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Lonely Loon

Updated on February 23, 2011
Lonely Loon
Lonely Loon | Source

Alas, the lonely and lachrymose loon, left listlessly lingering aloft and solo.

But this poor member of the species Gavia gaviidae gaviiformes (known to his quite scarce and very few neighbors simply as Gavy) probably brought his isolation upon himself. After all, what savvy Gavy — an aquatic waterfowl, no less — would migrate from the so-called ‘Loon Capital of the World’, lake-studded Mercer, Wisconsin, to the dry and windy plains of Oklahoma?

Worse yet, this bird has built his nest high upon the only prominent spike of vegetation for miles around. Great view, but doesn’t he know that lady loons prefer ground nests among dense vegetation and near water?

I think this looney needs a clue or two! 


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