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Love Mocks Us

Updated on August 13, 2010

Is love a false hope and dream?

No one ever really knows how much they have to give until they start to get back in return. A person can love, get abused and love more, then get cheated on and love more, then even get forgotten and left behind, but only continue to get up and love stronger than before. It's when the pain still stings, the fears are still tender, and when the heart is still missing pieces that someone comes along and gives you all they've got. They'll shed your tears for you and hold you when you're alone. They make you feel like the only person in the world that can complete their life, make them happy, and do it forever. Of course they are the only one that can do that for you. Things get rough and they stick by your side. Obstacles approach and you hurtle them hand in hand. You've been through it all together thinking love conquers all.

What a deception love can be.

One day your one and only isn't happy anymore with things, with you, with themselves, their life how it is now. The distance between the two of you grows everyday. Neither of you smile anymore, but your love is still there, just faltering instead of holding strong. You can see them slipping away and wonder what you did wrong. How can you fix it back to the way it used to be? You can't, truth is that it was nothing you did wrong.

Love isn't made to last forever and happiness comes and goes.

Why do we all go on hoping and dreaming up fantasies that will never come true? I'd say we do it for a taste of Heaven. Only for the sake of curiosity and satisfaction. It's a challenge we each take on just to see who can get further and how far the envelope can be pushed before heartbreak and hurt and misery.

Is love there to mock us or is it meant to be eternal and we just don't know how to give into it yet?


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