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Literary Agent Fantasy

Updated on December 6, 2009

Dear Literary Agent

If – and only if:

1. You love all good literary fiction;

2. You are equipped with an open mind and a heart of gold;

3. Your pretty knuckles have been hardened and your skin thickened by a fiercely competitive and oftentimes deceptive literary world;

4. Your heart is filled with contempt for the misguided exasperated masses who speak in a foreign tongue about the hopelessness of featuring authors unknown;

5. You know by heart that quality matters & will prevail some fine day;

6. You actually enjoy reviewing quality submissions from new authors and endeavor to return their courtesy by giving them a personalized reply;

7. You are in no way, shape or form associated with any fee-charging literary agency or such similar services;

8. You have credentials that you’ll be unafraid to share with us upon request, and this in a form that makes verification possible,


A. You are our Fantasy Literary Agent indeed;

B. Our Night Owl Award, our Book Worm Award, and our Editors Delight Award – take them, you’ve earned them by giving us the time of day, they’re all yours!

C. We shall bestow upon you all good manuscripts such as you may see fit to consume. Come the fine day – and it shall come! – that you decide to put forth a contract for our consideration, you shall find us most agreeable and eager to form a union based upon mutual trust and admiration.

This article was contributed to the Hubber community by Roman Trend. 


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