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Love is about you and me Sule

Updated on September 23, 2013
It was like a clash of the Titans when we first met, we worked in the same office and sees each other everyday, to be precise, he was my assistant. I never liked him and my only reason was because he is a Muslim.

-I have problem with that i told my boss and i will quit if you don't fire him.

I knew that it was hard to just fire him but what difference does it make? If he is told that his superior;' ME' is not okay with the manner he discharge his duties. I mean that is good enough. Anyway, instead of firing him, he was transferred to the new branch. I wasn't happy with that so i resigned and set up my own company.

Three years later.

I was coming back to LA from Mississippi and ran into him at the airport, i recognized him and he recognized me too. We did not talked to each other because he knew why he was transferred and why i resigned. To him, i was an enemy and to me, he was noting but a terrorist.

We landed as scheduled then went our separate ways Although i saw him waving at me but how dare him? I rushed out to a waiting taxi.

All i could remember afterward was boarding the taxi. I slept off and woke up after three months on the hospital bed. How i got there, i never knew. There was pain all over me,POP on both legs and my right shoulder aswell,my head and face was bandaged.

I realized that there were people in the room and right next to me was Suleiman,sitting soberly. I saw the tears from his eyes although he tried to shed his face but he stretched his hand and uttered one word, Alhamdulillah. It means Praise be to God in Arabic. I also saw my Dad in the room and he came forward and kissed my forehead which was covered with a bandage.

Anyway to cut it short, although i will tell you how i ended at the hospital.

A speeding Lorry missed the bend and collided with the taxi, the driver of the taxi did not make it and five people lost their lives that day because of the impact of the commotion and among the only surviving two was myself, It was Suleiman who rushed me to the hospital, he couldn't wait for the paramedics to arrive. He was coming behind us from the airport.

You see, i have wondered many a time, if i had waited to greet him when he waved at me, if i had given him the chance to talk to me, perhaps,i will not board the taxi but even if i did,we will skip getting to the road at the time that lorry was on it. This is by the way anyway because it was destined to be and for every situation, there is always someone to help and in my case, it was my enemy.

I was told everything about the accident and how he used to read the Koran for me, my family had no choice but to allow him, the doctors said that i will not make it but even if i did,i will remain a vegetable, you see, my recuperation was a difficult one but Suleiman was there to help me through, he was there from day one.

How time fly...

I began to see a real man, the kind of man every woman dream of, perhaps i never gave this man the chance to know him when i first saw him, i plotted for his downfall and he knew it, yet he saved my life. Imagine if he was not there that hour,i might not be writing this story because it took the paramedics two hours to get to the scene that day, the doctor said that i would have died because of loss of blood and the injury to my skull.

True love they say knows no boundary and what this man has for me is so true that i regretted everything i did to him. I tried to confess and apologize and he told me that he forgave me the very day he was transferred because he understood how uncomfortable his presence made me and it was affecting him emotionally so knowing that i will no longer see him made him very happy.

We became very close to each other and when all shoulders to rest on fell, his was broad and strong, he was always there for me. I began to love him and the urge to feel his touch began to increase, the want of him began to take over me and by now,we are working on the same company again, the company i set up which he transformed to what it is today. You see, i was totally wrong then and i vowed to make it right.

I learned a great deal about his religion, it is a very peaceful one irrespective of what few fanatics has implanted in the hearts and souls of many who are simply lost just like me before i saw the light. You see, marrying Suleiman was the happiest thing that ever happened to me and i always tell him that it is about us.

- Love is about you and me Sule, what you did for me is an act of love and to pay you back, i have to love you for who you are, what you are and why it is you. Religion is not love but you are Love.

(I forgot to tell you about Abdallah but you can see him in the picture.)

Does couple of different faith understand each other better than couple of the same faith?

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Some of you might be going through this kind of situation right now, that is religious difference but my advise to you is not to make the same mistake i made, do not wait to get involve in a car crash for him to come and rescue you before you understand that it makes no difference where we worship Allah. Your color, race and tribe makes no difference, it is all about you and him.

A word is enough for the wise. If you enjoyed my story then watch the movie for greater understanding and at the end you will agree with me that love knows no religion.


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