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The Future Road: Told Through the Lens of a Child

Updated on April 17, 2016

Tomorrow's Realities

The realization of what will be

Is the future road paved with gold and diamonds?

Will we burn our feet on hot coals?

Will we remember our past mistakes when we travel,

as we walk, or as we fall?

Will we put each regret into action,

and remember why they were wrong,

or will we make all yesterday useless

and only remember when tomorrow is gone?

Will we travel the easy road that many follow,

or will we lead ourselves in a distinct way?

In our travels will we let destiny take us anywhere,

or will we be thoughtful in deciding, will we even care?

Will life's problems be lessons so we can learn?

Will they serve as reminders or let history return?

Will our struggles defeat us and make us weak?

The future road has choices.

Let us be mindful in choosing, let us keep a watchful eye,

and if we have done our best in this life,

we will be more prepared to say goodbye

Soul Mate

I close my eyes and wait, for the person who will make

my dreams and aspirations come true.

My perfect one, but only as perfect as I.

My one, who was my partner before, long ago, in another place.

Another time, beyond imagination.

Where fate becomes reality.

Beyond the clouds and the whole universe.

To the place where heaven lies.

I met him there this I know, but who he is,

and where he up to fate,

Up to me to be ready to be his mate.

When the day is finally here, I will meet his gaze.

I will remember then back to the clouds and haze...

Those eyes, I had seen them before,

the window to the soul,

a soul that is connected to my soul.

A heart that I also share.

I will close my eyes and wait,

for his time to intertwine with mine-my soul mate.

Poems by k2jade31, Kimberly Shelden are licensed under a <a rel="license" href="">Creative Commons

Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 License</a>.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

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