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Little Soul Big Spirit

Updated on February 20, 2016

This day is dedicated to you
Smile! There's no room to feel blue
It's the day God marked for you to see
That I'm your big sister so be glee!

The day you open your little eyes
I smiled and sang you a lullaby
The day you learned to walk
I smiled and whisphered the first word you spoke

The first time you called my name
I was so happy like someone insane
The first time you cried because of school
I was so sad that I also cried like a fool

Being your sister is a blessing
God taught me sisterhood's meaning
It's being there for you each time
You get confused of life's mysteries and lies

I thank God for you my little sister
You make life even better
Continue to fight life's unpredicatble game
I'll be here to support and not to blame

I pray for your light to continue shine
And your heart to beat for the right man in perfect time
Let's praise God for today is your birthday
Be merry, dance, sing and pray!



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