple of butterflies, a spider, nine snakes on the head of my Medusa, with the tentacled arm of an octopus...they are an extremely powerful influence in my life! Thank you for your lovely compliment...

    Enlydia ~ I will definitely have to check out that book! I love that you are Travelling along with me...

    Going to check out your Hubs, ladies. Thank you again...

  • Enlydia Listener profile image

    Enlydia Listener 6 years ago from trailer in the country

    Hello Fellow Traveler in the Inner World...After I read this I thought you would enjoy reading the Red Book by Jung...I just finished reading most of it...(skipped parts). You would find it interesting...Your imagery is so descriptive of your Inner World.

  • bellawritter23 profile image

    Erica Sanchez 6 years ago from California

    I love the whole concept how the animals played a huge factor into you hub it collaborated so well! Very great write from a great writer!!Thanks for sharing...

    smiles :)


    Voted Up, Awesome and Useful!