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Love Songs to the Wraith

Updated on January 31, 2015


Space is large, the earth is small.

What is the worth of it all?

A drop of rain, a spark of flame.

Is reduced to the mundane.

For the starlight gaze upon your face,

forever ties me to this place.

In blissfull bondage I would be,

if only it was to thee.

For everything pales to compare

with a simple lock of your hair.

so if why I live, is not with me.

What purpose is there to be?

A Stich in Time.

Stop time. upon this line.

Rewind enternity to a different space.


Again the lights come, follow to another place.

dance with the fae, smoke with the salamanders.


Blue light translucent by nature, calming in soothing waves

that wash across the grid to restore balance.


The strings arrive from the grave to stich the doll to her place

If scizzors fall from my face, or if there is a lack of faith.

don't blame me.


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    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 5 years ago from southern USA

      Came back to share :)

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 5 years ago from southern USA

      Superb poetry, I mean to tell you . . . wow, you certainly have a way with words in the best of ways!!!

      I am in awe of you sheer talent dear Stolas. Thanks for sharing your gift here with us all.

      Voted up ++++ and sharing

      God bless you. In His Love Always, Faith Reaper

    • Tom Rubenoff profile image

      Tom Rubenoff 8 years ago from United States

      Rhythm and rhyme flow so well for you. Love this work

    • thanglynn07 profile image

      thanglynn07 8 years ago from Long Beach, CA

      Wow...Thanks for the explanation. You are very good at saying so little but meaning so much more. I'm impressed.

    • Stolas profile image

      Stolas 8 years ago from Midwest

      "the strings arrive from the grave, to stitch the doll to her place, if scizzor fall from my face, or if there is a lack of faith, don't blame me." my ex use to go by the name doll-parts, and still probly does.... at any rate, for awhile I was very adamant about us being created as a pair in heaven...the grave relates to our dead relationship that i would think of often and the strings relate to her new male fiancée' (most men can play stringed interments, i can't or at least most men that the women i have dated are attracted too, despite this i really want to learn to play violin, but i digress...) The scizzors are my attempt to sever this, but the lack of faith shows the duel nature of my new found willingness to accept our separation coupled with my lingering desire to actively hurt her relationship (witch i didn't do of course :P)

    • Jess Killmenow profile image

      Jess Killmenow 8 years ago from Nowheresville, Eastern United States

      I like your reaching across styles. Very nice writing

    • profile image

      \Brenda Scully 8 years ago

      there is a line in this that i truly love, can you tell me it's origin, only if you want to of course...

      "The strings arrive from the grave, to stitch the doll in place".... I don't know why but it has such a lovely ring to it....

    • thanglynn07 profile image

      thanglynn07 8 years ago from Long Beach, CA

      A blissful bondage?! Omg! Those words have such a powerful in depth meaning! You are just sooo amazing with your words! Wow!!! Your writing is so captivating! You're my favorite poet on Hub!

    • Stolas profile image

      Stolas 8 years ago from Midwest

      thank you, i feel like me and grammer don't get along for some reason, I always enjoy constructive critisism if you have any :)

    • profile image

      \Brenda Scully 8 years ago

      aw i see no problem with grammer there, lovely poem, can relate


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