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Looking Through A Window

Updated on May 29, 2013

"If dreams were a prelude to the rest of your life, would you go on dreaming?"

I live my life with the hopes of changing the world for the better and having the ability to make the world a better place. Through my years of writing and developing my poetry I have found that the words within express my desires to aid the world and give comfort and joy to those who read it. It is my great pleasure to present the book "Looking Through a Window" to the loving hearts in this world whom have given me inspiration and support. This book portrays my most intense personal experiences and the thoughts and dreams of my mind and imagination. There is no other person that I would like to read this than you the people in this world for whom these poems relate to the best. I sincerely hope with all my heart and soul that I may touch your hearts and souls. I truly believe that poetry is an outreach from the soul within. Thank you for reading my soul.

Dedicated in loving memory to…

William Issac Bragg, Eleanor Colcock Bragg, and my Papa David Allen Hester

All Of Whom Have Been Inspirations In My Life...

My Loving Grandparents


All Poems and Writings are the intellectual property of Chapman Hester. Copying and/or distributing any of this material outside of HubPages without the expressed consent of Chapman Hester is strictly forbidden. These works are private © copyright by Chapman Hester (1982-Present)

Questions about Copyright or Obtaining Restricted Rights to Material may be sent to

Enjoy Some Relaxing Music As You Read




Save The World

The boy’s prayer

The World I Created

Great Man

The Prayer Of Redemption

The Kingdom Of The Lord

The Voyage

Walk Among The Children

Words of Wisdom

King of Kings

The Omniscient Soldier

God’s Glory


The Last Cry

Say it Aloud

The Road


Traveling on the Road

Know Thy Self


The Prayer

A Joyous Day


The Gift

It Is…

The Memories of Love

Calm Surrender

Finding An Angel

God Hear My Prayer

I still remember…

Hopes, Dreams & Wishes

Broken Hearts

Dreaming ‘Till I See You

Painful Longing

Guardian Angel

A Life, A Dream, A Day

A New Day Is Dawning

Musical Love

Never Again

The Ring

You’re Gone

Another Try

The Walls Are Falling

Hold My Hand

Spread Your Wings

Always And Everywhere

Why Can’t You

You Were There

Flying Across The Heavens

I Would

The Last Dance

Change The World

Finding My Home

And The World Comes Crashing Down

No Named Figure


My Island My World


A Future I've Yet To See

Make a difference

Loss of Love

Angel Whispers

The Last Words



Beach Walk

Surviving the Wilderness

The winter’s solace

The Crows

Sail Away

When Day Turned To Night

Falling From The Sky

Winter Days

Sands Of Time


The Night Walk


The Beat of a Different Drum

Mother & Child

Lost Love My Soul Mate

The Heavenly Love

The Lighthouse In My Life

Fairy Tale

Guided By Destiny

Father Figure

The Shack

Hand in Hand

Love and Wishes For My Love

The Touch

Wanna be yours

Once More Whole




Stroking You

Memories of Granddad

Living Without You

Brave New Future

My Promise To You

My first fish


Mountain High River Low

As we walked

Keep on Fighting

Kisses & Roses


Life & Death


Tragic Voices Calling Repeating


Star Crossed

If The Earth Could Learn

The Impure

The Girls Own World

The Rose Seed

Devouring Darkness

Dead Man’s Peace

Blind Man’s Vision

Painful Destiny

A Helpless World

Bed Time

The Object Of My Fear

The Echo



So Far Away

Depressed by the Affair

Good vs. Evil

Middle Of Nowhere

The True Cause

Beach Walk

As we are walking down the shore

of the sandy beach

the foamy white waves break

were I stand

and the cold sand eases

between my toes.

The soft songs of the seagulls

wistful as the wind

whisper in my ears.

A small sea crab runs from us

as we stroll barefoot

on the shell paved boulevard.

It’s funny how everyone always notices

the ocean but not the true

beauty of the land.

Precious is life and all that it brings

to all the creatures of earth.

Surviving the Wilderness

Soft whispers echo in the dark night’s sky.

Chills overwhelm my body

with the rustling of trees above.

Slowly I find the courage to turn my head

and take a glimpse of the trembling trees.

A small animal whisks away into the darkness

a tiny squeal rumbles in my ears as

I clench my hands and pray.

The panic races throughout my body.

Blood pumping mind racing

thoughts flowing through my head.

Terror no more

morning has come.

Daylight peaks over the hilltops and

my last strands of dignity are salvaged.

Then a chubby man with a purple necktie

comes ‘round the turn and

saves me from the fear of the night.

Or does he?

Fear is constant

the way it is controlled;

however, is not.

Life not just a simple trail but

a winding road that has

no exits

no rest areas

and no turns.

The only way to change this road

is to make a separate path

which I made last night.

I made the path of survival.

I survived.

The Winter’s Solace

I think about winter with a glimmer in my eye

a snow flake falling to the ground.

A single small flake falling to the ground.

A frozen snowflake now a formation in the cold.

Cold as a frozen penguin, the flakes continue.

A pocket of air sends them away

to a far off distant place.

A single soft petal frozen in the snow

still shows its glow.

The colors still vivid under

that patch of snow

now I know why I love

the snow.

The Crows

Many as one they're all together,

swooping down toward the ground.

Landing together

in a single small patch.

Upon the soft soil

that’s where they sat.

Together as one

they sat

squawking and scratching

until a loud noise

that came out from the dark

scared them away without a trace.

Sail Away

Sail away with

the dreams of an infant.

The songs of a sparrow

swiftly set the child sailing.

The happy little grin

that never stays the same

and the terrible two’s

that hopefully never comes.

The tender loving care of the parents

and the soft lullaby songs

that the mother whispers in its ears.

The coloring books

all neatly saved in the attic

and the ancient old crib

with teeth marks on the sides.

Then when they grow up

the lessons taught to them

shall be taught once more

to another little child

named Junior.

When Day Turned To Night

Clouds dark with the dead of night,

whispers calling out a name of fright.

Wind howling through the canyon

like a hungry hound.

Screams screeching through the darkness.

Howling at the moon

from a wolf on a nearby ledge.

Lightning cracking

like the breaking of a whip

on bare skin.

Rushing floods

soaking the dry soil.

Trees rustling as the wind blows.

And then silence,

not a sound to be heard.

Terror strikes the hearts of every creature

still alive to feel the fear and terror

left behind from that gruesome night

when all the day

was vanquished to the night.

Falling From The Sky

One by one

they fall in a

Crystal lined


The drops falling

from the sky.

No destiny

just the ever circulating

pattern that seems

to have no end.

Following a long

pronounced wind.

Followed by a flash of light

that lights up the sky

and a sound that echoes

like the cracking of a whip.

Then a calm subtlety

that lulls the winds

to sleep.

The breeze

that once was a raging

wind is slow and

calm like the

snow white clouds above

that are like cotton balls in the

bright blue sky.

Winter Days

The cold winter day

a snowflake fell.

It fell onto my head.

A chill ran through my body.

goose-bumps on my arms ,

hair standing up.

Cold ice forms on my window.

I stand, my head out the window,

tongue out of my mouth

waiting for the first


Sands Of Time

Endless shores of shells

are washed away by the waters

of the ocean.

Timeless walks upon this boardwalk

Have crushed shells

and seaweed.

A dolphin swam nearby


for food.

The world changes each day

and I never can help to

push away change.

It feels as if nothing

stays the same.

I miss the warm blanket


protected me from

fear, pain, sorrow,

and the pressures of life.


The speeding river

soaking everything in its path.

Leading apart

a fork is made.

The current

takes it to the

sea where they

unite once more.

The Night Walk

As I walk on the beach I am disturbed,

a voice from my past haunts my mind.

The sound confuses me, the confusion scares me.

The tide comes in and out,

the moon goes up as the sun hides behind the hills of sand.

An image of a star,

bright as the heavens above,

vivid as the colors in the rainbow appears in my head

A wave crashes on the shore,

I ran and splashing into the water

I feel at peace with earth and myself.

Nature has freed me,

freed me of mortality,

here I have eternal youth.

Danger approaches and I was forced to leave paradise

and seek shelter from the creatures in the night’s darkness.

I stop running, fear has left me, I’m strong ,and I shall survive.

I will not go quietly in fear,

I can fight and I will.

I return to the deserted beach,

a shell lies motionless on the sand.

That shell looked like a normal shell

but it wasn’t it was a living,

breathing sea creature rapidly loosing its life

desperately needing my help.

scooping it up in my hands I free it into the ocean.

Tonight I learned that the strong help the defenseless,

and every life is precious .


Coming at the end of summer

leaves falling and winds blowing.

Chills coming getting rid of the last

warmth of summer.

Then come the never ending blankets

of the white powder; snow.

The twelve days of Christmas

with Santa and his twelve little deer.

After the coldness comes spring showers

and may flowers.

The Easter Bunny and his

horde of eggs.

Then summer

with its never ending heat.

Songs of birds with an occasional visit

to the beach .

The Beat of a Different Drum

I live my life with the echo

of another tune playing in my ear.

The melody I hear seems to be heard

by only my ears.

The notes play out in rhyme

as if orchestrated just for me.

I follow alone for no one else

hears the beautiful music played

into these ears of mine.

They don’t see the beauty

that I happen to see;

nor the pain as subtle as a breeze

which blows away a tiny tear

caused by the tormenting pain.

There are very few of us

those who see past the body

and into the fiery soul.

This; however, is the life

which I have chosen.

I follow the song of the

rhythmic tones played by

my beating drums.

Mother & Child

He sits alone on the beach

watching the tides as they roll

along the moon lit shores of sand.

The dunes shield him from view as he

attempts to hide away

in a childish game with his friend.

A bridge connects the sandy beach

to a dirt path that leads home.

At home his mother waits

with a fresh hot pie on the table.

He rushes in and says hello

as he passes his mother by.

A few years down the road that little boy

leaves off for college.

His mother sheds a few tears as

she watches him drive away

without turning back.

While at school the boy gets sick

and his mothers always there.

She holds his hand and kisses his cheek.

Her little baby’s face.

Now her little boy is thirty one

and she is old and frail.

She calls him at work in trouble

and he leaves right away.

Her little boy now holds her

as she fades away.

Her little boy now lays her down

and tells her good-bye.

Lost Love My Soul Mate

A halo of heavenly beauty and masterpiece

echoing across a vast desert which reaches beyond

to the ends of the earth to me.

The courteous call from another time

another places where we once sat.

On this day I happened to have glanced

weary of the endless nights

to which the thoughts of you

haunt my mind.

I gazed into the eyes of God

staring down from the heavenly skies above.

The clouds seem to part

as what seems to be

the vast heavens opening wide.

My mind in awe of the splendor of it all

and a soft solace sweeps me off my feet.

I am within, my eyes fixed upon a glorious figure

the image of her my lost love, my soul mate.

I am in a vast heaven of which you control

we are one now in the beginning, the ending, and the forever

The Heavenly Love

As I stare at the stars in the dark nights sky

the heavens open wide and devour me whole.

The loving, precious moments with you

overcome my mind, my heart, and my soul.

The first moment I touched you,

the first kiss that we shared together.

The nights, the mornings on the balcony

and the compassionate kisses at noon.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t have done to

keep you in my life but fate had it meant to be.

Now you’re coming back to me and my arms are open

because I couldn’t stop loving you.

There’s a new passion that drives us

on and in a never ending circle

that sends us away together.

The Lighthouse In My Life

You are the lighthouse

the beacon that stands alone in the dark.

The guiding light

that stands so tall and proud.

You the shore the waves break upon.

The wind that takes my breath away.

The one that stands as a guide

that takes me through life.

Through the tormenting

tunnel of existence.

The one that takes me in your hands

and holds on to the first steps

towards almost certain

tranquility and destiny.

Try not to leave for I

my not stand and I may fall.

My legs are weak and not very strong.

Can I speak to you.

I fear I cannot,

for you the wind hath stole

my breath away.

You the guiding light

the beacon in the dark night sky,

the pure, the only one not frozen

by the cold of darkness

and forever night.

Fare-thee well my love

‘till we meet again.

Fairy Tale

I see my life before and after

the fairy tale came true.

A Prince comes to rescue you

from your high up ledge.

I yell to you let down your hair

and I’ll be there.

The man and woman fall in love

in a single glance.

You and me will all ways be

a Shakespeare play of

Romeo and Juliet in unending love.

A book of poems and fairy tales

cannot compare to this.

Juliet my eyes see passion

in your eyes the blush

upon your cheeks.

I do believe in fate written in stone

For Juliet met Romeo and

all was meant to be.

The golden hair.

The Valiant Prince

that saved you from the ledge.

My love I see the tears in your eyes

when I speak to you.

Shed not a tear for I’ll be near.

Cast off your fears and

fly with me away to

a far off land of Knights and Dragons

and forever love.

Guided By Destiny

In my life things around me seam to change

like the Winter into Spring.

Nothing is better then the never ending

warmth of your heart

and the sound of beating drums

pounding out a message.

It can be told as a story of love

the short tales that last forever.

The true and simple ways of our childhood

shall guide us forward.

As the tides rush to shore

and the waves break beneath our feet

the world stands still

for one man and one girl.

Soaring through the skies

our souls are free.

Free to destiny and love.

Free from all the boundaries that mortality

sets for the simple creatures of the world.

Father Figure the one that saved me

Mercy is not a blessing

but the showing of a heart.

Pride is not earned

but received.

Life is not taken

but restored.

I see mercy at its worse

and pride at its best.

I see a life taken

and one given in the

same instant.

With the hero

With the villain

With the small child

watching the horror

of his heroic father

being slain to the ground.

A blood soaked scarf is all

the boy has of his father now.

Tears every night

even though he’s grown now.

Even though it’s the past

the pain and fear still linger.

Now a father too

he knows that he also

would do the same as

his own father had done

so many years before

to save him.

He knew

as a husband

as a father

as a person

he could and would

be the hero that he

always looked up to

and respected

and admired through the

trembling, tear soaked fingers.

The Shack

I can still picture my grandparents house

the dark red shutters on every window

and the front door that never stayed shut.

The next door neighbors dog

always barked at me when I came to visit.

The white picket fence surrounding the house

was always freshly painted and

the aroma of freshly baked cookies at noon

brought the neighborhood kids around.

As I would enter the house the floor would creak.

The smell of pipe tobacco filled the house

and the old rocking chair would always be sitting

by the fire place with a patchwork quilt

draped over the back.

The floor was carpeted in an almond shade of brown

and the television sat on a table

across the room from an old leather couch.

The curtains were torn and ragged

and the glass doors were slightly open.

The kitchen always smelled of nutmeg

and the kitchen table was set as if expecting guests.

Grandma’s best silver lined the lace place mats

and her gold rimmed glasses sat empty for hours.

Grandpa stayed around for a few years

but year by year his health began to fail

but his heart was the first to go.

Grandma only has me now,

she and I go for walks every Sunday

and visit grandpa’s grave.

The stone reads of good fortune and love.

Soon it will be Grandma’s time to go

and at the moment I’m making the best of the

few years that I may have left with the memories

in that old shack with my grandparents.

Hand in Hand

Here I stand watching you hold his hand

he must have stolen you away

to keep you far from me.

Hand in hand I notice you lean towards him

and with one single kiss

my world came tumbling down.

There are no words to say

exactly how I feel.

I guess Promises and that Solemn Vow

don’t mean anything now.

Love and Wishes For My Love

All my love and all my wishes.

Go with you forever.

Now my love

now that I have found

a person to love and cherish me.

Now that my love has found me my life is complete

a never ending pattern of hugs and kisses.

Nothing can or ever will compare to

the love in my heart when you are there.

Caverns of nothingness are now filled and

no longer shall there be a hole in my heart

burrowing into my soul.

I know now why I live on this earth

of wealth and poverty

of hope and despair

of love and hate.

I know now that we were destined to live

through these trials and tribulations together

and assert ourselves as an example of purity

and show that not all hope is lost but hidden.

The hope is hidden by the terrors

of greed

of pride when not earned

and of the fear of admitting

admitting that no one is perfect.

The Touch

When I go to sleep at night my heart

focuses my dreams on you.

The touch and texture of your skin

against my own.

The sweet fragrance of your perfume

fills the caverns of my nose.

The vivid colors

and sweet shades of your face

send chills down my spine

and make my heart week in your arms.

The soft touch of your fingers stroking my

skin relaxes me to the point of pure contentment.

My life is hard to contemplate

the tiny aspects create the whole, the one,

the single person standing before you.

Holding you in my arms;

whispering in your ear,

the words of my tender

and complete love.

Wanna be yours

There will be days

when things go wrong,

right will go astray,

imperfection steps in.

I wanna make you happy,

I wanna give you hope,

I wanna find a love so strong.

A love to bind us for so long.

I need your love,

I need your promise to be there.

Let's make a promise

of each others


bound by ring

In these days you’ve gotta take it slow

but love’s so hard to take slow.

Once More Whole

A child so wistful

and carefree.

So full of grace, power,

and beauty.

Got a little more


a little more strength,

a little more of everything

that makes her whole.

A resemblance

of a figure

known to your heart.

An inspiration for you to strive

for so much more.

There’s a time where not everything

goes according to the plan

but it will all be all right.

Got a little more


a little more strength,

a little more of everything

that makes her whole.


A sweet old woman

now lays him


asleep in his


little crib.


he just went to sleep.

my dear little


my dear little



You remind me of someone from my past ,I don’t know who or why but you do. I wish that I could explain my reasoning but at the time it seams impossible. Maybe it’s the way you smile at me or the way you look in my eyes. You have an angels

face in a state of grace which makes me love you and only you. Someone the other day asked me why I loved you so and I replied “because of her smile and her navy blue eyes gazing upon my face.

“I love you I always have and I always will,

I can’t live without your heart, your soul, and your love.

You keep me alive with the beating of your heart

and the existence of your


I am the mountain of stone of which you cling in fear.

You are the one which has the soft words of comfort as old as time,

and a heart of silk of which I hold the key to, clutched to my soul

hidden only for me to find.

In the time of greatest despair

we hold each other

and pray.

“Keep us together as long as our love still burns within our hearts

and we are still one in heart, body and soul.”

Sailing on an open breeze we sit and wonder what might have been...

The sun is gone and the moon is shining above,

soon morning will come and birds shall sore high in the sky.

Birds fly

people die

life carries on


love is given...


I do what is right,

and good and true

which is right

and good and true.

A respectable

and honorable man

troubled by

good and evil.

I respect me.

I respect you.

I respect the


Stroking You

Under the moon’s light

I sit and hold your hand.

Holding on we make sweet love

on the sandy beach.

I never realized how it felt

to be loved by a someone like you.

Kissed being pecked on

my neck and my hand runs its fingers

through your

silky blond hair.

I caress your skin

and lull you to sleep

as your head rests gently

on my lap.

You whisper my name as your

voice fades into your deep slumber.

As the dawn awakes us

I noticed a reddish sphere rising.

Water rushed to our feet

and you shivered with the chilled

wave at your feet.

Stroking you.

Memories of Granddad

As I sit in that big blue chair

I remember a day when fear was irrelevant.

Life seemed to be predictable and


I used to sit in his lap with his

wrinkled hands grasping

around me.

I would stare into his hazy eyes

hidden by a pair of glasses.

I still remember the smell of his cologne

on his shirt and the soft scent of

after shave on his cheek.

His hair was perfectly combed

and the silver shone in the light of the sun.

I would sit on his lap as he told me stories

where I was the main character.

I used to tease him about his aches and the

aroma of Bengay

smelling up the entire house.

Now when I look in the bathroom that he used

the cologne smell has faded into a musty

stale fragrance that is only a faded

memory of granddad.

Living Without You

Lonely am I without you

my heart flutters

I can’t eat or sleep

I need some of your magic and miracles.

Some kind of wonderful

adventure that we share.

Alone wondering why,

asking how could this be.

There isn’t a thing to do

except look at your picture.

I look at the clock

it’s four O’clock.

Couldn’t sleep and it’s time to get up

wipe the sleep from my eyes.

Living my life

only one day at a time.

Brave New Future

As the sun rises over

the reddish horizon

with a brave new future

a new day is being born.

Sure as one day is born

another dies.

There’s always a brighter day.

With more chances

for a better life

around the corner.

Don’t despair

for I shall be there


My Promise To You

There’s a moment

that carries on

for the rest of eternity.

When our dreams came true

I knew there would

be none other

than you.

I promise you my love

from this moment

on until it all

the happiness.

After the moments over

I see in a tear

rolling down my face

reflected from the mirror

and I see your

face too.

I can’t wait to live

my life

with you

from this moment on

until I die.

My First Fish

Grandpa and I went fishing one summer day.

So warm the water was.

So cool the breeze was.

We sat side by side,

he baited my hook and let it go.

Nibble nibble the bass are snacking at my bait.

“Grandpa my baits gone”

I said with tears in my eyes.

“If they bite jerk the pole up”

he said.

“Grandpa! Grandpa! I got one”

That day I caught my first fish,

that day we grew closer...


Everywhere I go it helps to think of you

over and over in my mind

I sing a little song that expresses my love

for you and only for you.

No one can take

your place in my heart ‘cause

I’ve already given it all to you.

Yes I’ve

already given

you all the

roses in bloom

Just ‘cause I love you

Yes I do.

Mountain High River Low

We met ‘round the corner and my heart started beating,

life for me began in that moment.

My life has been a rollercoaster ever since.

Some people may say I’m extreme


I’ve got a hard heart with allot of soul.

I laugh and you cry

“mountain high river low”

My love for you shall always grow.

As we walked

I walked down a road

as you follow me

I fell and bumped my head.

Tears trailing down my face

You brush me off

and let me grow up.

That day is still in my head

to this day.

I grew up strong

with the will

to do what’s right.

They’re days when

I question good and evil

but I know

I’ll make the right decision.

Keep on Fighting

A tiny creature

racing against time.

Forced to compete and fight

against the only thing

that has ever been true to it.

Going against

the moral strands of existence.

The pressures were too

extreme to withstand.

Tired of fighting and bucking

it lays down and gives up.

Too tired to continue

the life within drains.

The drive to survive can’t fight


Melting back into the earth

a flower emerges.

Kisses & Roses

A romantic love started

with a single kiss.

Not knowing the trap

coming into silent view.

But I’m not afraid

‘cause I’ve got you

to help me through.


Love is like the

blooming of springtime

in you're living room.

The sound of two hearts

beating in rhythmic


A cry out of affection

from the heart, from the soul.

Life & Death

Life is special

and to be respected.

If respect is not given

then death will.


Dying is unique

Living is creative

depending on who it is.

Also there is a

life created for the

dying of roses

and love from all.

Tragic Voices Calling

The voices in my head

telling me things that I’ve never heard.

Tragic voices call out my name

mimicking my thoughts.

I think to myself

maybe it's me and I’m going crazy.

Not sure if it's real or not

the world scares me.

The things that go

in and out of my head.

Holding a gun I raise it to my head

not believing that it's me holding the gun.

I hold it in my trembling hand,

slowly I pull the trigger.

The last thing I hear is a loud noise...


I find myself trapped

unable to hide

unable to turn back

and face the past.

The past that until

yesterday seamed so dear.

Now all the past is to me

is a hostile enemy.

I lunge forward to escape the

terror overcoming me.

Scared I cower beneath the

trunk of an old rotting tree.

Suddenly I find myself running

once more.

This time not from the past that

seemed to be stalking me;

but the future.

That part in our lives to which

we know nothing about.

Not knowing the future

takes my time and swarms

my fears and troubles

around my body like bees.

Angered and senseless the

troubles attack,

sending me back to where it all began.

Sitting again

staring at the sky I wonder

why wasn’t it this way before.


Freedom a choice between

the belief and a forceful decision.

A choice that you live

a freed man of

power and strength

free to surrender his soul

to the power of free life

and true liberty.

Surrender your love but don’t

give up,

daddy is coming home


He’s coming home free

a servant of himself

knowing that all he

really has to be is who

he was at birth,



Living for a moment

crying in its crib

the baby can’t sleep.

Tears in its eyes

the child of innocent


star-crossed from the beginning

unable to change fate.

As life would happen

there’s only one possible future.

Alone in life

the child runs from all

who pressure and damage him.

Childhood lost to a mishap

in an early fatherhood in a

severed relationship.

If The Earth Could Learn

If this is how every ones life is lead

then God help the world.

The world so torn within itself

the selfish man whom calls himself a man

but turns around and becomes a beast.

A beast that of which he denies being.

If this is the life the world lives together

then save the mixed up children

who stay locked away,

hiding from their feelings.

The innocent children that go to bed

with tears on their faces.

The infants whom wails

can be heard from a far off land.

A land where nobody listens.

Who cares? I ask myself.

the world cares not about the all or the many

but the person within struggling against them.

I give up, the whole world,

all that I have seen

all I have heard.

No one can comprehend

the daily struggle

I and many others

go through every day

to live and to survive.

The world I was born to

is long past disappeared.

I would surrender all to live my life

a child among many of my piers.

The world can learn

only if it chooses.

I choose to learn and accept

and grow to new understanding.

I the child among my piers.

The Impure

You are such a vile creature

that which the devil himself created.

How dare you call yourself a man,

not even a man could do such horrid things

that which you have done.

Yee call me a beast,

that I cannot understand.

He who embarks upon a journey

to find himself but finds nothing.

How dare you!

You cannot expect a man such as I

to stand weak and blind

and speak not aloud to be heard.

My intentions are clear that

this is the way I have decided

to live my life, so let me be.

Yee the creature in the darkness of the night

he who haunts the sleeping child and

the wary man whom sleeps with one eye open.

He lies in wait for yee to come across his path.

The razor sharp teeth that plunge

like a knife into the weak and helpless body of the infidel.

Try me and your fate will soon be sealed

pain and death shall come to thee.

The vile creature which took the voyage

and found yourself in a sea of emptiness.

Die vile creature, leave this world

alone and pure the way it was before.

The Girls Own World

She sits

quiet as a mouse

never boastful

or conceited

calm and collected

she carries on.

Free of danger,

free of fear.

She has created a world

all of her own.

Solitude fills this world.

No one goes in

no one comes out.

The Rose Seed

I a man whom can be but only a man

stands strait and tall before you.

I speak alone in a crowded room

of people speaking many different tongues.

The views unlike my own are permitted

to enter the thoughts of my

unsuspecting mind.

I cannot allow myself to become

so self absorbed that the

views and opinions of others

may not be allowed to pass.

Is this the man I desire to become

if so then strike me down where I stand

allow me to live not a moment more

in this life of pitiful paradox.

Let me leave my life as it stands right now

for I am damaged goods.

To leave a life once lived cannot

be as hideous as it may seem.

To sail away to a better life

that cannot be called self absorbed

because the self no longer exists.

Do I die this day a happy man

or right the wrongs with another wrong.

Death means nothing in the way of life.

To spring a rose from a solemn seed

to bring back a flower long past disappeared

from that solemn seed that the flower had once sprung.

You see I am the flower, the seed,

the dirt to which it came.

I am the life, the death,

and the reborn.

I am life.

Devouring Darkness

As I walk

the rain begins falling

and I felt the cold icy chill

of the night’s early fall.

Now as a child I speak

not a word; however,

in this day actions speak

louder than the words

spoken from a frozen mouth.

The accompanying cold touch

of the fearless word battling for

a ranking with the action

so greatly admired.

I never realized how cold

this fragile world could become

without the warm, useless words

that we happen to use so frequently.

I attempted to speak the words

that had seamed to be long devoured

by the cold and miserable night.

The night so dour without words of

warm compassionate meaning.

When I spoke the words

froze upon my tongue.

I too was captured by the actions

slowly fading into the darkness.

I the speaker the one who spoke

the warm compassionate

words you heard but no longer can.

The actions in the darkness

devoured it all.

Devouring darkness that even

words cannot over come.

Dead Man’s Peace

I am alone afraid in this world

terrorized by the pain of another step

another glance at this life I lead.

Never again shall I see

your face.

The child that from my own was born

to a fateful life.

A life so short that it wasn’t worth being.

So small the little boy as I carries his corpse

down the isle to his final resting place.

His mother wept at the sight of

the coffin carrying her only child

being carried by the father

without a tear in his eyes.

The insensitive man who has

less than half a heart

when he carries the boy.

How dare he, he hasn’t the right.

To show no compassion for the unforeseen

life and death

of an innocent child who will never

laugh or cry again;

but, become a mere image of his formal self

as he becomes food for the worms

in his solemn grave.

Is this the fate that binds us all

a meal for the worms below.

What a waste for the child was

the dead man’s only peace.

Blind Man’s Vision

I woke up this morning

wiped off my eyes.

I never thought I’d see again

But god took me in

stared and said to me.

Don’t worry ‘bout nothing

your life is secure.

I set down a path

to always take you home.

I fell to my knees

and then and there

the tears from my eyes

began to flow

and I began to pray.

Lord my savior

to whom I pray

my soul is yours to take.

Blind am I

I cannot see

the vivid colors

set forth by thee.

Suddenly by eyes could see

all the beautiful things that life

had to offer.

Now I sit and gaze

upon this heavenly earth.

And wonder about tomorrow.

Painful Destiny

I sit in my room

the blinds shut so no light

may reach my blood shot eyes.

My hands tremble as I try to drink

a cup of warm tea.

My fingers so weak are

unable to grasp,

the cup falls silently to the

unsuspecting floor.

A cry of pain from the burned

and scarred body of flesh

that holds my weight upon its

small and fragile back.

Run to escape the pain

the horrible anguish that I

put myself in.

Wrap a bandage around the

red and tender skin.

I sit and rest my tired feet until

tomorrow when my acts will be repeated

and life will be redone to a

new and inescapable destiny.

A Helpless World

The moons light

shone upon the trees

allowing the shadow to be imprinted upon

the ground.

The whistle of the branches

in the cool night air.

A bare branch wails in the night in harmony

with the wolf crying to the moon.

A speck of sap drops covering an ant.

Struggling the ant only submerges deeper.

A bird notices the movement and with a wistful move

grasps onto the helpless ant.

Free for a moment

the ant is free until the small baby bluebirds

become intolerably hungry.

Suddenly the mother Blue Jay is caught

in the jaws of a playful feline.

No more carrier for the chicks food

nor a prayer for the mother.

Tossed aside the torn and broken bird lies alone

in distress and helpless like the poor little ant.

But her fate was saved by the kind hands of a little child.

Scooping her up the world changes.

Not all are destined to die and perish.

The pain and sorrow is over and the bright future shines

once more.

It shines for the mother Blue Jay and for the rest of the world

because of the single small act

of a single small child

in a single small world.

A world destined to live to see another day.

Bed Time

Bed times at :

sugar dumpling.

Okay, mom.

There’s something lurking

swaying back and forth,

a glimmer in the dark

and always a hair

out of site.

Is it really there or

does it only exist

in my mind.

Feared nights with

the restless giant.

waiting in the shadows

of an open closet.

A creature appears out of

an old wadded up shirt hanging

over some shorts.

The eyes made from an

old pair of shoes

and the teeth from a bow tie.

Terrified even to look at it

I cower under my covers.

Unable to scream out

for mama tears flow down

a tear soaked face.

Trembling in fear and

frozen in terror I wait

for morning to arrive.

I pull my self together

finally after what

seemed to be an eternity,

and look at the clock :

the clock reads.

The Object Of My Fear

As I sit

in the dark

alone and afraid.

As I ponder life and death

the future to come

and the past not so far behind.

The terror still haunts my mind

the feeling that they are still there

in my house

in my room.

The lurking shadow in the dark.

The untouchable sensation rippling up

my stiff and rugged spine.

The cold breath of death and

the reminiscent feeling of lonesome

and forever haunting doom.

In a cold underground cavern of wood

covered by dirt

and rotting flowers.

The Echo

Echoing in my head

I hear the voices calling my name.

In an effortless quest

that only I see.

Fear eludes me and

so does the echo

that has haunted my dreams

for nights of sleepless time.

The whispers return and so does

the fear that I escaped

from so many nights ago.

Will I sleep

in the comfort of my room

or be haunted in sleep and in the dawns

breaking light.

Never will I fall again

to the fear

to the echo.


I sit


I wonder

what I’m

living for.

A person

once told me


life’s a never

ending road

you make

as you go.

He said

that life’s

only as good

as you make it.

A friend

found his soul

as he looked

toward the spirit

of the heavens.


Why the terror

the pain and the hurt.

Why can’t children sleep

in the warmth of the night.

Why the deaths in

cold blood.

Why are there bodies in the


Bombs in the air and fire everywhere.

No one person is safe.

Schools no longer are secure nor

the play ground

on which I played.

The world is fading fast

and with it go the hopes of a future.

So Far Away


I look to the stars above,

for your face

on a

shooting star


I make a wish.

I wish you were here


but distance

keeps us apart.

A boundary of stone

keeps us apart

but soon

it shall be gone.

Feelings of guilt

surround my empty heart

because I fear

that it is my fault

that we aren’t


There’s no way

to say

“ I’m sorry ”

good enough to you.

But I am and

I will be

for as long as I live .

‘Cause I’m the reason

You're gone .

Depressed by the Affair

Guilty am I

of hurting you.

The pain I caused you

wasn’t only

directed towards you.

I didn’t realize what

my actions

would cause;


I knew that I


hurt you.

There was no way

to know

how it would

affect my

life other than


Now when I say

this it’s too


I regret it.

I can’t save myself

now that I’m


more severe

than recoverable.

Good vs. Evil

Besides the hurt

you’ve put me through.

Behind the closet door

you made me cry.

I have no anguish,

I have no fear

of what’s to come.

I don’t know daddy

why you did what you did.

But sorry can’t take it away.

I lay in bed,

my night light still

faintly burning.

I clutch tight to my Teddy

as a whispering memory

leaks into my head.

That horrid little crevice

in the closet where I would sit,

still manages to haunt my mind.

The embarrassment carries

on and seams to have no end.

The anger I have is

directed towards him,

from that little crevice behind

closet doors.

As he makes his way to me

painful memories

come too.

The darkness subsides

and reveals the face

that makes me shutter.

As I shield myself from

the stalking predator,

the beast lashes out and

pain surges through me as I scream.

A saviors voice

comes from behind him

and “Enough”

comes fourth from a single breath.

Though struck down

the hero never retreated.

Good against Evil

in a battle,

prevailing was my hero.

Free of the stalking pestilence

that had plagued me

for so long.

I can rest once more secure

that the next morning

I will awaken.

The True Cause

Tyranny and persecution

suffocate the suffering and

prolong the pain.

Trapped in turmoil,

terror and torture.

Saviors are lost and

self sacrifice known but only to...

The dying.

The suffering.

The heart in pain.

Why must a person give their

bodies, minds, and souls

to the so called better future

when the only future they see is

non existent.

Why not save...

The dying.

The suffering.

The heart in pain.

What may I call the cause of...

The dying.

The suffering.

The heart in pain.

William I. Bragg (Papa My Hero)

WWII POW - Survivor of Bataan Death March "The Bravest Man I Ever Knew"
WWII POW - Survivor of Bataan Death March "The Bravest Man I Ever Knew"

Middle Of Nowhere

In the middle of nowhere a place of pure solitude,

fear, pain, and sorrow;

a soul thought to be lost to the power carries on.

Here he sits, gazing up at the sky,

wondering when it will end.

At night

the cries of an infant can be heard.

A mile away

plans are discussed for the next day.

All by myself

in the dead of night a

cold, soft breeze

swept through the camp.

Faint ,subtle tears

can be seen on the man’s face.

“Dead All Dead”

he murmurs

as he curls up in bed

and tries to sleep

in the middle of nowhere...

(Dedicated to Papa) - Written when I was in 6th Grade


Find a way to my heart

and undo the hurt

you caused when you walked

out the door,

and left me stranded

and alone.

Don’t bring back

the sadness of good-byes

or the tears to

my eyes.

Just leave me


once more.


Needing attention

from those who are here

needing comfort

from those who are near.

Needing love from a person

who seeks love from you.

Seeking the attention of a friend;

now you know how I feel.

Never have I seen a prettier face.

please don’t be hasty

give me a chance.


Crying from the pain

stop the terror

tormenting my soul.

Dying for a chance

to live my life.

I want to dream

I wanna see all the things

that I could be.

Set my spirit free...

Alone in this world

Save The World

Through the sadness and sorrow

the fear and the pain

one light shone upon me.

Glory was won but then soon lost

and the weak left alone.

Scared in the shadows of a corner the

child sits

hearing the echoes of his mothers voice

and his fathers voice always a step behind.

Terrified and weak the mother

subsides to the abusive and often resentful


Though not now the child shall win.

Against the world the two will fight and loose

again like before.

Walking alone they notice another couple and realize that

they are not alone anymore.

God save the world

save the children in the gutters

and on the curbs.

End the plague of broken hearts

and sorrowed souls.

Save the lives of those to which call out in vein.

Open the doors to the future

and open the gates to a better tomorrow.

Don’t seal the doors for a few stray hearts but

release the chains and let the heavens mend earth

to save the souls not yet damaged buy the hurt.

Allowing the child in dismay to seek refuge

in the lands of freedom

and save the unborn child from

death before life.

Life shall be death but will in return give new life.

The boy’s prayer

There’s a place where

dreams and reality collide into

one great big wonderment.

A prayer shows the opportunity

and a miracle lets the

prayer be answered.

The defaced child sits

rocking back and fourth

on the kitchen floor

with tears streaming

down his face.

Dampened by his tears

his face beaming looks up to

my eyes, over him, for support.

though I have no support to give

I try to let him know he’s not

alone anymore.

I promised him that I would

not leave him

although his parents said the same thing

and he sat alone on the floor

he seamed to believe me.

A comforting word can make

the difference.

There’s a song I began to sing to

him as I held him in my lap.

“I’ll be here, I’ll be there, I’ll be everywhere

just for you...”

He rested his head on my chest

as his eyes began to close he

whispered thanks.

The World I Created

I wonder aimlessly

to a place known only to

my heart,

so calm and sweet

the words of


repeat over and over.

no one understands how I feel;

because, of the

solitude I keep.

trapped unable to leave this

world I’ve made

I create situations that

could have happened in my


as I create them I write them


I’m not sure why I do however

there is no way to

say it’s not ‘cause I miss my

old world.

maybe I miss the undying praise

or constant security

but since it ended here I’ve been.

Great Man

He comes from one of his own

to guide his people.

A man of glory

he watches his people in a

aimless struggle for peace.

His powerful words so strong and endearing

show strength and assurance

to the wary people of this land.

Preaching about knowing the self

to know the creator he draws himself in.

He was the child being guided

like those he was guiding.

Leaving for forty days and forty nights

he fasted in the hot dessert

alone and in pain.

He walked alone in the desert

no food no water only faith.

Trailing footsteps of blood soaked sand

where his feet once touched.

Clothes swaying in the breeze

his head looks down, lost in powerful thought.

The night offers no comfort

for the pain of his feet let him

dream without sleep.

Now, after finding himself

he emerged from the sand.

Guiding now from knowledge not

the soul his words were

more powerful than ever.

“Praise God in the highest

for Hosanna is the king”

His praise reached the powers

of many great men.

His words took shape again.

On his last night he took

a piece of bread and a cup of wine

the body and blood of the new convenient.

After his betrayal he walked once more.

He walked, carrying a cross and a crown of thorns.

A cross then held the dying body

two men hung beside him

only one would go to Heaven

the other to Hell.

All three would die and

two would become dust

on the sandy deserts of which

forty lonely days were spent.

The only true great man

the only one whom could save the world.

The Prayer Of Redemption

I am here oh lord.

I speak among the crowd of voices.

Mine above the rest,

echoing across the Great divine.

A prayer of need,

the need for redemption.

All men need redemption

for none are pure.

The fire of Hell’s inferno

can be extinguished

by your powerful hand.

I too, your faithful servant

have sinned.

I need help for a mere mortal

is unable to alone save himself.

The power of you,

you the God to whom I pray.

It is your power alone

that has and continues

to this day to save us.

Save us from ourselves,

the nature to destroy ourselves.

The drive to be better,

to win,

to ascend above all expectations

and defeat our opponent.

The drive continues to tear us apart.

God the symbol,

the power,

the glorious divine intervention

that saves us.

Lord, save us again

for the word has lost meaning

to some

and our hearts go on

un-warmed by the holy spirit.

The Kingdom Of The Lord

The life of the one

the only true survivor of the faith

can be found within you.

You the children of mercy

the faithful servants the beacons

of the marvelous light

awaiting our return.

Reach out, you the spirit awaiting.

The spirit facing life with

faith as a lighthouse

guiding you to God.

Try to be the spiritual body

the creature of love and compassion.

The keeper of the faith.

You who walks in the dark

between Heaven and Hell.

The inescapable destiny of fortune

at the end of the treacherous tunnel.

The hound in the moons shadow

casts a wail to the sky.

You are the hound,

praying to the lord

your soul to keep.

The soul so heavy with sin.

The lord is merciful.

You the child of

the lord above shall live

forever in the kingdom of Heaven

The Kingdom Of The Lord.

The Voyage

This voyage has let me down.

I see men, women and children covered in flies

and stricken with famine and malnutrition.

The lower compartment smells the stench

of thirty years gone by.

The tortured tears of the dying man

haunt my dreams at night

and my mind by day.

I fear the man I have become.

I hope to never see the horror

or hear the wails from out of the dark.

The rows of bodies chained in shackles

and chilled to the bone.

Chants in the dark calling out to God.

Now I return to the home so innocent and sweet.

Forgive me Lord I did not know.

Ask for me tomorrow and I shall not be here.

The man I was today shall no longer live

for I’ll have been reborn.

Walk Among The Children

I walk among a sunset boardwalk

and see children playing in the sand.

The reddish horizon offers but only a mere glimpse

at a heavenly masterpiece.

A beautiful sunset reflects a imprint

upon the water.

The water glistens as the moon shines

above my head.

I am walking in heaven as I walk

along with you the children of nature.

I hath found the person,

the man I was meant to be.

I am spiritually sound

now that our souls are one

once more beneath the

heavenly sky above.

Words of Wisdom

Listen to the words of that old man

who speaks on the corner.

He preaches words of endearment

which last with you forever.

Triggering the person within

and helping the soul to reach out

he is able to keep the feeling of being

a useful portion of society.

One day a stranger walks by

that old wise man.

He tosses a coin into the lap of the man.

“Poor people are not who they seem to be

for I have wealth but I also have a vision.”

the old man said.

“Do you speak of truth or the

never ending tales of lies?”

The young man queries.

“A question asked only by

an uncertain boy.”

The old man whispered

with a faint voice and a soft

but very sweet tone.

The boy became speechless realizing

that the old man who only

a few minutes before who he had pitied

now pities him and his uncertainty.

“Teach me your ways,

show me the way.

The way that has brought you

so incredibly far.”

I’m sorry child but my lessons are for everyone.

Just remember all isn’t lost but

though it may seem that way.

Trust yourself

and you will survive

the most turbulent times

of your life.

King of Kings

Lord my master

Rock of the Ages

giver of life

the true divine King.

You bring forth

the Way, the Truth, the Life.

You are the

light of the world

Son of Righteousness.

Bringing forth life

where you step.

And bringing light

into the lives

to which you created.

Guiding those who

without knowing where to turn

wander aimlessly.

King of Kings

and Prince of Peace

The God of the people

and the world.

The Omniscient Soldier

The grace of God

placed me here

a soldier of fortune.

Glorious God the

king of heavenly power

and loving glory.

Soul of blessed fortune

and heart of pure love.

The omniscient soldier

a messenger of Christ

the soul survivor of pure life.

A soul never introduced to pain

evil or the knowledge of hate.

Savior, my lord

the one I pray to;

make me your servant

a messenger for your glory

and a patriot to your name.

I shall follow you

my master,

my God.

God’s Glory

A presence

a spiritual godlike


A aura surrounding a being

hovering above my head.

Words spoken in magical color,

while all the secrets are revealed.


glory & power.

A peace known to the


Do you speak without saying a word?

Do you see without eyes?

Do you taste without a tongue?

Do you feel without fingers?

And do you hear without ears?

if so you do it with the power of god.

For me, I do it by the grace of god

and by the will of his word

the word spoken without a voice.


Speak little one

for your voice is ready.

See little one

for your eyes are prepared.

Feel little one

for your heart is able.

Able to see not only through eyes

but by instinct.

Able to speak and proclaim that

the freedom of life is life.

All prisons are imprisoned by

the uncertain acts of willful persons unable

to comprehend the truth about themselves.

Do we climb or do we fall.

Do we speak or do we weep.

Life’s an endless struggle

that we tend to survive.

Find yourself

in a storm of events.

New unending puzzles

are finding a way.

Never again shall the pure

mix with the impure,

for tomorrow all shall be


The Last Cry

There are no words to say

exactly how I feel.

On the last day

with his last meal.

As I realize I also pray

for the lives that people steal.

Surrounded by the pain we stay

in warm blankets of steel.

So hard are the warm blankets to which we lay

A real sad song and a lousy deal.

Surrounded by pain

we cower in fear.

A body is slain

a small steel spear.

A light rain

makes the blood disappear.

A cross has a stain

and the people have the fear.

I sit and cry

for he was left to die.

Say it Aloud

Whisper a word

and say the name.

A single name

of power and glory.

A mask

that hides if not destroys

the essence of evil.

A dark past

stricken by pain sorrow and

the hurt of a thousand needles and

the sin of a thousand men.

Say it aloud

praise the word

praise the name.

The Road

It's a road that we all walk on,

a crowded street filled with travelers

all seeking different destinations.

I walk on this road ,


for what I do not know.

The path is long and winding,

it seems to have no end.

My mind,

filled with thoughts of a brighter tomorrow.

My voice singing,


A bright light flashes

I feel compelled to enter.

The peace within is overwhelming,

fear,hate and sorrow vanquished from my mind.

The long road has ended,

it is time to start on a new road,

a road with a promising, brighter tomorrow.

Dedicated to: Dabney Yarborough

“ Beloved Uncle And Friend”


Through the trials of modern civilization

and the pressures for a more

involved community

a hand full of men and women

stand together and speak in one voice

that there shall be no repercussions for the

speaking of truth.

There will be no persecutions

to any one race

nor shall there be any

harmful discriminations

against any single soul who’s

personal self does not

correspond with the average

personal society.

In one single act we must rectify our

souls and cast off the demon which

destroys the human race.

Traveling on the Road

He is watching you

through the troublesome times.

He will be here for you

to guide you through them.

A twist of fate

for all who can in their right minds

exist as one of equal and divine power.

I need somebody who will love me

and who will never disgrace me.

A soul standing alone

in the bewilderment of tomorrow.

What does a person have to live for but

the advancement of knowledge and

the adventure through life.

There are no U-turns on the road of life

just twisting roads leading to the final


Know Thy Self

I stand here without a face

To show the world.

I stand here without a name

To call myself.

I look for the person I am

And find myself standing here

Unable to find myself.


There’s a tunnel

compelled to enter I fall into a trance.

Obeying only my heart

I can’t leave.

There is a bright bubble at the end

within there are many trees

and a clear blue stream

carrying away all the

pain terrorizing me.

The peaceful whisper of the breeze

sends a shiver up my spine.

Suddenly I’m looking upon myself

from another view.

My life in a moment is repeated

never have I realized so much.

Everything is clear

and my mind is free.

There are no cares on my mind

as I fly on the wind,

and sing the songs of the Bluebird.

In an instant the prairie was gone

and I had to make a decision.

I couldn’t stay but the desire

was immense.

Once more I saw a light

this time it was floating away.

Then there were many voices

talking in unison.

There was one voice particularly;

a gentile voice

of smooth comforting words

that seamed to flow off of his tongue like

the river I had seen before.

I see figures without faces all the same

in white robes with harmonic voices

all in tune with the

voices of nature.

The Prayer


the people of the world,

in sickness


in their

dying hour.

Helping the helpless,


restoring hope

to those

who have lost all hope.

A prayer

can turn a

desperate man to God.

Just believing

can change one

persons life forever.

That may not

seem like much to you

but it does

to the person

whose life was changed.

A child

sits and hopes.

He hopes that someone

will take

one minute

out of the day to pray.

Pray not only for him.

but for the

many children in

worse shape than him.

A Joyous Day

A baby is born asleep in the arms

of his loving mother chosen by god.

A virgin named Mary,

bears birth to a boy.

The son of the

lord god your father and mine.

Jesus is king true heir to the throne

of thy holy lord I pray to by night.

A man of great strength

power and glory.

He came from the heavens

to rid us from hate.

He took our sins

while nailed to a cross.

The pain and suffering

was done to save us.

One night as I laid in my bed

thy holy word was spoken to me.

I was told of a day when

he would return and the world would

once more rejoice.

As I heard the voice

I pictured a death of a man

hung from a cross nails in hands

and thorns on his head.

Then I see two angels weep by his side.

A light reflects off his face as he rose up

spreading his hands wide

he soared to the sky.

A voice proclaims

the word of the lord.

The voice of Jesus

was silenced by hatred.

The only son of our father

was persecuted and killed.

Our actions killed Jesus;

however, he saved our souls from

evil and let us know of the

power from above.

The evilness vanquished

into the dark will never

return to haunt us as long as

the memory of Jesus still

burns in our souls.


Predicting the future

knowing what’s to come.

I create a vision

of the future

in my head.

A picture clear

as my eyes

can see.

Yet as far away

as my mind

can reach.

Redoing the future


what’s to come

I lay down the laws

to which I


Knowing a path


to man

I write it all down

with the pen in

my hand.

A picture of words,

painted clear in my head

I let you see too

what’s coming ahead.

The Gift

He gave me


to which I breathe.

He gave me a


that beats but only

to serve him.

He gave me


to see past the hate.

He gave me the ability to


so that I may see beyond

my eyes.

He gave me a


to keep me strong.

He gave me a


to proclaim his word.

He gave me a world

to which I live.

He gave me everything

that I could possibly.

It Is…

It is…

the calm whispers of the breeze trickling

through the bare branches of a willow.

It is…

the angel's whispers crying out, ringing in my ears.

It is…

the stream by my home

and the children's laughter.

It is…

the tears of joy

and the tears of sorrow.

It is…

the chill of winter

with the warmth of spring.

It is…

the song of the sparrow

as it builds its nest.

It is... my heart beating wildly in my chest.

The Memories of Love

Sitting here looking back,

And all the memories of

of Granny and Papa's house.

It has the aroma of stale perfume,

But the smell always welcomes me in.

The cologne on Papa's cheek,

Gives me security when I'm afraid.

The smell of Granny's cookies

And sweet lullabies that caress me to sleep.

The strongest bond that we share

Is the love we hold inside.

The memory of it all,

Is deep within my heart.

Calm Surrender

As I lie upon the bank of a river

The water flows past in a fury of emotion

And the wind streaks by

rustling the branches of overhanging leaves.

The calm surrender of these endless nights

Here where I pour my heart out to the skies

And pray to that single shooting star

The one that arches just before

disappearing into the dark abyss of the night.

Finding An Angel

And he will find himself an angel

to carry him back home.

To take him from the dark of night

and bring him to the light of day.

He'll find the strength to set himself free.

It takes a strong one

to never make mistakes.

But it takes a stronger one

To admit where he went wrong.

He will find himself an angel

to carry him back home.

Find in him the strength to carry on.

It takes a little time

To make it past the darkness

But with a little push

We'll make it from the dark

And find a new way home.

He'll make it through the darkness

Back into the light

Because he found an angel

to carry him back home.

God Hear My Prayer

I've got this picture

It's here in my hand

I hold it tight

can you understand

It's all I have

Of these memories

I keep bundled up inside

I lost my baby

Come here and see

Laying so softly

Can't hardly believe

I've lost my home

And my family.

It can't go back to the way

It used to be.

And I'm lost

Heartbroken and down

My world's falling 'round

This hollow person

I've come to be.

Lying here crying softly

Please don't hear me.

God I need you now

Please hear my prayer.

I can't survive any longer.

Pain and sorrow

Are all I have left to feel.

Today's the day

I'll be set free.

Through all the wails

I see them there.

My wife and daughter

Waiting there for me.

As the light grows nearer

I stare once more

Thanking god for

Hearing my prayer.

Nano & Papa ( My Beloved Grandparents)

Papa Was My Hero, Nano Was My Rock...!
Papa Was My Hero, Nano Was My Rock...!

I still remember…

You and I we'd say our prayers

And I would talk to God.

As we knelt down on the floor

I'd tell him what I thought…

"God, I pray to you to keep my family safe

to love me with your gentile grace

and hold me in your soft embrace.

To stay with me at my side

And keep me safe throughout the night."

I would pray for my mother,

to give her strength.

I would pray for my Nano,

To keep her safe and warm.

I'd pray for my Papa,

To be watched over at night.

"God, I've prayed to you a thousand times

and you've always been there.

You’ve answered every one

But here's one I beg of you…"

I lost my grandfather

I just wanna let him know

I love him with every beat of my heart

And I hope if your listening…

I'll never let you down

I'll try my best, show the world

That I won't give it up.

"God now I ask that you hear this prayer,

My grandmother is close to me.

I want her to know that I still remember

So many years ago,

When she and I would pray to you

and I would always say…"

Look after my Mother, look after my Father

Look after my Nano, look after my Papa.

Keep us safe, keep us warm.

And never let these prayers be lost

These prayers that Nano and I would pray.

Hopes, Dreams & Wishes

All my life I’ve hoped for a passion

to guide me through the years.

Dreams to let me see them

vivid as the colors of a rainbow.

And the wishes to make it all

come true.

Upon a shooting star

you keep me here forever

forever in your arms.

In your arms is where I want to be.

You loving me and

me loving you.

Just hopin’ and dreamin’

and wishin’ too.

Praying for a chance to be with you.

Hopes are your fondest desires

that always seem to far away.

Dreams are always listening

hidden in seclusion

to your heart your soul.

Broken Hearts

Hearts breaking

through the darkness.

And you left me all alone again.

The night’s waking

to the echoes of my tears.

I can’t stay anymore.

I’m runnin’

tryin’ to escape the pain.

Runnin’ fast as I can.

Just Runnin, Runnin

Away, so far away.

My heart can’t take the pain.

Many other hearts have burned.

Runnin’ through the fire,

Just runnin’ past the pain.

Runnin past that aching in my

Heart...My heart!

My heart and my soul.

Dreaming ‘Till I See You

Last night

I felt your soft hand

run across my face.

In a dream that seemed

so real

yet so far away.

Then daylight awoke me

and you had slipped away.

In my dreams I see you

I feel your touch upon my skin.

Those nights of endless

love and passion

long past faded

with the dream.

The dream came once again

to this week and weary heart.

I tell you I miss you

and beg us not to part.

But then I’m standing

all alone again.

In my dreams I see you

I feel your touch upon my skin.

Those nights of endless

love and passion

long past faded

with the dream.

Lonely in the waking hours

of my eternal youth.

A future full of pain and torture

always missing you.

In my dreams I see you

I feel your touch upon my skin.

Those nights of endless

love and passion

long past faded

with the dream.

There you are

a ghost standing.

In my arms we whisper words

unspoken in years.

All forgotten love

forever found in us this day.

The dream of love everlasting

that finally came true.

Painful Longing

He hasn’t been the kinda man

I wish that he could be.

A father to my two young boys

and a husband to me.

This day he woke up again

two sheets to the wind

Oh, how I wish he would

hold me tenderly.

Ask me for a second of my time

tell me its gonna work this time.

Guardian Angel

Forget me not,

when I’m gone.

Guardian Angel.

Let me know

you’re still there for me.

Guardian Angel.

Don’t cry for me

Guardian Angel.

Just love me

Guardian Angel.

Take me in your wings this day,

and take me to the sky.

Let me leave on wings

and let me fly...

Don’t forget me

when I’m gone.

Guardian Angel.

Let me know

you’re still there for me.

Guardian Angel.

Don’t cry for me

Guardian Angel.

Far away from this world.

away from this place.

My heart beats for you

Guardian Angel.

Forever this day.

Guardian Angel

A Life, A Dream, A Day

I don’t know what you see,

but it’s something in me.

It’s not a miracle or a leap of faith.

Step after step, by and by

we grew together, now and forever.

Sharing a smile and sharing our dreams

we built our lives together.

Someday we’ll see

looking back over the years...

A life, a dream, a day.

In your eyes I see what’s meant to be.

A wife, a son, a family.

I see the tears in your eyes

as I kiss our son goodnight

I see it all.

Looking back through the

times we shared together.

One day lasted fifty years

in a life, a dream, and a day.

As the year’s went by

that fire in your eyes

started to flicker away.

But I still love you

in a life, a dream, and a day.

A life, a dream, and a day...

A life, a dream, and a day...

A New Day Is Dawning

Seeing the sun rise in your eyes

and the world waking up.

I am a child

staring blindly at the sun.

Rising high in the sky

and arching up above.

My arms can’t wait

to hold you again.

Feel your breath

upon my skin.

When will I see you

when will I feel you


Love me now or love me never.

My heart can’t take the pain.

moonlit Love

I remember

that feeling of passion. (Passion?)

Sizzling passion and

those fiery nights

when we were together

( we were together)

always and forever.

Those secret kisses

(fade in backup)

over moon lit paradise.

Moon lit paradise

Passion runnin’ through my veins.

Secretive kisses.

( Kiss her, Just Kiss her.)

Heavenly moments.

( Love her, Just Love her.)

In this Moon lit...(moon lit)



All night

‘till we wake at dawn.

Looking out on the

skyline of the city,

I gently take your hand.

Musical Love

Songs upon a harp

singing so softly

as my fingers play.

Tender touch today.

Love is forever.

I wanna tell you

but it seems to hard.

I love you

from the very first day.

I knew right away.

I love you.

Always by your side

in this love of mine.

The words sound so easy

but I’m having trouble.

Help me play our song

help me say I love you.

My mind knows what to say

but I just can’t say it.

So help me say

it to you.

Never Again

When I hold you in my arms

the whole world disappears.

My feelings for you

cannot be denied.

In this life.

This time its all gonna change.

I’ll never let you go

I’ll never let you leave.

As long as I live

I’ll be there for you.

This life the life you showed me

the solid foundation

I have never felt this way

‘bout anyone before, before.

but this time...

There’s never been

another one

this special to me.

Forever, we will be

happy you and me.

But this time...

This time...

This time...

I’ll never let you go...

The Ring

Power beheld

within my heart

bestowed unto you

in this sacred way.

I usher to you

a priceless vow

of my undying love.

I see you in your heavenly gown

an angel in graceful peace

in your steps on the floor.

Your rosy red lips

and your flowing blond hair.

Beauty bestows you

and your sweat name

swiftly rolls of my tongue

as I dream of the heavens.

A divine creature so tall

and so proud.

As we stand here together

we say our vows as I

slide the sacred ring

of our undying love

upon your trembling frail finger.

I pledge this day my undying love

to you and only you

my love and inspiration

You’re Gone

I didn’t kiss you that morning

as I passed right by your face.

I forgot to say I love you

as I walked from the house.

It was too late a moment later

in an instant you were gone.

Gone, I can never see that smile

that always says I love you.

I can never feel the touch of your skin

as it brushes against mine.

Those memories of you

the feelings for you

there gone.

You took the wrong road

this was never meant to be.

The days the nights

summer times forever.

There will never be second

chance for me to say

I love you.

You’ve left from my view

how I miss you.

You’re gone...

I never thought this

day would come that

I would lay you in the ground.

I never thought I’d have to say


Another Try

I’m not the kind of guy

that asks for more than he deserves.

All I ask of you

is another chance

to get it right.

Another lonesome heart

begging you to stay.

Don’t walk away

don’t tell me good-bye.

A second chance to be with you

another try to make it right.

One more day to let me say

how much I love you.

A second chance to win your heart.

I want to be the father of your children

the one that’s there every day.

Please don’t take my dreams

and walk away.

A second chance today

is all I ask forever.

Another moment to make it right.

One more day, one more moment

I don’t wanna let you go.

Minutes and hours I spent dreaming of you

the endless fantasies

of you and me together.

The days ,the nights

those moments with you.

Give it a try.

The Walls Are Falling

I see the sunlight and the moonlight

as one gigantic ball

of perfect love and paradise

forever now.

Never again

will I fall into the arms

and hands of one

deceitful man

above the rest.

Where did I go wrong

I cannot see why

the walls I built are falling

to the ground.

A solemn oath forever

in the silence

of one night

in the hands of hopes and dreams.

Awakened now

by the only sound

that of your heart

echoing across

a vast distance

trying to reach me.

I find myself not speaking

unable to be moved.

I cry in a wail

farther than your echo

but this time it doesn’t

reach the other side.

Why the walls I built

are fallin’.

Hold My Hand

Hold my hand.

As we walk you

hold my hand.

As we kiss you

hold my heart.

Never to part you

hold my hand.

Living’ each day

I realize that you

have touched my soul.

The essence of you

burns in me

never to go out.

Please let me know that

your still there

for me every day.

Hold my hand.

As the day turns into


you hold my hand and

I hold onto your heart

never to part.

Faint at first

then all at once

tears start to fall.

I never knew

how it felt to be loved

by someone like you.

Why oh why did I

leave you...?

I want the memories to be

special like they’d always been.

I want to feel your touch and

your hand clutching mine.

I want to run barefoot in the sand

beside of you.

Hold my hand...

my heart and my soul...

never let go...

hold my hand...

Spread Your Wings

Everyone’s sayin’ good-bye

before sayin’ hello.

Nobody waits ‘round

for yes or no.

In these times

of trouble

when nothin’ goes

to plan

all the good is gone.


Spread your wings

and take to sky

and let your fears and troubles

pass you by.

Haven’t you had enough

of the wondering.

Don’t you know it’s

eating you alive.


Scream out loud

and let yourself be heard.

Don’t be afraid of

anything or anyone.

Aren’t you ready to

pack your bags and go

out on your own.

There’s always a way

you just haven’t gotten

there yet.


Don’t let an offer

pass you by

for someone else’s pride.

Let yourself be known as

a person.

Always And Everywhere

Oh I’ve never said

it to anyone,

the way I feel inside.

Its sacred it’s special

it’s the love that we’ve shared.

Together forever

that’s the way it will be.

Never to part

that’s where our hearts

were meant to be.

Together forever

never to part.

Always and everywhere

our hearts are bound

as one.

For all eternity

our hearts

bound by the love deep inside.

The days becoming shorter

and so are our lives,

but, one thing we can be sure of

is that our hearts

shall never part.

And that’s why

I sing this to you.

Always and everywhere

our hearts are bound

as one.

For all eternity

our hearts

bound by the love deep inside.

All my life

I’ve tried to say exactly

how I feel,

but, now I find it harder to say it

to you.

So with my dying breath

I’ll tell it to you.

Always and everywhere

our hearts are bound

as one.

For all eternity

our hearts

bound by the love deep inside.

Why Can’t You

There’s a place

that reminds me of you.

The love we shared burns

within me,

not ending.

Why can’t you see,

Why can’t you hear,

Why can’t you feel,

what I feel!

As we stand on the balcony

I admire your beauty.

I can’t resist your glamour.

My lust for love

is irresistible,

especially in your presence.

Why can’t you see,

Why can’t you hear,

Why can’t you feel,

what I feel!

Hatred gone,

love restored,

tyranny lost,

fear vanished into the night.

Why can’t you see,

Why can’t you hear,

Why can’t you feel,

what I feel!

You Were There

The strength, hope and desires come from her

the one who gave me the world

when she gave me her love.

A baby in the arms of a mothers love

grew strong with the comfort of her touch.

All I am, and all I’ll be

is what you gave me.

In my life, things didn’t go as planned

a roller coaster ride.

But there you were, every minute

there beside me.

Every step, every stumble

you were there.

You were there

for me every day

to dry my tears away

to hide the pain away.

You were there.

You show me through the hardest times

and keep me strong through them.

You give me hope when there is none

and keep me safe from harm.

All my life I’ve had a savior

It was you.

I never thought this day would come

where our lives would be one.

Then I realized that it had come.

We had grown our patterns as one

You and me together

mother and son.

Flying Across The Heavens

God gave her wings to fly

So let her spread her wings.

Take to the heavens

With a sparkle in her eye.

Soaring across the heavens

Like stars in a moonlit sky.

Far beyond the oceans

Beyond the hills and plains.

Higher than the highest mountain.

Deeper than the deepest ocean

That’s how far our love can go.

God gave her wings to fly

So now she spreads her wings

Takes to the heavens…

Flying across the heavens

Like stars in a moonlit sky.

Far beyond the oceans

Beyond the hills and plains.

Far beyond the rainbow

Stretched across the sky.

Open up your eyes and see

The beauty waiting there.

Far beyond this earth

Beyond the stars in the sky.

That's where her heart will lead her.

To God's arms she shall fly.

God gave her wings to fly

So now she spreads her wings

Takes to the heavens

With gates open wide…

She shall fly…

Far beyond the oceans

Beyond the hills and plains.

Far beyond this earth

Beyond the stars in the sky

Far beyond the rainbow

To Gods loving arms she will fly…

I Would

I would climb any mountain,

Cross any ocean for you.

And I would reach any star

Just to make your every wish come true.

I would follow a rainbow

If it could lead me to you.

I would do anything

I would do anything for you.

I'd climb a hundred mountains

Cross a thousand oceans

Pull every star from the sky.

I would pick a million roses

One for each day I've loved you.

I would give you my heart

If you say you won't break it.

I would pray to the lord above

To just let me see your face.

I'd do anything

I'd do anything for you.

I'd pick a million roses

Give you my heart

Pray to the lord above.

I would do all this and more

Only to say I love you this much.

You mean everything to me

Will you be mine for all time…?

I'll love you for all time

My Valentine!

The Last Dance

One night as I laid my head upon my pillow

I couldn’t help crying myself to sleep.

In my dream I was walking alone

on a deserted road in the darkness of night.

I had the feeling that I wasn’t alone

I turned around and there you were

a shadow in the dark, a light to guide the way.

Walking towards you, nearly floating on air

tears on my face as we get closer together.

You take me in your arms as we dance

floating above the trees, the world disappears

and it's just you and I there, twirling in the heavens.

I prayed that the dance would never end…

I find us back on solid ground staring at each other

The air grows cold and stale and the life somehow disappears.

You looked in my eyes with a sad smile.

As you said "I have to go now…"

You turned and as your image faded

you whispered "Goodbye…".

That was the night after you left this world

And years after I am still able to think back

Seeing you as we danced our dance

And knowing you came back to say


Dedicated to the last dance between a father and daughter

And the memories of a dream that will last forever…

Change The World

One night a boy was born

his impact on the world unknown to everyone.

What he will be, the person he shall become

only just beginning to immerge.

A shining star one that can shine so bright

or fade away into the night sky.

His message still unheard

he grows and begins to discover

the miracles that life has to give.

He awakes with a question

that only he can answer.

Can he be a miracle?

Can he make the world a better place?

Can he change the world?

He decides that

the only way to find that answer

is to try, attempt the impossible

give the world a chance to change.

He goes out in search of a miracle

one that can make a difference.

Maybe it will only change one life

or a thousand, or even possibly

the whole world.

He tries to make a difference

by changing one life in hopes that

his contribution to them will someday

be shared with another.

Be shared with a person hurting

in need of another chance.

Another chance at life

A chance they somehow

missed out on somewhere,

sometime in their life.

That one life that he touched

in a miraculous way

changed another persons life

for the better.

The message of helping

of saving another's life

was passed many years

after the boy first made the move.

The move to change the world

to make a difference.

Many years later the boy

now an old man lying

waiting for heaven to take him home.

His grandchildren looking

upon his shriveled old face

and saying "I love you" for the very last time.

And as his spirit leaves

the world who knows not that he

was the one that changed it

cries out in sadness that the man,

who then a boy, who changed one life

can no longer change the world.

Finding My Home

Yeah I've found my home

And I've found my place

And I don’t wanna go right now

Don’t wanna loose this day

Cause I've found my way

God hear me now

I pray

I'll sing my song

To the heavens above

God hear me now

I pray.

Yeah I've found a way

To say every day

The things I need to say.

I'll sing my song

till my dying day

God hear me as I say

I've found my home

And I've found my place.

And my place is here with you

God hear me now

As I pledge my love

And promise now

To never fall again

Please listen to me Jesus

I pray to you this night

And I pray to the heavens

That you'll hear this prayer

God you've shown me light

Now there's new life

Burning deep within my soul.

This night

'Cause I've found my home

And I've found my place

A place I thought

I'd never find

Thank you God

I'm finally free…

God hear me now

I'm free!

And The World Comes Crashing Down

Everything I have ever had is gone,

my strength, my ambition,

my hopes and dreams.

I have nothing,

and I feel helpless and alone.

It is irrational to believe

that I had everything

but all that I had is now gone,

abolished by the irrefutable hatred within.

I cannot go on with these emotions,

I feel naked, stripped of my confidence,

and my will to survive.

I can't go on like this,

feeling as if the world has

turned its back on me

and crashed down upon me.

No Named Figure

I stand here without a face

To show the world.

I stand here without a name

To call myself.

I look for the person I am

And find myself standing here

Unable to find myself.


It is my dream

A home with a view of the horizon

Covered with rolling waters abroad.

With pale blue shudders

And a window view of the world.

The songs of seagulls

To lull me to sleep

And the sound of waves

breaking on the shores.

The screen door

that sways with the breeze

in rhythmic motion.

The silk white curtains

flapping in the wind.

It is my dream to see the world

a world that is so great to see.

It's my dream to live my life

knowing the world

as the miracle it was destined to be.

My Island My World

And the waters crashed

upon the shores of my island,

washing away the pain

and anguish of the past.

While giving hope and strength

to my weary heart and soul

the waves stole the foundation

of my island, my world.

The world I live in isn't an island

but it might as well be one.

Isolated and alone I sit

in a room the island in my mind,

and wait to be rescued.

It didn't take much to get me here

but now that I'm here

it is impossible to leave.

Many nights of sleepless hours

were spent here on my island.

The sands on my beaches

were slowly being washed away

and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

I felt the once sturdy soil and sand beneath me

slowly sifting away.

In this moment the world became cold and small.

Somewhere, I know someone feels

the same emptiness and fear

on their island.

The dark penetrating solitude

of a sinking island

and the absence of a once filled place

in their hearts.

I see light however small it may be,

it is there like a heavenly glow

shinning into my world.

Maybe someday I'll leave this island

but for now I'm here

and taking each day as it comes

one step at a time.


Dreaming of a night

filled with the prayers of children

rising to the heavens above.

Sleep child, if only till morning comes

and the light of the slowly rising sun

shines on your face.

Dream while you sleep

a dream of a bright tomorrow

and a love so great it can change the world.

Hold tight to those dreams

Those that relate best to you

And make you feel

The compassion and love

That your heart has kept within

For the many years of your

Dream filled, wonderland,

Fairy tale life.

A Future I've Yet To See

When I look towards my future

I almost anticipate that

Which I know to be uncertain

Unsure and unprepared; however,

I still stride on forward

Still look optimistically

At a future I've yet to see.

And the anticipation of my

Optimistic still uncertain future

Drives me in each days tasks

To never become overwhelmed,

Anxious or timid when faced

With my uncertain future.

Make a difference

I look out at a world that has forbidden me

One that antagonizes me at every turn

And attempts at every chance to bring me down

This world, one that never gives a reason why

Or asks for forgiveness for the pain it causes

A world that only man can change

Undo the hurt and all the pain

Make the infant child feel safe and secure

In a world that once would abandon him

Save the small breaths of strength

And use the power within you

to make a difference

Change the world…

Make a difference…

Change a world chilled by the cold

Uncaring hearts of mankind

Make a difference for the children

Who live in a frozen and bitter world

Without knowing its true wonders

And marvels in existence.

Crying in the dark

I can't tell you why I feel

The way I feel

There are no words to express the pain I feel

Knowing that you are in a better place

Helps me not to feel better

But worse at the remembrance

Of the loss I bear each day.

I know not how I survive each day

Without your presence in my life

Without being able to see your face

In the mornings light as I always did

My love will never end

Though we are apart

Separated by that inevitable part

Of the life we all live.

The Second Coming

Is it this, the second coming

of the God made man

that shall make the earth shutter?

Is it the second arrival

of this glory upon man

that shall make the tides of the oceans

rise and fall as the sun

rises and falls over its horizon?

Is it this coming that shall make

the great peaks of mountains

crack and crumble only to fall

into the ocean?

Is it this great revelation,

this heavenly presence,

that shall make man drop

to its many knees and pray?

Is it the wake, the days to come

after God sets foot once more

upon this earth

that shall reveal a new,

a glorious future for mankind?

Is it the second coming

that shall set our souls free

to do his work?

Is there a second coming

and if there is let me

see the glory of God

with my eyes and not through the eyes

of others who can but only give me words

to describe something so great,

so magnificent that no mortal words

can describe it.

I await the second coming

as I reflect upon the first.

Angel Whispers

It is the calm whispers of the breeze

trickling through the bare branches of a willow.

The tears of a weeping willow

that bear the mourning sorrow.

And the children's wails

into the morbid hollowness of the night

that sends shivers down my spine.

It is the angel's whispers crying out,

ringing in my ears

that has summoned me home.

It is this house, a shack

that bears my childhood memories.

With faded red shutters on the windows

and the front door that never stayed shut.

The white picket fence surrounding the house

that was always freshly painted and

the aroma of freshly baked cookies at noon

that brought the neighborhood kids around.

As I would enter the house the floor would creak.

The smell of pipe tobacco filled the house

and the old rocking chair would always be sitting

by the fire place with a patchwork quilt

draped over the back.

The floor was carpeted in an almond shade of brown

and the television sat on a table

across the room from an old leather couch.

The curtains were torn and ragged

and the glass doors were always slightly open.

The kitchen always smelled of nutmeg

and the kitchen table was set as if expecting guests.

Grandma’s best silver lined the lace place mats

and her gold rimmed glasses sat empty for hours.

The old wooden swing tied in the old oak in back

that bore the whittled heart of my first love.

There were days that I would spend

staring up at the sky waiting for the first star

to appear in the sky

so that I may be the first to wish upon it.

I haven't been home in several years,

now the house is empty

and the childhood voices have faded.

I don't now why I returned

only that the willow told me to.

The swing is gone and the oak tree is dead.

There is still the stream that trickles past the shack

where I felt the first lips touch my mouth.

The roses are still growing wild

and the cool waters still soothe my skin.

I sit just for a moment

watching the water trickle by

and the trees swaying in the breeze.

I remember the way I would lie on the bank

and wave my fingers in the passing waters.

The way the smell of springtime would

ease my mind and lull me to sleep.

The bliss of youth and the wonderment of life

I had forgotten the meaning of life, until now.

Life had once meant to live to your fullest

But what did that mean?

The meaning of life was defined by life

and a paradox that was a question.

Now I realized what life was…

"Belief, the faith in ones self"

"Trust, faith in others"

"Loyalty, the honoring of others"

"Reverent…the belief that our lives

are part of something greater than ourselves

and that life is the road to sanctuary and peace."

The whispers returned on the bank of the stream

and it was then that I realized it was an angel's whispers

that I had heard from the start.

"It is this knowledge a rare gift to you

that man has struggled so to find.

You have the word

use it as you know it needs to be used.

Find a way to tell man the secrets

that he has overlooked.

Show him the way, the path

the road to sanctuary."

As the angel whispered these words

my skin grew warm

It was a presence I had felt before

but finally I understood.

I could faintly see a light before me

then as suddenly as it appeared it was gone.

I found myself once more

staring at the stream.

As I stood up I said…

"Thank You"

Then I walked away…

"Angels speak to us everyday, but we just don't listen"

-God Bless-

The Last Words

I hope these poems have inspired you the

reader to explore to new heights of life’s great

adventures and soar farther and higher than ever

before. Please take these words and grow with the

love and care of my words in your heart. Keep close

to the friends in your life and closer to your family;

because, they truly make-up the life you live. I also

regret that the book was not full of happiness but

some sadness; however, life is not always as

fulfilling and happy as we had hoped.

My Best Wishes

And Love,

Chapman B. Hester

Thanks To My Family, Friends, And Beloved Mother.”

My Beloved Mother

Love Was Never In Short Supply
Love Was Never In Short Supply


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