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Lost Before You

Updated on June 9, 2011
You are my eternity
You are my eternity | Source

You make me feel larger than life

In a world filled with sharpened words of hatred and darkened with coldness

Grasping for my sanity for me plus one

I shuttered with fear at the thought of a another day of coldness

Drunken utters of promises that would never be anything more

Frightened that the next round would put me down under

Each day grasping for a lift, and edge that I could pull myself up with

In my darkness I search for the light that has been forsaken

A blade of salted tears rip down my face until I have no more

Rage begins to roar through my veins

I stand before the beast, and stand strong toe to toe

Defeating it, and protecting what is mine

I begin another day weakened and uncertain of what lies ahead

I begin a new path with little courage

Still darkness surrounds me

Rattled self awareness I continue on

On my path I see a distant light of hope whispering to me

Reaching out to me with words of soothing sound

I race from my shadows into the arms of light

Feeling the blanket warmth wrapped around me

With a touch of green grass, waterfalls, sandy beaches, echoes of tropical birds

My mind escapes me for I have never know this feeling before

Confused that it was only a mirage I unto you

I see the sparkling stars, the moon, and heavens in your eyes

The sweet sincerity in your smile as I melt slowly into your arms

I grasp a hold and hold on tightly not letting a particle of sand pass through

For this is what love is visions of eternity

Fluffy slippers, crackling fireplaces, hot chocolate warm security

My heart sinks like at the top of a roller coaster, if only a moment passes without your touch

My body flows with anxiety to see your smile

I quiver when I hear your voice and warmth felt though my body

I am no longer unaware of what this is

You have conveyed your heart to me

For it is mine always and true

With each waking moment, each passing kiss, each moonlit sky

I am certain this is for eternity


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    • profile image

      Mac the knife 6 years ago

      Powerful, well written. Hope you keep them coming. Enjoying your work.

    • profile image

      Alexa 6 years ago

      Thank you this was truly written from the heart and soul.

    • carpesomediem profile image

      carpesomediem 6 years ago

      I really enjoyed reading this, you evoked some powerful emotions. Awesome work!