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Loss of Distinction

Updated on October 22, 2012
A heart truly burdened
A heart truly burdened | Source

Hearts burdened with fear and sorrow.

Showers of guilt and shame pour down

upon restless beings like pelting raindrops.

Angry shouts of frustration bellowed,

trying to regain a grip on inner consciousness.

Hatred and ignorance of mankind swallow

ideals and philosophies of life.

 Mental Anguish Prevails
Mental Anguish Prevails | Source

Crucifying pain of mental anguish crushes

souls with boulders of sin and destruction.

Ropes tighten and release bodies from existence.

Numbness flows like blood through lifeless limbs,

Shooting through brain matter like shock waves.

Human shells resolve into nothingness.

Total Loss of Distinction
Total Loss of Distinction | Source

Hearts pulse with lethargic rhythms.

Blinded eyes search for pinpricks of light.

Deafened ears strain to hear hushed whispers.

Souls grasp for inner depths of beings to

restore salvation.

Searching, now finished and forgotten.

Shadows of emptiness fade into darkness.

Despair and disgrace engulfed in cold and

infertile soil.

Body, mind, and soul erased from powers

of human distinction.


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