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Little Blue

Updated on October 22, 2012

I'm reaching out, I'm leaning in

my heart has stopped, I'm way to thin

the pain kicks in and the water falls

Across face and to the halls

Until I wake with a start, you never belonged in my heart

A drab green curtain separates

the world outside and my lovely face

I can't help but think that there were better times

Maybe a night when I was high

or maybe a time when I was with you

I can't think right now, I'm falling through

Too many drugs and too many dudes

I was at his house and there were so many booze

He reached over and I couldn't move

a chilly fright took a hold, I tried to move but I was afloat

You reached over and held me close, I was freezing or I was told

You were like a blanket wrapped so nice

I wanted you to stay forever

But as I sunk into a bitter sleep,

your arms tore off of me

I was dragged, clumsily to the last place I wanted to be

The couch was hard and cold

And soft and smelled of leather delight

I closed my eyes and let dreams take flight

The next morning was not so easy, still unstable and unable to move

I let my body take control

Heaving dead nothing from my mouth,

The dry pain it caused woke me up

I wanted to sleep forever

Sleep is like death, no they are the same

You don't wake up again and never feel the pain

or the pain you use to forget about another pain

your eyes so wet and matted

you close your lungs and let it sting

because today was the day to fade

You never looked back until you woke up blue

Why isn't it so simple, they all asked you

Just do more drugs, the time will pass or shut up and don't complain

Just keep your mouth closed and your words withdrawn,

and maybe next time you won't wake up at all

And you'll disappear, like the green leaves in fall.


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