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Lover's Kiss, the song.

Updated on April 6, 2015

Lover's Kiss

By George Bogosian

Why do I see the stars and still don’t see the light?

Why is my integrity….. losing the fight?

Am I blinded….. by your lovely smile?

It makes my happy….. most of the while.

Comforting eyes, welcoming lips

I promise you a lover’s kiss.

Oh yea .

Two strong arms to hold you with

And a gentle heart that’s here to give.

oh yea.


I get these feelings raging in my heart

And I wonder if you’ll be doing your part.

I feel the way the poets talk about

All confused about love and doubt.

I look for questions but the answers are few.

I look away but I’m brought back to you.

I wait on time hoping it will show the way.

When you and I will have a brand new day.

It’s time for us to show rekindled love

It’s carried it on the wings of a thousand doves.

Comforting eyes, welcomimg lips

I promise you a lover's kiss.

(copyright 2010 by George Bogosian)

Lover's Kiss

George Bogosian "Tender Goodbyes" CD.
George Bogosian "Tender Goodbyes" CD.


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    • bigocean profile image

      George Bogosian 2 years ago from New England

      Lover's Kiss is a tune I wrote late one night while remember of times gone by. No alcohol or other substances were involved.