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All That

Updated on July 30, 2014
I do not own this picture/image. All due credits to the owner and the source.
I do not own this picture/image. All due credits to the owner and the source. | Source

A Poem on First Love

Though You are There,

And I am Here,

But the Lovable Notes which

We Share,

The Beautiful Moments which

We Remember,

This is All That I Want to Last


Sometimes There is Love and


Hope and Despair,

These are the Times I Enjoy and


Not to Let Our Love Perish,

As All That Matters is You Care.

Either at Present or in Future,

Whether You Are Away or Near,

Now, You are in My Heart here,

Some will Hate Us,

And Some will Care,

This is All but Fate,

And Love is All That We Have to


-Charu Bhatnagar

This is a short but very old poem. I had written it when I was comparatively younger. I was only Twenty Years old then. Even though when you read this, you will find it very amateur, but still, it is indeed a very special poem for me. I was never ever going to share it with anyone. It was written by me for my first love, on our first Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, I could never show my poems to the one for whom I had written. I never planned to share it with any one else. but now, I thought maybe I can share it with my hub friends and other readers. Do tell me what you think about it.

© 2012 Charu Bhatnagar


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