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Lost in Thoughts - 1st in the Good Thoughts Project

Updated on April 28, 2019


Kenzie born 7-14-2015
Kenzie born 7-14-2015 | Source

"Good Thoughts Project"

This is the first entry in the "Good Thoughts Project" created by Jo Goldsmith (Jo_Goldsmith11), who has made it her goal to help others achieve recognition for their writing accomplishments.

Born from the Good Words Project, Jo will be testing to see how well we learned the “Good Words” and used and lived by them.

Note to Jo: I am not sure this is exactly what you meant for the “Good Thoughts” if not please let me know.

Shortly after starting the Good Thoughts project Jo Goldsmith became ill and was unable to continue with the Good Thoughts. Today she is getting back on track and hopefully will return to Hub Pages.

It is my hope that all our Hubber friends will jump on board with a Good Thought or two.

Purpose of the "Good Thoughts" project

Purpose: Journal of recorded thoughts about our feelings or emotional reactions to a weekly selected quote, song or reading that is posted for the week __ Jo Goldsmith

I took the Song 'A moment like this to be the first prompt.''

A moment like this!

This could not be better for me. The day after Jo Posted what her new creation would be "The Good Thoughts" project, while listening to Kelly Clarkson singing ‘A moment like this’. Well! I have had many moments like this.

The good thoughts, the miracle of life, brought back all the memories of moments like this:

  • Tuesday July 14, 2015 when my great granddaughter Kenzie was born.

  • January 21, 2013 when Kenzie’s brother my great grandson Caden was born

  • When each of my grandchildren were born

  • When my two sons were born,

As Jo writes, "Project Good Thoughts Purpose: Journal of recorded thoughts about our feelings or emotional reactions to a weekly selected quote, song or reading that is posted for the week

These are the moments that last forever in the snap shot of our mind's gallery of memories.

— Jo Goldsmith

A tribute to my Great Granddaughter

The Kenzie Report

Lost in thoughts

© By Shyron Shenko

Kenzie is awake

(Kenzie's thought)  I am watching you watching me!
(Kenzie's thought) I am watching you watching me! | Source

Lost in thoughts

In a daydream or two

Contemplating my first meeting you

Can't wait to meet you

Precious little girl

And welcome you to

Your bright new world

In your pretty little face

You can see how beautiful the human race

And absolutely nothing brings more wonder

Than gazing upon a baby's face.

Me holding my first Great Grandson
Me holding my first Great Grandson | Source


I did not forget you

You are my only great grandson

And you will always be a very special one

No matter how many more there are to come



Beloved Granddaughter

Now you can see

Why you are so very special to me

With the birth of your two babies

my son at 5 minutes old
my son at 5 minutes old | Source


My 2nd born son

Now you can see

Why Kenzie reminded me

Of this long ago memory

Me, Mom and Grandma (on my father's side)
Me, Mom and Grandma (on my father's side) | Source

My Grandma, Mom and me to you Kenzie

Now you can put together A family tree

In the sequence from above

The next one in this line is me (the baby), your great grandma Shyron

And your great, great grandma Mae (my mother)

Starting with or going back in time

is your great, great, great grandma Saphronia (my father's mother)

The thoughts of moments like this


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