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Lost in the Meadow

Updated on January 1, 2015

Do You Feel Lost?

Have you ever felt as if you are going in circles? Your forehead sweat beads tell you that you’ve been walking, maybe even running. While your surroundings tell you that you haven’t moved at all?

Awakened by an unexpected or unplanned event: break-up, death of a loved one, lay-off, health issue, a conviction, a heated argument or a moment of truth. Your only option is to move past it and you are all intentions to do so, but how or where-to? Your sight is blurred by question marks and your foot is hanging above the ground tired of waiting on your brain to make a decision.

In the ‘Follow Your Heart’ book by Andrew Mathews, he says that: “If you stand in life uncertain which way you want to follow, it just means that you’d stopped listening to your heart, acknowledging your desires long time ago.

As you read the story "Lost in the Meadow…" can you relate to your journey so far in life?

"Imprinted with innocence, carved with curiosity, the hero of the story is a little boy; let’s call him Ben. Ben has once lost himself to a beautiful butterfly.

One morning, the sun wakes up generous with warmth and rich with adventure. All creatures welcome the rays of hope and stroll on earth in joy & content. The pretty butterfly is no exception, she smiles & extends her colorful wings happily while flying from one flower to another, from one clover to the next. It even lands for a second on a bird’s tail before it flutters and flies again.

It’s fun, it’s enjoyable & most of all, it’s exciting for Ben, so much that he can’t stop running after it. The dog in the house barks from behind the opened window as Ben distances. It alerts Ben but doesn’t dismay him.

Another barking, Ben is alerted. His dog is calling him home but the butterfly remains irresistible – until the dog’s voice fades away then silences.

What is the butterfly in your life? Did you have a dog warning you? Did you listen or at least let him accompany you? Back to the story…

Up & down hills, the butterfly keeps luring Ben. It stays happy, attractive and flying. Time passes un-tracked & Ben gets tired. His legs refuse to take any more steps. Giving in, Ben lays-down under a huge tree-log that promises him shade and protection. The butterfly lands one last time on his nose as if teasing him to keep following her. Ben smiles, all the running has paid-off at this moment when he thinks he has the butterfly for himself. His heart snuggles behind his ribs and his heavy eyelids drift off with a promise of a sweet dream.

Do you remember this moment in your life when life smiled upon you?

As Ben’s eyes open lazily, he finds himself still embraced by the generous tree but his butterfly is gone. Time to go home, but home is far from sight and the dog is no more barking. Now what?

At a fork in the road, Ben stands uncertain which way to follow. And should he follow one of the paths, when will it be enough to stop and take a different route.

As far as Ben can remember, there is a park on the other end of the street, an ice-cream truck that comes by at 5:15 pm every day, a colorful swing in the backyard and his two friends: Mark & Sophie who live on the same street. Does the address really matter? Ben knows no address. He is only five years old.

Is it safe to knock on some doors and ask the residents if they can help? It needs: a lot of walking, some courage, instant thinking, some wise decision making in case things look suspicious, recurring hope that home isn’t too far away or that maybe his dog is out looking for him too; lots of skills and a hope to keep Ben’s energy flowing and his heart pumping.

Are we always aware of the skills that we need in life so we can invest in building them, or do we rather acquire and shape them as challenges get thrown at us?

No clock to measure the time elapsing. Right after Ben woke up, all he really cared for was to be home before dusk. But now & since it has been so long since the story has been known & told and so long since Ben has slept in the comfort of his bed or played with his dog; he is just hopeful that he gets embraced or just remembered or at least recognized by the time his eyes meet the door of his home and his growing feet climbs the steps of the entrance.

The story ends here and we never know if Ben ever returns home.

If you have once or more been lost in the meadow, what did you do? How did you make it back home?

© 2015 Amel Abouelhassan


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    • bigj1969 profile image

      John Marshall 

      4 years ago from glasgow

      Really good and indepth hub.great work.


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