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Love Has No Other Name Yet It Has Many

Updated on August 12, 2010

Love Has No Other Name Yet It Has Many

 She knelt there in the gravel, not knowing what to do, her world had just fallen apart.

He was gone, her angel was gone.

 I see this girl, as I stare through the glass, her wild eyes, tears electric on her pale face.

Great ones of our past have said that love conquers all, that it is a great healer.

Well, that may be true, but truely is it not the greatests destruction of humanity that ever existed.

I am a girl, a simple girl, a girl who tried to find love, insted I found more than I ever exspected.

 Ive learned that in this life we are forced to do things that we dont want to, see things we dont wish to see, exsperiance things we wished didnt even exsist, and say things we wish we would never have to say. 

In this life we suffer all of these things with the hope that there is something out there worth going through all of this terror for, but is that always true, no.

There are times when were forced to say things we dont believe and do things we wish with all our heart that we would not have to do, but does that make them go away? Not hardly.

When faced with the choice to live in this world or depart from it what would you do?

Would you choose to live in this world of pain and anguish and battle your way through it?

Or would you choose to depart from it and not have to make a choice that could cause you to die of a broken heart?


Theres an old saying, if you love something let it go, but as many of you know that is almost like a death sentance to some of us.

For to some of us, living without that which you must let go is just as terrible a fate as dying, some consider it worse.

For choosing to let go that which you love so dearly, so that it may depart and find joy, is the hardest thing to do.

Yet at the same time, it is one of the most loving things to do.

This kind of decision is only made by thoes who love deeply enough and powerfully enough to let the very thing that makes them whole go when it asks.

It is the ultimite sacrifice of self, for it is the act of giving up all of your feelings and wholeness to let that which you love move on in freedom.

It takes rejection of your own heart and great strength to do this, the latter which though at earlier times I thought I possessed I know now that I dont.

  My heart grows stronger every day, and I know this.

Yet with each passing day I wish with all of my heart that it would not.

For truely the day when I set love free from my heart, is the day when love rejects me and all hope shatters like glass.


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    • poeticColor22 profile image

      poeticColor22 7 years ago from The Coast

      My eyes smile at your words.

      I have always saught to travel beyond what the worldly definition of what thinking is and to challange the way people think about things.

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 7 years ago of the greatest titles of all time - I wish I had thought of that one - lol lol - and again you have chartered a poetic territory where few others have gone!

    • poeticColor22 profile image

      poeticColor22 7 years ago from The Coast

      Im pleased you enjoyed it :}

    • Joy56 profile image

      Joy56 7 years ago

      very emotional and heartfelt, well written thankyou