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Looking For a Unique French Article Writer?

Updated on May 29, 2016

The Writer

Being an author or journalist takes time, passions, and inspiration to create the content worthy of publishing. A good imagination, meaning you're in full control of your mind, and your creativity just wants to explode into emotions unique and passionate.

Seeking an author for your content is even worse than writing the content, there's so many different styles and languages to go through, thus it's important to have a professional at your side.

For specifically French and English writing I would recommend you check out Creativefrench's gig for the best articles and creative French writing. His prices go up to $45 dollars for a PRO ARTICLE, personally I think that is some low price for real professional work.

His Description

Read up on his description:

I am a retired professional journalist with a creative flair and master of French content writing as my native language.

I will create a 100% unique and creative article in perfect Frenchbased on any subject and optimized for wide audience readability.

This service is ideal marketing material creation and Tier 1 link building campaigns in French.

Packages over $5 can be split into combinations of the allowed number of articles and subjects. Contact me for customized requirements.


Je suis journaliste professionnelle à la retraite, avec un flair créatif et une maîtrise de la rédaction de tout contenu en français... qui est ma langue maternelle.

Je propose de créer un article 100% unique et créatif, dans unfrançais parfait, ne reposant sur aucun sujet existant et optimisé pour une grande lisibilité d'audience.

Ce service est idéal pour la création de matériel de marketing et de campagnes comme les créations de liens « Tier 1 » pour l'optimisation de moteurs de recherche en français.

Les forfaits de plus de 5 $ peuvent être divisés, en fonction du nombre de sujets et d'articles autorisés. Contactez-moi pour les besoins personnalisés.

Why Should You Order From Him

The answer to this question would obviously be expertise, as he is a professional and the proof is in his 5 star reviews:

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