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Love the Lord God has Given Us

Updated on April 8, 2017
Missing Wanderer profile image

Arjay is one of God's believers. There is a poem I made in order to express my faith to our creator.

The sacrifice He made for us

Is not something anyone can do

He will always have our trust

He will protect you too

We can always count on his blessing

He always knows what you need now

So you can stop worrying

We don’t need to know how

Lord doesn’t demand for something in return

All He ever wanted is that we believe in him

He will provide with something we need and something we yearn

We believe in him even though he can’t be seen

The faith we have in times we pray

Is something we should hold on to

I know it grows day by day

Because his promises are true

It sad that some people doesn’t believe Him

But we can’t just force our beliefs to them

Don’t hate someone who have different beliefs and dreams

Leaves may come from the same tree but grow on different stem

In every challenges we faced

God is there to guide and help us find the way

In every miracle He made we are amazed

He will listen to us we just have to pray

There are times we lost our faith

Because we don’t always get what we prayed for

But God is never early and never late

In the right time he will give you more

At all times, keep your faith with you

Keep believing in him and trust him completely

Pray for everybody around you too

Do your thing and God will do the rest perfectly


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    • Missing Wanderer profile image

      Arjay 10 months ago from Philippines

      Amen :)

    • profile image

      pete carillo 10 months ago

      Amen, little brother!!