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Love Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Updated on February 4, 2015

You cannot reason with love.

I used to believe in love and that is was true. I honsetly thought that you were meant for me and I was meant for you. But then, reality showed up and burst my bubble. Love shouldn't be this hard; it is a struggle. I used to think that love conqured all; I was wrong. Why did I fall? I don't understand whyI keep these desires for you. Why do I keep trying when there is nothing that I can do? Love should be easy. It once was. It was like breathing; it was a strong drug. I use to want a fairytale romance, but you said they did not exist. You were right. This clearly isn't it. I broke down a barrier once before; now, I have to build up again, and this time, I will lock the door. I must turn back on the electric gate before my love turns into hate. This time, I shall throw away the key, and no amount of knocking will release me. I prayed that my love for you would go away, that God would help me to escape. Because these feelings I have for you are so strong, they must be destroyed and no longer shown. I refuse to let this life make be bitter, so in the case of love, I am a quitter. I can no longer wait for you to come around; I must bury these feeling deep underground. I will not keep longing for the touch of your hand. I will not be foolish and make demands. If it takes me to the end of my days, I will turn my back on love and put it in a cage. Love is for fools, and I am not one, so goodbye love I AM Done! Right now, I have made my decision forget you love; you have no reason.


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    • profile image

      Ausseye 2 years ago

      Sad be the moment you close that door

      For love is real and full of life

      But a rarety for sure

      As its take one special person

      And a lifetime of waiting

      At that open door

      Who knows when the other will knock

      You and your world into a brilliant light??????