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Local Sports Guy’s Story

Updated on April 24, 2020

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


About 36 months ago,

I was disturbed within

Me for I really want

To have another source of income

Then I started exploring

Many options, out of

Which is the Forex

Trade business

But what I discovered

Was that what they

Demand of starters in

Nigeria, I cannot raise the money

Then, I started looking

For other means, and

I discovered from my

Findings that there is

Something called blogging and

Stock market, which is

Different from Forex trade

Although incorporated into it

From those findings I

Discovered that, Facebook and

Many other social media

Fall into the category of

Stock market. Then I

Said to myself, I

Will explore that of

Facebook because I was

Still naïve of blogging.

I put my all

Into the Facebook shares

And postings, hardly would

A day pass by

That I would not

Post stories there, not

To talk about being on the Facebook

Almost 24 hours a day

But then what I

Was expecting I never

Got from the Facebook

I became pissed off

And kept on exploring

Other means of making

Making money

And about 18 months

Ago, I stumbled across

This site,,

That I can make money

Through writing on this

Page, all I have

To do is write hubs

That would be accepted

I said to myself

At last I got

What I have been

Searching for, that I would explore this

Then, I registered to

This site. After registering

I couldn’t make headway

Through on the first day

Because the steps highlighted

Were new to me

And would leave the

Site till the following day

The following day too

This never works as

What I thought I

Have written was turned down

I know I can do

This, but I don’t know

How to press it further

Then, I decided to

Abandon this site telling

Myself that it may

Be a site for the

American writers alone

In the meanwhile, I

Have discussed with my

Father, my close confidant

Of the site and he blesses me

Having read all my

Published books he really

Believed that I have the

Talent of writing and

Prays that I would

Make it on this site

To be able to publish

More books and do other things I want to do

Thus, he cannot but

Ask about my progress

On the site

And when he asked

Elder Richard Dare at a function
Elder Richard Dare at a function | Source

I told him that,

I do not think

The site is for those

In the developing world

That I would not

Continue with the site

Again. He asked to

Know what happened

I told him that

All the articles I have

Written did not pass

Their tests, they were turned down

Then he said, you

Will have to work

More then, this does not

Mean that they have

Blocked you from the

Site, or have you

Been blocked? He asked

I told him I wasn’t blocked

It is just that I

Am having some issues

Publishing articles there.

Then he sat me down

And share this story

With me of what

Happened years back to

A young man who

Was an athlete. This

Young man was living

In the village and

He was the best in that village

You will recall that

All the village athlete

Runs with bare foot

I said yes, I know

This young man was running

With bare foot, without

Training shoe on. Then there

Was a competition in the neighborhood

That comprises of about

Twenty other villages. After

The competition this guy

Came first and was shortlisted

To represent our side

At the center. When

He got to the center

He performed brilliantly

And the coach there

Said he would be

Among those who would

Represent the state, but he must

Go and learn how

To be running with

Training shoe. He tried it

But he did not master it

During the trainings, others

Who have mastered the

Use of training shoe for

Trainings dusted him and

He couldn’t be among

The selected people to

Represent the state at

The federal level.

When he returned to

The village he was

Asked by his fans

There of what happened

He told them, his

Problem is the use

Of training shoe to run

Because when he puts

The training shoe on

It is affecting his movements

Slowing him down, for

He has not master it

“I know I am better

Than some of the

People who are selected

To represent the state

But I cannot prove

That because I have

Not master the use

Of training shoes” he told them

Then his people told

Him that he will keep

Trying, he will keep

Improving himself in the use

Of training shoes, because

That is internationally accepted

And since he hopes

To go places as an athlete,


He cannot but learn

How to fit into their

Camp, by learning how

To use the training shoes

His fans told him

He was grateful for their

Words. Thence he went

To the market to

Get different training shoes

Because he knows he

Can do it, because he

Has the flair for it.

He started developing himself

Training with the training shoes

Sometimes wounding himself with

It, but as time goes on

He masters the use

Of the training shoes

And soon another window

Of opportunity was opened

He explored the window

And now as a different

Person, polished person who

Could fit to the international standard globally

Like before people of the

Neighborhood know he would

Win, but they doubted

Him crossing the next hurdle

But he proved them

Wrong as he won

The state competition and

Was the one who led them to the national

Now, he is now

An international figure, he

Hardly stays around here

Because he loves athletics

He desires to become one

And he trained hard for

It, until he overcame all

The obstacles and become renown

I know you have talent

To write and love for

It, therefore, I do not

Want the little setbacks

That you have experienced

At the initial to

Put you off this,

I want you to try more

There is an adage that

Says, if one falls from

A horse, one rises to

Climb it again.

My son, rise to climb

The horse of writing

Again. You can do this,

I know you can, and you will

All those people writing

There are humans like

You and no one

Is born with it

All you must do

Is keep exploring, keep

Trying, as the bible

Says in the book of Proverbs

That, if thou faint

In the day of adversity,

Thy strength is small. (Pro 24:10)

Gather yourself together and do it again

He said as a word

Of finality to me, patting

My backs. Then, I reasoned

With myself, and keep trying

Until I was able to

Hit the target, and my

Article was published and

Featured. Then I saw a message

That an article has been

Snipped. I said to myself

What does it matter?

What is important to me is

Crossing the Rubicon which

God has made happen

For me. I was elated.

I am still growing with the

And I know and can

Say, it is one of

The sites that would

Help people who want to

Know how to write,

How to develop themselves

In English, and how

To write a well acceptable article

On any subject or discipline

Globally. I appreciate my

Father who has not

Allow the ember of smoke

Of writing in me

To die, but has fanned

It to fire for

Me through his supportive

Roles and comforting words,

Elderly counsels. Here am

I still growing in

This learning from other Huber

All over the globe.

I am elated to be

Here, I am elated

To have been accepted.



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