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Love vs Love

Updated on February 22, 2016

Love vs Love

Sunshine bursting through blue sky
Butterflies spin upon the rainbows
Heart bubbles drifting as they pop
You know how the story goes

Boy meets girl or girl meets boy
A chance encounter so they say
Then comes "True Loves First Kiss"
And "Happily Ever After" all the way

As a young girl I crinkled my nose
And argued with starry eyed friends
"So what? That's it?" I'd exclaim
Besotted they sigh "that's it! The End!"

I always knew there should be more
Love can't just be so very shallow
I vowed then as a young girl
Love has to be more than hearts and arrows

You can have your Prince Charming
Too busy to wait for a White Knight
Too smart to be a damsel in distress
Don't want a Hero to win me the fight

As a grown woman I knew it still
There really was so much more
Through time and experience I learnt
Real love is a land to be explored

So I chased the unobtainable
Then pretended not to care
As I watched him pine for me
His fingers curling through my hair

I loved how his skin called for me
Like a wolfs howl to a midnight moon
His taste lingering on my lips
Desire swirled like a tropic monsoon

There was no room for butterflies
In a heart filled with fire and lightning
Hungry and desperate for each other
Two wickedly fierce fires colliding

To get beneath someone's skin
To have them by their hungry heart
To want them too, so badly it hurts
That is where, true love just starts

To be embedded within their soul
To be the temptation they can't resist
When too much is never enough
When electricity surges with just a kiss

When heartbreak shatters your soul
And the darkness takes ahold
Alone clutching just static memories
A love story of which can't be told

To know that you'd do it again
Without a second thought at all
Of jumping back in to the fire because
Real love leaves you always wanting more


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    • Luna Blue profile image

      Luna Blue 2 years ago

      Thanks Angela :)

    • AngelaJJ profile image

      AngelaJJ 2 years ago

      Superb !!!