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Loveless Love

Updated on August 14, 2013

His heart ached like the soul of a

man who is about to die. He was a man

who had many from whom to choose

but he only wanted one in particular.

With sorrowful eyes, he’d watch her as

she’d stroll down the river and fill her

water pot. He’d secretly follow her to the

camp until she was safely inside her

father’s tent. During the late evenings,

he’d think about her while he absently

tossed rocks into the shallow waters

near his tent. With an air of despair, he’d

often wonder if she’d ever want to cast

her eyes upon him.

She was as beautiful as the morning

sun. Her hair was a luscious black which

trickled down her shoulders like crisp,

cool spring water. Her skin was a

tender, smooth brown, devoid of

imperfections. When she spoke,

soothing syrupy words oozed from her

dulcet lips. Oh, how her eyes gleamed

with delight! He found it difficult to

control his love when he thought about

her. Pained pulled at his soul like a

vicious predator. He had to speak to


* * * * *

On an evening when the heavens

were adorned with lovely lavender

ribbons, he came to sit beside her as

she filled her water pot beside the river. She

uttered not a word but, instead, she

gazed into the water. He watched her

until the pot was completely filled before

he gently removed it from her hands.

Astonished, she stared him in the face.

Placing the water pot on the ground with


tender care, he softly smiled and then

spoke to her.

“I am a lonely man.” She didn’t

respond. Nervously, he shifted beside

her and looked at the ground. Meeting

her eyes, he cleared his throat and

again spoke.

“I am not sure how to say this, but I

love you.” She appeared to be slightly

moved, however, she said nothing.

Disappointed, he spoke again.

“I throw myself at your feet,” He

paused. “Cannot you speak?” he

begged, his spirit fading.

“You say you love me but can you

show me?” she remarked. He nearly

fainted at the sound of her sweet voice.

“How can I show that my love is


“Only you can answer that.”

Retrieving her water pot, she walked

away and left him alone with his

thoughts. What could he do that would

be good enough to win her love? For

three sunrises and three sunsets, he

intensely thought.

* * * * *

On the night before the harvest

dance, he came to her by the river. She

would not allow her eyes to fall upon his


“There is nothing I wouldn’t do for

you.” he pleaded, holding his palms out

to her.

“You say this but, yet, you cannot

show me.”

“I would walk until there is no more

land beneath my feet--”

“Prove it.” she firmly stated, leaving

him. His heart fell to his feet in a

hopeless, suicidal plummet.

African soapstone heart
African soapstone heart | Source


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