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Living as a Family - Moved On

Updated on January 26, 2018
oliversmum profile image

Hi! I'm oliversmum. I love being a partner, mother, grandmother and a devoted pet person! My Family are the most important part of my life.

Hilltop view of Lakes Entrance
Hilltop view of Lakes Entrance | Source

Our New Lifestyle

Well it has finally happened!

We have now all moved to our new homes, although it is completely different to living as a family, we (each family) needed to do their own thing without the stress of looking after a large property and are all extremely happy with our new homes and choice of locations. We are sure it will take a little time to settle down and get used to our new way of life. :)
Plus our children and Grandchildren will have a great and exciting place to come for a holiday,when ever and as often as they wish.

What a Madhouse

The last three weeks before moving was like a mad house.
So much stuff to dispose of, what on earth are we going to do with it all. In the end we found two people that between them took 14 tandem trailer loads including one full trailer load of children's clothes from birth to 8 years old that belonged to my Grandchildren,they went to an aboriginal community up North which was perfect, and this particular community were more than happy to accept, along with many, many toys for the children to play with. It felt pretty good to share with others.
These two people are the salt of the earth, every single item that they collect, is given to someone in need,no matter what time of the day or night, if you need something, they will deliver it, and are more than happy to do so.
They are the most beautiful and caring folks that I have ever met,unfortunately there are not enough of us like them.

This couple only took one item for their own personal use, It was a twenty thousand liter water tank that we no longer used and did not go with the sale of the property.

This tank was going to be turned upside down, have a doorway cut in the side, lined to stop the heat and cold and be shelter from these elements for two tiny ponies that they have on their property. A perfect solution for them.

The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives

The last day was hard, very, very busy, making sure we had packed everything, sad and everything else in between, saying goodbye to our children, grandchildren, friends, the couples on either side of us as they were pretty special folks.

Now after a several weeks, we are all adjusting to the new chapters in our lives, and are pretty happy and excited about it all.

We are very fortunate to have very special friends up here, they really did make our (mine especially) transition and settling in time a heck of a lot easier by keeping us busy every day doing this, doing that.

By the time night-fall came we were too tired to care. We thank them for their love and support.

Grandchildren's New Adventure.

Our Grandchildren and children love their new home, although at first found it a little hard adjusting to only having a small block compared to the large one where there was so much space,trees and animals just outside the door, that has now passed and they are all very happy. Our grandchildren have settled in to their new school, which they both love, they are also making new friends, and down the track a little making arrangements to have sleep overs with their new friends, I don't think their mum and dad know about these sleep over arrangements as yet.:)
We are in touch with them on a regular basis, by phone,email and other means, they particularly love getting letters from us, one reads it to the other over and over and over so I am told.
It's beautiful. We miss them dearly.

Baby Tawny Frogmouth with it's Mum.
Baby Tawny Frogmouth with it's Mum. | Source

The Beginning of a new Lifestyle

While waiting for our new home to be built, my partner, myself and Oliver are living in temporary accommodation.

This is situated on the block where our new home is to be located, which is near our favorite holiday spot, Lakes Entrance, not far from Paynesville, Bairnsdale and Metung.

It is magical!!!.

It is coming up our Christmas holiday season in a couple of weeks so the population down by Lakes Entrance explodes, thousands come down this way, you can hardly move in the shopping complexes.

It puts a big smile on your face to see all the children and adults having so much fun, and there is so much for them to do. What a great time of year Christmas is :).
We spend a lot of time out-doors, as we overlook the Rivers and Lakes, just can't get enough of the view. It's to die for.
Agvulpes is in photographers heaven, there is just so many wonderful scenes to be captured and he so loves it!

The bird life is incredible, There are Waterfowl, Ducks, Swans, Tawny Frog Mouth's, Pelicans, Honey Eaters, Wattle Birds, Cockatoos, Parrot's, Magpies and many more!
At the moment there are two baby Tawny Frogmouths in a tree near us, they are flying now and today they moved to a tree about 20ft from our back door. Oh they are so beautiful!


Oliver has settled in really well, he loves his walks down to the river, where he has made a lot of friends both human and animal. He just loves people and making friends with other dogs big and small.
He has also gotten a reputation of being a charming little guy with a wonderfully cheeky personality.

"That's our Boy". :) :)

At the moment it is Summer here, the rivers and Lakes are extremely busy with Yachts, Speed Boats, Fishing Boats, and Canoes, People from all walks of life enjoying the lay back atmosphere of this small country town. Most of the entertaining is out doors,bbq, happy hours that sometimes go on all night, sharing stories,the fish that they catch, adventures, helping one another if need be, It really is a wonderful life.

Horses are so lovely to watch when they graze.
Horses are so lovely to watch when they graze. | Source

Have you ever done or thought about a Sea Change

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Work in Progress in Paradise

We are so looking forward to our home being finished, at the moment working on our garden is not possible. However we are busy designing the garden on paper but that is not the same is it ?
We will have to be patient for a little longer.
Oh well them's the breaks.
We are over the moon that we made the decision to move here, and dreams do come true.
You just have to have faith.
Bye for now. Oliversmum, Agvulpes and Oliver. :):):)

Let us know if you have ever carried out a sea change like we are doing in the Comment section below!

Pelican displaying it's plumage
Pelican displaying it's plumage | Source
Family of Tawny Frogmouths enjoying the sun.
Family of Tawny Frogmouths enjoying the sun. | Source
Cows like this roam the paddocks
Cows like this roam the paddocks | Source

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