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Live- a poem

Updated on May 24, 2013

Take the time to open your eyes

The world around you is different every day

every second

every moment

It is constantly changing

for the better

and the worse

See what is in front of you

But adjust your perspective

from time to time

Sometimes you'll turn up




or sunshine

Waste no time

pondering the negative

go searching

for something good

something to be found

and find purpose

find reason

to laugh


to live.


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    • profile image

      Bobby 3 years ago

      An exceptionally great pbuilsh. This informative article covers for me exactly what this particular subject is determined by plus some from the important benefits that may be resulting from being aware of it as being should you. A friend once pointed out that you've got a completely different mindset when you make a move for certain instead of when youre simply just toying by using it. In the case of this kind of subject, I believe you're taking, or even start to think of, a more expert in addition to thorough approach to both exactly what and just how you are writing, which in turn helps you to keep on and obtain much better and guide other people who have no idea anything by what you've shared here. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Bow 4 years ago

      I love this! Hope you're smiling everyday :)

    • Huey19 profile image

      Amy 4 years ago from Chicago

      CloudExplorer- happy you enjoyed this piece. I'm even more content that you will be sharing it with others. Laughter is such an important part of our lives that everyone needs to try just to find something to smile about every day. Thank you for understanding where this all comes from. Thank you for your comment.

      D.Juris Stetser-I work in the newspaper business so i completely understand what you mean by being overwhelmed with the bad and sad and disasterous in the world. Eventually we either do something or we grow rather numb to it. I cannot tell you what it's like to place obituaries in a paper everyday. Not once has someone not died. The Front pages are littered with rape and murder and scandal, it's rare we have pleasant news, but if it were pleasant would people even show an interest anymore or are we so used to the negativity the world has to offer? I'm with you about watching "laughworthy" shows. I love that word by the way. Thank you for your insight and giggle on heartily. Don't let the world keep you from living life to its fullest.

    • D.Juris Stetser profile image

      D.Juris Stetser 4 years ago from South Dakota

      I agree, laughter is not only like an elixir of Joy, but so very healthful as well. My own 'secret' is most likely going to seem cold-hearted or mean spirited, but when I used to have the TV on all day as background noise after becoming widowed, I finally realized how many times a day a disaster scene like what happened in Moore Oklahoma recently was being replayed...Such a heartbreaking event cannot help but imprint itself on our hearts, bringing grief and compassion - we are Human, and Humane,,,by virtue of our creator. But hearing this on and on blocks the mind from going any things like "How can I contribute some thing, some act some kind of caring gesture

      to those suffering? Not to put ourselves in any spotlight, but to put them into focus and their needs.

      TV can often paralyze us from exposure to the next step - taking action, somehow. If I have TV on anymore as 'background white noise', it's something silly or laughworthy. Frasier for instance has me giggling doing dishes or laundry. And yes I know laughworthy isn't word...I'm making it one just this one time. besides it sounds silly so

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      Beautiful message a hear what you are saying here, yes indeed that is what i do every single day, I take myself and use myself as a vessel to help inspire others worldwide to do more of the same.

      This is what I believe is my true purpose on this planet earth, I hope other folks who have yet to discover such a thing, begin to open up their eyes to this premise as well.

      Thanks for sharing such a powerful message of positivity, thumbs up and sharing for sure!