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Love Rap Comic( poetry)

Updated on November 1, 2015


In the modern world love has lost its meaning

True feelings are history and everyone cheating

Few hot selfies both hearts beating

Boy girl text and they have a meeting

2 hours gone and conversation heating

No No This aint love? is it???

Boy going gym,Is this macho??

million dollar in the pocket

time check-Rado

Heart might be black

but he has Lambo Gallardo

Girl is also beauty

She is Miss Chicago

and then they say

Love is in the air.

Is this love?

might be

in the modern world...


That time was different ,space was different

Air was different and phase was different

When my life was a book

she was the page i never wanted to turn

my eyes were stuck the way she looked,

I was so amazed

it was her mark on my heart

that could never be erased

Gazed were my eyes

as if I was hypnotized

was it a magic spell

well, i thought

a lot

throughout the night

as if

I was in the darkness

and she was the ray of light......

nothing wrong

everything right

life is a thread

and she is kite...


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