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Lovers of the Universe

Updated on March 9, 2016

Lover of Light

Light my love, I love you so much,

that my spirit starts glowing to your slightest of touch;

your smile is so bright, I can see it from afar,

it lights up my nights like a galaxy of stars,

your skin illuminates through my mind each day,

like a rainbow in my brain that never fades away;

I know I've told you many times, but I'll say it just for fun,

that the shape of your body is way hotter than the sun;

I know you'll always be there to brighten the dark,

because your love will always shine deep in my heart.

Lover of Joy

Oh Joy my love, no beauty compares,
to the twist and twirls and curls in your hair;
oh Joy you make my soul shiver with glee,
when you giggle so much just by being with me;
oh Joy your hugs are so warm and so deep,
a moment in your arms can feel like a week;
oh Joy you my leave me when my life's out of whack,
if I just keep my head up, your sure to come back;
oh Joy when I’m sad you make everything better,
I pray that your love keeps me smiling forever.

Lover of Darkness

Your skin is soft like a shadow,
and your hair is as black as a crow;
your eyes are empty like meadows,
when they peer deep into my soul;
your love is so vast and so steep,
I can lose myself inside forever;
your love make me scared and so weak,
and that's how I know we're together;
our love doesn't need to have any strict rules,
our love needs no kind of spark;
I know that I'll always have you,
if I always remain in the dark.

Lover of Nothingness

Darling I'm aware that your hearts completely empty,
And if I didn't know you, I would say that you resent me.
I know your hallowed heart, has potential to be filled
So I won't stop trying, till the day that it goes still.
No words can describe your beauty's flawless face,
While my eyes gaze upon thee, my minds a blank slate.
I want to delete the space between us and bring you and I together
Compared to you Nothingness, there is nobody better.

Lover of Destiny

It's a futile mission for me to be alone,
For the love that we share is surely etched in stone,
Even when we disagree, and I start to get annoyed,
The desire for your kiss is a truth I can't avoid,
Our fates are intertwined, so I won't ever leave,
I'll be forever yours, you are my Destiny.

Lover of Fear

I remember the first time I looked into your eyes,
That was when I first felt that shiver down my spine;
I knew that one day you'd be my demise,
My denial of you was nothing but a lie;
It terrifies me, to know your always there,
But I love you even more when you make me feel scared;
There's nothing more lovely then the terror in your sneer,
I'll be forever yours my beautiful Fear.

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