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Lost Laughter

Updated on August 4, 2017

Child of a Broken Home

The golden one runs and laughs, swings through the air and laughs

The golden one jumps and laughs, rolls about his world and laughs

How many times a day does he laugh, joy even filling his dreams

The silver one smiles in the mirror, smiles out the window

The silver one smiles at sweet faces, smiles at tender voices

How many times a day does he smile, smiling when once he laughed

The bronze one looks at everyone and sees what no one sees

The bronze one listens to everyone and hears what no one hears

How many times a day does he look and listen at what once had made him smile

The tarnished one with downcast eyes fights back burning tears

The tarnished one with broken heart longs for those early years

How many times did he fight to survive, lost inside, laughter denied


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