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Lit your hair on fire lately?

Updated on April 24, 2012
Winter at Ann's cabin, I still have long hair!
Winter at Ann's cabin, I still have long hair!

When is the last time you lit your hair on fire?

For me it was right after Christmas, yes I did say it right. I happen to be one of those nutty people who try to use alternative means to heat their home in the winter. I use a wood stove. Not your ordinary run of the mill wood stove that is cute, sits in your house and you can actually put a tea kettle on top.

No mine is an outside boiler system. It's a big sucker, 180,000 btu's (I think). All I know is it heated my last house that was close to 5000 square feet with ease. So my little house of 1800 square feet stays toasty warm, when done right. If I stack the wood properly, and there is an art to laying a fire, it will stay going from 12-18 hours long. So I fill it in the morning and at night depending on the temperature outside.

It is made by the Hardy Heater Company in Philadelphia, Mississippi. Outdoor heater and Mississippi is almost an oxymoron eh? Anyway this bad boy heats up the water that surrounds the interior stove section. It then pumps it underground to my existing heat pump (inefficient piece of junk) and then heats up the coil. When the fan kicks on it blows 180 degree air threw my little house vents and warms it wonderfully.

Now the catch for me is to remember to open up the bottom draft door so I don't get the famous BACKDRAFT scene from the movies. Some nights that flame jumps out 4 feet before it licks my hair, face, coat, gloves, etc.... Usually it singes my long hair, I usually catch it on fire an average of 4 times a winter. Well I am already at 3 and the month is not even over.

I started using my Hardy Heater back in November so my record may just get beat this year as opposed to last year. I certainly try to be careful. I'm not intending to do harm to myself or my long hair. It just sticks out of my hat, even when tucked into my coat, some remains astray and that is what I burn off. This year I actually thought it was too warm for my hat and my bangs where the casualties of my error.

My hairdresser thinks it's hysterical. The salon girls all laugh when I call, they put me on speaker phone. They know if it's been too close to my last appointment that chances are I burned my hair again. Heck with needing a special updoo for a fancy party. When I call it's usually to do repairs for my absent minded choices in outdoor clothing.

The few times I burnt my eyebrows or eyelashes weren't good either. It is so quick when that flame decides to flare that you need to jump out of the way. I don't know how firemen do it. The few times I had to breathe that smoke my eyes watered forever, my throat burned and I really had the bad feeling what it must be like for them. I have only been caught in a burning building once in my life as a child and it scared me to death. My hat goes off to those brave men and women who risk their lives to save ours and our homes in the process.

I just got my hair done today and that is what put me on this tangent. She asked if we should trim my bangs and then everyone laughed. I am glad I can laugh at myself and my mistakes or this would hurt. I laughed in retort and said "heck no, you never know if I'll burn them off again tonight". I let them grow in between burns so she actually has something worth trimming! We all had another good laugh and then they asked for a dating story.  Those will have to wait for another hub since you "don't want to get me started".

my Hardy Heater

the greatest woodstove ever!
the greatest woodstove ever!


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    • karmicfilly profile image

      karmicfilly 5 years ago from Franklin, TN

      Thanks Jake. Just added the photo so you can see how it's impossible not burn your hair off. Well at least for me.

    • Jake the Mechanic profile image

      Jake the Mechanic 7 years ago

      Awesome! Aluminum foil hat? Haha.