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Listen To My Heartbeat

Updated on February 11, 2015

Just Listen to My Heartbeat

Put your head down / Down on my chest

Listen to my heart / Hear how it beats

Feel the beat / Let it calm you

Calm / The calm of the heart

I remember the first / Woman to listen to

To my heartbeat

She put her head down / Down on my chest

And said she liked listening / To my heartbeat

I remember the last time / I felt your mother’s heart

I remember the last time

And now when you’re angry / When you’re sad or upset

Bury your head in my chest / And just listen

To my heartbeat

Listen to my heartbeat

I love to feel you / When you listen to

To my heartbeat

copyright (c) 2014 christopher neal/shankThr33

all rights reserved

UPDATE: Here is a little posting on my FB page where I explain the genesis of the song.

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