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Little Magpie´s Wingless Adventure

Updated on January 24, 2020


Little Magpie´s Wingless Adventure
Esa Myllylä
Published by Esa Myllylä.

Chapter 1: The Storm
There was a summer morning when a small magpie sat in his nest, waiting for
Mom and Dad Magpie who took turns feeding the little kid who had been named
The name Crow he got because he is blacker than black and white.
Everything was fine and dandy in the morning, but then it began to blow. Dad
Magpie had to fetch more branches to strengthen the nest, while Mom Magpie
had to fetch more food for magpie Crow.
It began to blow more and more, and little magpie Crow had to fight the wind to
hold on to the nest, which was not yet fully completed. It blew and blew and
eventually gave up magpie Crow cling to the nest anymore.
He flew out of the nest and out with the wind, several miles away and landed on
soft grass.
The wind was still, but not as much as in the top of the trees. Magpie Crow
crouched behind a tree to get some protection from the wind.
Meanwhile, a little farther away was a chaffinch nest that got into trouble. It
blew and blew and eventually went nest into the water. The chaffinch survived,
but was in despair at what had happened, because he had fought with his live as
long. But he hid behind a rock to wait out the storm. Chaffinch was so tired and
goes to sleep.
Magpie Crow was really scared. He did not know where he was and he heard a
lot of strange sounds he had never heard before.
The day turned into night, and the strong wind abated. Magpie Crow had never
been alone before and cringed at the tree and thought of his mom and dad - I
miss mom and dad. How will I do without them.
He heard some noises around him and saw a lot of eyes shine in the dark.
Magpie Crow cringed even more and brought wings over his eyes and in the end

he was so exhausted and tired that he fell asleep.
Mom and Dad Magpie flew back to the nest and were greeted by a horrible
sight. The nest had collapsed and small magpie Crow was not there!
They immediately began to look at the ground, but they could not find him.
They flew around and asked other animals if they had seen magpie Crow. But
no one had seen him somewhere ... Mom and Dad Magpie was now very sad but
decided to not stop looking until they found their baby. Dad Magpie stayed to
repair and build up the nest again, while Mom Magpie flew off to look for
magpie Crow.
Magpie Crow wake up at the morning. It was bright and sunny and he blinked
his eyes to wake up properly. Suddenly he heard a huge crash. He was really
scared of the sound, but he was also so young, so he was curious where the
sound came from. Magpie Crow crept up in the tall grass and the flowers in the
meadow. He caught sight of something further down the valley. He crept
forward slowly but dared only look with one eye because he was so curious but
afraid. He saw a seagull that had caught a fish in the lake.
He walked slowly back to the seagull and asked
- Hey, Uncle Seagull. I called Crow. Do you know where my mom and dad are?
Seagull looked at the little magpie and laughed loudly and replied
- Ha-ha, I'm not your uncle and I do not know where your mom and dad. Where
are you doing here, by the way, you're so small. Are you lost?
Magpie Crow said - Yes, I'm lost and do not know where my nest is. I blew
away in the storm.
- I can’t believe it and do not know where your nest is. But you, stay away from
the animals, there are lots of animals that want to hurt you.
- Do animals want to hurt me?
- Yes, they want to, so beware.
- I am hungry, I can get a little taste of your fish?
- No, you can’t taste my fish. You may get yourself your own food and now I
have no time for you so go away now you little magpie!
Magpie Crow became upset and ran off back towards the tall grass. It hurt his
claws, for he was not used to walking on his legs and he had not learned to fly
He sat down to rest. His stomach began to grumble to mention that it was
hungry and needed food. He had never tried to catch the food himself, but now

he was so hungry, so he must try to get some food. Magpie Crow crept slowly
into the high grass and looked around.
He saw a worm wriggling on the ground. He crept forward, slowly but surely.
The worm began to suspect that it was some dangerous and started digging into
the ground. Magpie Crow hurried up and got hold of one end of the worm. He
pulled and pulled at it, but the worm was too strong so finally disappeared into
the earth. Magpie Crow sighed high. He was so hungry!
After a while he heard rustle in the grass, and was really scared, but as usual, he
was curious as to what it could be,- what that rustling in the grass he was
Magpie Crow got big eyes, and was really scared when he saw what it was.

Chapter 2: Hungry
It was a viper who hissed at magpie Crow with his forked tongue. Magpie Crow
was very still and thought about how he would handle the snake without getting
hurt. Magpie Crow looked terrified, wide-eyed when the snake tried to chop for
him, but then he jumped quickly aside so the viper missed. Magpie Crow ran
away on their sore claws as fast as he could.
Magpie Crow heart was pounding really hard for fear, as he puffed out at the
tree outside the meadow. He was so tired and scared, the whole body shook and
he thought sadly at his mom and dad - I miss you so much!
Magpie Crow rested for a while and then started walking down along the lake,
while he looked nervous and worried about other vipers.
He caught sight of two beetles that fought with each other and then he slowly go
to them, he might be able to eat them he thought. Crow crouched and crept
slowly forward on his sore claws. He was very close to scoring a strike against
the beetles. They looked at Magpie Crow and became frightened and flew away
for these beetles could fly, but it could not magpie Crow.
Magpie Crow was now even more tired and even hungrier. He continued to walk
along the lake then a chaffinch suddenly landed next to him.
The chaffinch asked-Hey, what are you doing here?
Should not you be with your mom and dad?
Magpie Crow said - Hey, Mr. Chaffinch! I blew away in the storm and now I am
looking for my home, my nest, where my dad and mom are.
- I can help you find your parents but first you should get some food in you.

Well thank you. I need it because I'm really hungry.
The chaffinch flew away and after a few minutes he came back with a worm that
magpie Crow swallowed in a flash.
- You seem to be very hungry after all, so I'll pick one more for you.
The chaffinch flew off, landed on a branch in a tree and started to chop on the
tree and behind the bark he found a big fat juicy caterpillar.
The caterpillar was so big and thick that it fell to the ground. It was so big that
chaffinch could not take it to the magpie Crow, so he decided go to magpie
Crow and the show was the caterpillar is. - I found a giant caterpillar, it is little
farther away. But you have to come with me as i show where it is. Chaffinch
Magpie Crow nodded and followed chaffinch. It went very slowly because he´s
claws hurts more, but eventually brought him to the tree and chaffinch showed
exactly where the caterpillar was. Magpie Crow looked at the caterpillar with
big eyes, It looked very delicious out and grabbed it with his beak and tried to
swallow. He could not swallow because it ended up sideways in his mouth, so
he had to spit it out. But after many attempts finally managed to get it to fall
right into his mouth so that he could eventually swallow it whole.
Now it began to get dark and magpie Crow was now measured, but also
exhausted. He was so tired. He crept closer to the tree and closed his eyes and
fell asleep at once. The chaffinch sat on a branch a little further up the tree and
watched. The chaffinch decided that he would not fall asleep and stood at
attention at the crotch. He thought magpie Crow was so young, though he was
bigger than chaffinch yourself. So he needed protection from an adult. He saw
magpie Crow as her own child. After a few hours he heard a great crashing in
the bushes beyond. Magpie Crow and chaffinch jumped and saw a frightening

Chapter 3: Friendship
It was a badger that came rushing towards them. The chaffinch screamed at
magpie Crow – Flap your wings and jump up on the branch a little further up!
Magpie Crow jumped as he tried to flap their wings but could not come up. He
fought and fought but did not succeed.
The chaffinch thought quickly and flew at the badger, right in front his face to
distract him.
Magpie Crow continued to wave and flap his wings but did not come up on the

branch. The badger turned and caught sight of magpie Crow and started rushing
towards him. Magpie Crow flapped even faster now. The badger had high speed
and was so close.
Then came magpie Crow remember from he jumped to the side as the viper
attempted to stab him, so he jumped to the side as he flapped hard with his
wings. Badger missed while the wind got hold of magpie Crow and he flew
from the ground and landed safely on the branch.
The chaffinch flew to the branch and said - It was close. Here you are safe.
Magpie Crow said, Thank you for warning me for the badger.
The badger grunted and snorted down at the ground. He walked around the tree
and sniffed and then he went from there. Magpie Crow and the chaffinch were
awake all night and sat on the branch.
The day turned into the morning. The sun shine stronger than before and magpie
Crow was so tired.
The chaffinch said - You can go and rest in the tall grass and I'll watch you.
- Ok, but how do I get down from the tree?
- Jump and flap with your wings as much as you can.
- Ok, I will try but it is so high..
- It will go well. Just keep the wing flapping
Magpie Crow looked down and was so frightened that he shaken with his body
and said - I do not dare!
- It will go well jump now, it's only a couple of yards.
Magpie Crow looked down and shook like a leaf. He closed his eyes and jumped
off the branch and flapped all he could. He landed smoothly and safely, and with
a big smile he said
- I have made it!
- Yeah i knew it would go well.
Magpie Crow went wobbly and tired towards the tall grass. He lay down and
slept like a bear. He slept and slept. It was getting afternoon and magpie Crow
was still asleep when the chaffinch saw a falcon that sailed high into the sky.
The chaffinch flew down from the branch and whispered - Crow wake up!
Magpie Crow who slept like a bear did not hear what the chaffinch said. Falcon
flapped now still high up in the sky and then saw chaffinch that Falcon had
spotted them.
The chaffinch shook magpie Crow and shouted - Wake up Crow! A falcon has

caught sight of you!
Magpie Crow woke up but was so tired that he did not know where he was and
looked blurry around. The chaffinch screamed loud - Wake up it's a Falcon that
has caught sight of you and it eats other birds. WAKE UP!
Magpie Crow looked up into the sky and saw the falcon. He started running to
hide while falcon put wings together and made ready for a nosedive. Magpie
Crow ran as fast as he could. He ran and ran when Falcon started coming closer
and closer.
The chaffinch screamed – Run he is close behind!

Chapter 4: Near the eye
Falcon came nearer. Magpie Crow ran, wobbling a little because he was just
newly awake.
The chaffinch screamed - NOOO!
Magpie Crow stumbled on a stone while falcon was very close. Falcon missed
the last second, but it was really close.
Falcon flew up into the sky again and made ready for a nosedive. Magpie Crow
crawled up and started running again.
The chaffinch screamed - Run of the lake, there you will be safe!
Magpie Crow ran as fast as he could and aimed towards the lake. Falcon brought
together their wings and made ready to dive down to magpie Crow again, he ran
for his life on his little legs. Magpie Crow was now near the lake and Falcon
was again very close to him. Magpie Crow continued to run as fast as his legs
could. He had only moments left to the lake.
The chaffinch screamed - Jump Crow, jump!
Magpie Crow jumped as he heard a swooshing sound when Falcon missed by an
Magpie crow flapped its wings when he was in the water and sounded - flapp
flapp splash splash.
He had never been in the water before and it looked chaffinch direct and shouted
at him - Stop flapping, use your legs instead of taking you forwards.
Falcon was tired of trying to catch magpie Crow saw he flew away.
Magpie Crow was scared as he was in the water as he continued to flapping its
wings. - Flapp flapp splash splash.
The chaffinch screamed - Calm down Crow. Fold the wings and use your legs!
Magpie Crow did as chaffinch said and brought together the wings and began to

use his legs in the water. When he realized that he was floating and brought
forward by the legs said – Ha-ha it was really really fun!
He swim around began flapping again flap flap splash splash.
He smiled when he saw that magpie Crow playing in the water.
But then he saw pike fins little farther into the water, which began to move
towards magpie Crow. He became frightened and screamed to magpie Crow –
Watch out. A pike is coming! Hurry up!
Magpie Crow looked around and saw the fins sticking up out of the water and
started to panic, flapping of their wings flapp, flapp, splash, splash.
It went slowly forward for magpie Crow but he tried to make an effort to use his
legs more. Pike came closer and closer and chaffinch screamed out - Hurry
Crow. Noooo!

Chapter 5: Learning
The pike swim fast and opened his mouth to catch magpie Crow and tried to
swallowing. But he did not succeed, the magpie Crow was a little too big. The
wave’s grabbed magpie Crow and he washed up on shore. Magpie Crow puffed
out on the beach and took the opportunity to rest a while the water dried in the
sun. After a while, said chaffinch - We must hurry before the Falcon can come
Magpie Crow was so tired that he could not answer, but just nodded his head
and stood up. The two friends started walking towards the mountain.
While at the nest became Dad Magpie finished construction and was completely
satisfied with his work. Now Dad magpie could focus and start looking for
magpie Crow. Mom and Dad Magpie flew and flew, gazed down on the ground.
They asked the animals if they had seen a small magpie. But no one had seen
magpie Crow.
But in the end they found a seagull who told me he had seen a magpie youngster
he had spoken with and who told me that he was lost.
Mother Magpie said, Where did you see him?
Seagull replied - Down by the lake. At the same time he pointed with one wing
in the direction where he had seen the magpie kid.
- Thank you, Mom and Dad said simultaneously and rushed over to see if magpie Crow was there.

Magpie Crow and the chaffinch had come a long way in their path towards the
mountain. The two had become so hungry chaffinch decided to show magpie
Crow how to chase a worm.
The chaffinch went between the trees and the wiggled his head to listen to the
ground and after a little while chopped chaffinch down into the ground and
pulled out a giant worm.
Magpie Crow looked at and thought it looked easy.
The chaffinch said - Try it now! Listen for how the worms crawling under the
ground. They are close to the surface where it is damp.
Magpie Crow said - Ok, I'll catch a worm, a fat and a good worm!
Magpie Crow go forward, quiet as a snail. He listened and suddenly he struck
down to the earth, but no success to bring up any worm. He tried again and
again, but it just did not work and he was very disappointed.
The chaffinch sighed and said - You must hear for sound carefully. Do not
attack before you know there is a worm there.
Magpie Crow nodded and tried again. He crept forward like a snail again and
listened very carefully. He wiggled his head to hear better and swoosh so he
struck down the bill and got hold of a giant mask. He pulled and pulled, but in
the end the worm manages to win this fight. But magpie Crow was happy
anyway because he almost managed to catch a big worm. He tried again and this
time he managed to pull up the worm from the soil, because it was a bit smaller
than the first. Slurp, it sounded when magpie Crow swallowed the worm and it
went down in the stomach. Magpie Crow had a big smile and was pleased with
Mom and Dad Magpie flew above the lake but successful not see magpie Crow.
They flew back and forth, around and around and looked. In the end, they
decided to fly back and sleep it off for a while, before they could continue to
search for magpie Crow next day. For now, it started to get dark and it was hard
to see anything.
Now that both magpie Crow and the chaffinch are not hungry and satisfied,
Crow walked away while chaffinch flew beside him. They walked over logs and
rocks. Crow had hurt his little legs and needed to rest.
The chaffinch landed next to him and said - Here we can rest a bit. I am also
tired and need some sleep. Chaffinch has not slept for days.
Magpie Crow and chaffinch fell asleep on the spot. They slept and slept like

bears both.
Snoring did them to. The chaffinch whistled every time he exhaled fluuuiiiiii.
Magpie Crow croaked every time he exhaled with a kraaax.
It was getting dark and both slept like bears. It sounded kraaax, fluuuiiiiii,
kraaax, fluuuiiiiii from chaffinch and magpie Crow. The animals began to
wonder what it was that sound from the mountains, they had not heard anything
like it. It started a rumor among the animals that something bad was up in the
mountains. The animals did not dare go up and see what it was. The chaffinch
and magpie Crow got rest as well, thanks to their snored.

Chapter 6: A good laugh
Night became morning and the sun was shining over the mountains. The
chaffinch and magpie Crow woke up and was hungry. Magpie Crow who had
recently learned how to capture a worm, got three fat worms for breakfast.
When they had eaten their breakfast, they continued to hike up to the mountain
top. The chaffinch told magpie Crow - Jump up on this rock and flapping your
wings. Jump and try to fly.
Magpie Crow nodded and did as chaffinch said.
He crawled up on the stone. The legs started to shake and he flapped his wings,
but he hesitated.
- I do not dare to jump from this stone.
- It is not high. Much lower than the branch that you jumped from.
Magpie Crow nodded and began flapping and jumping up and down on the
stone. He took a big jump from stone and flapped his wings, while he flew right
down and landed softly on the ground.
- If you exercise, you will probably be flying soon. You landed great.
- yeah said magpie Crow happily - I was able to fly a little while anyway!
Magpie Crow was pleased with him and swept wings of chaffinch and gave him
a big hug. The two walked further up the mountain. Magpie Crow flapped its
wings to train. He jumped from the rocks and flapped with his wings but did not
really fly yet.
They came up the mountain and looked down into the valley on the other side.
Magpie Crow could not see anything familiar that he recognized.
He sighed heavily, I will never find home again.

No, we will give up now! Said chaffinch, let’s go back and look for the other
side of the lake and see if you might recognize you there.
They started walking down the mountain and magpie Crow continued to
flapping the wings, to train.
When they came down from the mountain they found a small wagtail that asked
them - What, dare you be on the mountain. Did not you hear the nasty noises
that sounded kraaax, fluuuiiiiii, kraaax, fluuuiiiiii?
The chaffinch and magpie Crow looked at the wagtail, then they looked at each
other and fell into laughter – Ha-ha. It was probably us you heard.
Magpie Crow and chaffinch lay on their back and laughed, then they gave
snoring sounds kraaax, fluuuiiiiii, kraaax, fluuuiiiiii.
- Ahaaa, it was you two that made the sound! Said wagtail
He collapsed with laughter, All three now laughing hard. - Ha-ha, all the
animals were so afraid of the sound and it was just you two. I must fly around
and tell the other animals.
Said wagtail flew away and told the animals, and soon everyone knew that it just
was magpie Crow and chaffinch who snored in the mountains. All the animals
laughed so it was heard all over the woods and the lake.
The chaffinch and magpie Crow continued go and catch some worms by the
way, slurp. Then they heard a familiar sound. It was Falcon who was high up in
the sky. Falcon began to get ready for a nosedive in trying to get hold of the
Crow. The chaffinch and Crow saw Falcon.
The chaffinch screamed - Run Crow, Run!
Falcon was very close now and magpie Crow ran as fast as he could, as he
flapped his wings.

Chapter 7: Best Friends
Falcon was just yards from magpie Crow who continued running and flapping
their wings just then got magpie Crow off the ground so he began to lift off the
ground. Magpie Crow flew!
He screamed to chaffinch - I'm flying, I'm flying!
The chaffinch replied - fly, fly!.
Falcon was close behind but magpie Crow flew between the trees and branches.
Falcon which was much bigger hit in a branch and fell to the ground with a
crash. He became very angry and felt defeated, so he flew off to the other side of

the lake.
The chaffinch said - You are flying and the great you did when you flew among
trees. Falcon became grumpy and took off!
- Yes Me Can Fly now and did you see what I did. Magpie Crow was pleased
with him, and laughed aloud with happiness.
They both flew high into the sky and then got magpie Crow see something he
recognized. It was the tree where his nest was! He flew there but no mom and
dad were there. Then he heard a squawk, squawk and suddenly saw his mom
and dad who was in another tree and built a new nest if the storm would come
back. Magpie Crow and the chaffinch flew to mom and dad Magpie and magpie
Crow got a giant hug from both his mom and dad.
Mother Magpie said - We have been looking and looking for you, and what I am
happy to see you again, my beloved children!
- I missed you so much mom and dad! This is my friend chaffinch that has saved
me, taught me to hunt for food and fly!
Dad Magpie - I see you have learned to fly. I'm proud of you, son, and a big
thanks to you Mr. Chaffinch, for you have taken such good care of our son.
Magpie Crow and chaffinch told in the mouth of each other on the great
adventure of the two had been through.
Dad magpie laughing - Stop, stop, one at a time!
The chaffinch and magpie Crow looked at each other and smiled at each other.
Both agreed that they had found a best friend. END


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