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Narrative Poetry: Living Doll

Updated on October 2, 2013
Title: Silent Screams
Title: Silent Screams | Source

Dark and cold,
I feel them watching me but
I can’t see them through the glass…
I feel like their pet and I only
get “played” with when and how they like.
I have no say.
This was made clear when they sewed my mouth shut.
Now I can only write. I don’t want to be here…

I am human!

I woke up today with
one of my eyes sewn shut.
When did they do this?
When I was asleep?
I have no sense of time in this chamber!
They could have had me asleep for days
and I wouldn’t know. What was the point
of sewing one eye shut?!
I can still see with the other…

I’m an experiment.

I can’t tell if I am writing this
in a straight line or even legibly…
They have now sewn both of my eyes closed.
I am blind in the best sense of the word.
I still recognize speckles of light,
but only know my way around by touch.
I stick to the corner most of the time...
It feels safer here, even though I know
I will never be safe again.
I have been here for at least a month now
or so it seems. No one is coming for me…

I am non-existent.

© 2012 Christine Buenemann


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