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Dying Autumn Leaves of November

Updated on September 22, 2015

Love Dying Like Autumn Leaves of November

The bright green color of the leaves blast away

Reminiscing the beautiful magic colors

Amazing picturesque of autumn

Expressing the beauty and wonder of nature

Leaving precious memories drawn our hearts

The trees trying to hold on

Until their last strength

The cold wind blaze

Finally letting them go

Leaves dancing blowing by the wind

Leaves abcise slowly so weak

Cast away...of no return

Tear apart from morning till dawn

Deciduous trees sheeding leaves day by day

Sealing the spot to heal

Watching, covering the ground

Until there's no more left

Leaves are gone turning grey

Till they disppear buried underneath the ground

The trees stand sad still in the cold autumn

In desolation sleep, freezing...

In a cold winter as the snow falls

Slowly recoup the leaf loss until spring

Each leaf scar a bud forms

In the mild Spring weather

As the sunrays beams through the branches

Nourishing the bright awakening leaves

The trees begin to live again.

Like the heart when love has died.

Autumn Walk

I walk along the creek in the autumn month of November

Passing by the tree where it stand sad still...

I feel the cold wind blazing teasing my cheeks...

Wind blowing...caressing my soft long hair...

Wind flow freezing my ears whispering to let go...

Autumn leaves dancing with the wind...

Falling in the ground..

Suddenly my eyes burning with drops of precious tears

Rolling down my face comforting my deep sobs of truth...

Like scattered glittering diamonds...

As i remember you my LOVE...

Love dying like the autumn leaves of November...

Dying Autumn Leaves - Day By Day

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All We'd Ever Need

A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera - Say Something

Need You Now - Lady Antebellum

Mix – Lady Antebellum

Autumn Walk - Walking Trail Along The Creek

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Don't Bury Me - Stefan Elena

Changing Colors of Autumn Leaves

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© 2014 Carolina


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    • carolp profile image

      Carolina 2 years ago from Switzerland

      Thanks Thelma, i am fine & hope you too! Danke.

    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 2 years ago from Germany

      Beautiful poems and awesome photos of autumn. Thanks for sharing. I hope you are doing fine Carol. Take care;-)