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Lonewolf Supernatural Hunter: Volume 1 (Chapter 9)

Updated on December 11, 2015

Chapter 9

Meanwhile at the club known as the House of the Rising Sun Isabella was coming on strong to a bartender name Jonathan Rodriguez.

Jonathan was a tall dark and handsome Mexican that tended bar at the House of the Rising Sun. Jonathan tended bar at the House of the Rising Sun for the past eight years. In the past eight years Jonathan thought he seen it all, but tonight Jonathan was about to experience something he had never experienced before, tonight he would be seduced by the dark passion of a vampire.

Jonathan was quite taken by Isabella as she compelled him with dark powers. Jonathan stared into Isabella's deep brown eyes and she whispered in to his ears,

“You find me extremely attractive and can't help but invite me over to your place for a night of hot steamy seductive passion.”

The truth was Isabella did not need to compel Jonathan, he was already attracted to Isabella even if he didn't let on or show it, but sooner or later he would give in.

Jonathan looked Isabella over and could not help but notice her glistening cleavage that was exposed from her low cut black v shaped dress. Jonathan raised his head higher staring into those deep brown eyes and said,

“Senorita I was wondering if you would be interested in accepting an invitation into my home this evening?”

Isabella smiled and looked into Jonathan's eyes and replied,

“I would be more than willing to accept tour invitation into your home tonight. Is there any chance I could indulge in a bite while I am there.”

Jonathan's eyes widened and said of course gorgeous. You may have anything you desire. Tonight I am all yours.”

Isabella smiled as she caressed Jonathan arm and said,

“Good I was hoping you would say that!”

Jonathan leaned forward ever so close and replied,

“Give me one moment sexy.”

Isabella smiled once again and said,

“Take your time love. I have all the time in the world.”

And so it began Isabella had made her first conquest and tonight would be a night that Jonathan would never forget for as long as he lived.


While Isabella was making her conquest the Angelic Seth and I were preparing to embark on our adventure. Seth and I loaded my 1993 black Chevy pick-up with our weapons and supernatural hunting tools. I asked Seth if he was ready and he smiled and said,

“Of course Lone-wolf I'm an angel we're always ready to take out a demon or two!”

I know the angel lacked emotion, but I did not care for this comment. To be honest this comment pissed me off and I felt the need to express myself and I'm sure you would have done the same.

I gave Seth the evil eye as I shot him a look and said,

“Look you dumb son of a bitch who has fallen out of heavens. Bella is my one true love and if you ever say another unkind word about her again! I will castrate your dumb ass!”

Now if Seth would have agreed to my wishes there would not have been a problem, but no that was too much to ask and it made to much sense instead Seth had to open his mouth and express his stupidity,

“Lone-wolf no castration is needed. I do not possess the reproductive parts you do.”

I was in shock with this comment and replied,

“Are you telling me your like a woman down there like a Ken doll, You have no sausage, you have no hose, nor do you have bolas, no chestnuts?”

Seth was confused now which was nothing new. Seth and I always confused each other, makes you wonder why we would be partners since we did not understand each other?

Seth looked at me for a long moment and then he finally said,

“Why would I have chestnuts down there? And no I don't have a vagina!”

I just started to laugh and said,

“Man you really do have problems you have no calhones, no baby factory, no love juice. You can't indulge in the simple pleasures in life!”

Seth looked at me with a grin and said,

“I am a angel, a soldier of the lord my purpose is to restore balance to the universe where Stain's children have installed chaos. I was not created to procreate.”

Until now I have not seen just how upset Seth could get and still I found it amusing.

After our disagreement we both stepped into the black Chevy pick-up and closed our doors. I put the key in the ignition and the motor started right up. I placed my foot on the accelerator pedal and applied some gas and then it was not long until Seth and I were on the road that lead to Main Street in Resurrection Hill.


While the angelic Seth and I were on our way to Main Street in search of clues to Isabella's whereabouts, Lola was in purgatory telling her tale how she met me the night she died.

As Lola and Bella came closer and closer to the portal that linked two worlds, the world of the living with the world of the deceased they walked up the mountain side on a road of blue and gray gravel. The sounds of their footsteps echoed in the wind.

Lola looked into the dark blue and gray sky as she continued with her tale of love and terror, the night she was brutally attacked by the demon bats from hell, the evil blood sucking vampire bats,

“I turned that corner on 5th and Main St. and it was not long until this creature with red eyes stalked me as its prey. The creature was some kind of demonic werewolf. It was blood thirsty I could clearly see it had attacked some poor person already. Blood was dripping from its mouth. Drops of blood hit the ground and splashed on the ground. It felt like the blood drops fell to the ground in slow motion as I watched in fear. I was so scared. I don't even know how to describe the fear I felt. I knew my life was in danger and I needed to act fast! I needed to think of a a plan, a plan on how I was going to escape from the beast that wanted to feast on me.”

Lola stopped for a moment and Bella was in suspense. Bella was extremely interested in this fantastic tale,

“Don't stop Lola I really want to hear more!” Bella said quickly with much enthusiasm.

Lola raised her head and cracked a smile as the two continue to walk on their journey to the forbidden portal of return to the world of living. Lola began to continue with her tale,

“I suddenly turned my head forward and ran as fast as I could. I ran in between cars and then I ran down Main street in Resurrection Hill until I seen an abandoned building and lucky for me the door was open.”

Lola took a deep breath but just for a moment and then she continued once again,

“I stepped inside this dark run down building with mildew on the walls. Oh how I remember that stench! I could feel the vapors in my lungs, the vapors made me cough, I was hacking up a lung or two!

I continued to run through the building as the Demon-dog or Hell-hound as my lover John likes to call them.

The beast approached the deserted building. Suddenly there was a huge bang sound that came from the door ((Bang!!!)) I remember that sound as clear as day. It was a scary sound it scared the hell out of me. I was terrified I just wanted the beast to leave me alone, I wanted to live I was too young to die and I had so many good years left ahead of me. I was a good person with hopes and dreams.”

For a moment, just a moment Bella interrupted Lola by saying,

“I know you’re a good person I can tell you are and together we will make them hopes and dreams come true, trust me!”

Lola smiled and continued,

“I screamed in terror and the blood thirsty Demon-dog growled hideously it was a terrifying sound. It was the warning of death, the Demon-dog wanted me to know it had plans on killing me violently. It scared me you couldn't believe how much it scared me.”

Bella interrupted once again,

“I know you were scared Lola, I know you were and with good reason, you have nothing to be ashamed of.”

Bella's words comforted Lola a little.


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