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Lover Moon

Updated on November 7, 2012

When air is calm and silence blue,

I hear whispers of the golden moon.

He grins and waits, not far, not near

creeping in like a stalker,

that I pray to be here.

He watches me sleep

and stands by my bed,

never making a sound

no words are said.

He peeks as I lay there

watching me breathe,

and slowly climbs on me,

gently kissing my lips.

My body is anxious

as he brushes my thighs,

I am groaning with pleasure

as he wriggles inside.

I move up to meet him

with every deep thrust,

he fills me with moonlight

and dizzying lust.

I squirm all around him

in feverish trance

ecstasy takes me,

and makes my soul dance.

In his eyes I see it,

fires can not be tamed,

he warms me with potency

then lays across my bed.

He slips out through the window

as sun tiptoes inside.

I say, "Goodbye for now, my love"

He says, "Until tonight".

The sun is bright and shiny,

he warms me with his glow.

He is my second lover,

Just thought you'd like to know.


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