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Eternal Family... My Love Story!

Updated on February 22, 2011

In The Beginning... A Loving Tribute To My Family And What They Mean To Me...


Taken After We Were Sealed In The Temple, and Back At My Parents Home, Which Was Also The Home That My Husband Grew Up IN - It Gets Even More Strange, Still.
Taken After We Were Sealed In The Temple, and Back At My Parents Home, Which Was Also The Home That My Husband Grew Up IN - It Gets Even More Strange, Still.
I Wish I Could Say That Life Has Been 'A Peace of Cek, But Then I Would Not Be Very Honest With YOU'.
I Wish I Could Say That Life Has Been 'A Peace of Cek, But Then I Would Not Be Very Honest With YOU'.

Different Family Backgrounds Definitely Have Made For Some Adventures...

I Have Always Thought My Mom And Dad Were Such Beautiful People... Just Look At Them:-)
I Have Always Thought My Mom And Dad Were Such Beautiful People... Just Look At Them:-)

Our Wedding Day, After Being Sealed - We Stepped Out Through Those Magnificent Temples Doors - Right Into Eternity...

For us, Life really did begin, the DAY that we were married in the Los Angeles, California -- Temple -- of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, in August of 1978.

My now, eternal companion and I, were sealed for 'Time and All Eternity', in what can only be described as the most beautiful place on earth... at least for me, on that day - and continues to be still, each day that I reflect upon the significance of that DAY and what promises we made with God and with each other - and to our future posterity!

And that was the point. It was what it meant to have made Covenants with God, and to know going forward; that come what may... and boy has it come - we were both committed to sticking it out, together.

Of course, we were naïve and had no clue of the many challenges before us as we embarked on 'family life' together. And so, we jumped right in and started a family anyway.

I mean, what was there to wait for... we knew what our lives together was about... and that was our family, before they even arrived. Yes, I for certain -- just knew how it would go... and - that was because I wanted it to be a certain way so badly.

As mentioned previously, my husbands mother was basically 'Harriet', okay... it is 'Nellie". They are, and I am still waiting for confirmation on this... but they are one in the very same woman. There cannot be two... like that. I am telling you the truth!

I was just a baby. I was only eighteen when I married my sweetheart. We had such ideals! My husband came from a large family of nine children. His was the typical "Mormon" or "Ozzie and Harriet " family. He was raised entirely in the LDS Church and had every perfect ideal that goes with stereotype Mo-mo family! LOL

But then, I came along... I met my husband-to-be, fresh out of High School. He had been home from a two year Mission in Montreal - Canada, that he had served for the Church, about a year by then. We are close to five years apart in age.

Perhaps, what attracted him to me, 'was' our differences... I had not been raised in the Church, although my mother's side of the family was strong LDS stock:-) My mom, was the rebel in her family, who at 17 met at the local community pool in Omaha, a hunky Navy guy! My daddy! Thus good looking hunk that swept my mother off of her feet, was not a Mormon. He came from a traditional, generational - Catholic backround. In other words, these were two disconnected souls, from a religious perspective. Meaning... not really dedicated to raising their own three little girls, in a church.

Young, Good Looking And So Very Much In Love...

I Still Believe In Love At First Sight, Because It Happened To US. Actually, Before I Ever Saw Him...  I Knew He Was The One, And Still Is.
I Still Believe In Love At First Sight, Because It Happened To US. Actually, Before I Ever Saw Him... I Knew He Was The One, And Still Is.
After All These Years, Almost Thirty... It Is Knowing That We Are Meant To Be Together Eternally, That Has Been THE Anchor of Our Marriage.
After All These Years, Almost Thirty... It Is Knowing That We Are Meant To Be Together Eternally, That Has Been THE Anchor of Our Marriage.

Families Grow Up Fast -- And Right From The Start...

My husband and I started dating form the very first evening that we met, and have been inseparable since then. Although I was not raised in the Church, I had very positive examples and received enough training from my mother's side of the family - to see the good in the Church.

I made a very interesting decision about a week prior to meeting my future husband; and that was to start going to the Mormon Church. If ever there was love at first-sight... it was our meeting, on my front porch, but in the house that he grew up in!

Now, that is another story in itself.

We were married in the LDS temple a year later, and less than a year from our wedding date; our eldest daughter was born. Yes, we had such ideals of an eternal family -- and we were off..

Jennifer, a convert: On Eternal Marriage. -- As a young girl, I had such similar thoughts as she, which drew me in...

One, Two, Three, Four... And Then FIVE! Babies, Babies, Babies...


My Family Is The Most Important Part Of My Life...

Many people will often ask me, if I now feel, that I married too young? In the world today, I believe that most would believe that to be true. I will always confess... that I happened to meet the perfect person to marry, and who was the right match for me... so, it had to be the right choice and the right time. It really came down to being... that clear. I have never doubted that my husband and I were and are supposed to be together.

But, I was young. My three daughters, who all have little ones of their own, are only now beginning to realize just what it must have been like for their own mother.

I recall, when they were young... that those years were such choice years. I loved to teach my children those things that would bring a foundation of truth into their lives. I wanted more than anything for them to feel loved and know that they had a secure home.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints and the teachings about eternal families, was something that I have desired for my family from before they were even born. My husband and I knew what would bring us happiness in this life, and from what we believe - in the life here after as well.

We have always had a love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and desired to not just teach these truths to our children, but to live them and help them to understand the principles that Jesus Christ taught.

Our Family Album - Teaser!

Click thumbnail to view full-size
The WomenThe Guys!Daddy Daughter HUG!STILL SINGLE!Watch Grow.Still Keeping Us YOUNG:-)Lexie Too...After All These Years and Weddings!Mothers Angels and Best Friends.PRIDE!
The Women
The Women
The Guys!
The Guys!
Daddy Daughter HUG!
Daddy Daughter HUG!
Watch Grow.
Watch Grow.
Still Keeping Us YOUNG:-)
Still Keeping Us YOUNG:-)
Lexie Too...
Lexie Too...
After All These Years and Weddings!
After All These Years and Weddings!
Mothers Angels and Best Friends.
Mothers Angels and Best Friends.

What It Takes To Become An Eternal Family...

Julie Beck, General Relief Society President, for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, recently had this to say to the women of the LDS Church,

"The responsibility mothers have today has never required more vigilance. More than at any time in the history of the world, we need mothers who know.

Children are being born into a world where they “wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12).1 However, mothers need not fear. When mothers know who they are and who God is and have made covenants with Him, they will have great power and influence for good on their children."

San Diego Temple... The House of the Lord. Many Blessings Have Come To Me From This Place...

What Do Mothers Who "Know", Do?

Although the world, in general, would see that which elevates a woman, to be that which the world would acknowledge... Women who know, are grounded deeply in the soil and foundation of the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These are the teachings, which give assurance to the work of which fathers and mothers are engaged.

Latter-Day-Saint Women, do not turn away from the world, in isolation, but they turn inward, to the heart of her family.... where she believes that she is most needed.

LDS people, emphasize the belief that families are eternal. What we do here and now - to teach, learn and develop these relationships, is of eternal consequence for our children and our entire family.

I feel blessed to know that my family will be with me throughout eternity. They are everything to us, my husband and myself... and truly, eternity would seem empty -- if not for the joy that it brings to us, in knowing that this love, that we have amongst one another - does actually continue beyond this mortal life...

Yes, to me - FAMILY is LOVE, in all its Many Splendors!

And so, today, on this Day of LOVE, I give thanks, for all of the love that each and everyone of my dear family members, as freely given to me.

I am a much better person, than I could have ever hoped to be; because of all that we have experienced thus far in our journey together.

Thanks be to God, for our families...




Mothers Day - Every Day We Are Mothers...

LdsNana's Update: May 08

Guess what? My number seven grandchild was born just a few weeks ago! I am so very happy that she is here and that mother and baby are both doing great! She is a jewel. Her name is Lilly, which was my sweet grandmother's name. I wanted to share this with my readers:-)

I love being a woman. I hope that you do too. The world would want to make women feel as though they have been cheated somehow. I have never fallen for that philosophy! Don't you either...

I just published a hub with quotes from LDS Leaders about motherhood. I hope you will read it - it is my gift to other women. What women do - is the most important work that we have... and it is not just about birthing children either.

Happy Mother's Day to all women! Every day is a day of "Mothering" for all women.




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