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Loves Questions

Updated on September 16, 2013
The Couple
The Couple

'How do you know I love you?'
'How do you know I care?'
I know when you drop everything
Just so you'll be there,

To help me in my darkest hours
And help me reach the light.
And how you bring me loving arms
Late into the night.

'How do you know the words I speak are not just empty air?'
I feel you love me in my heart
Your feelings you do share.

When you're at your lowest times,
You find my spirits light.
I hear you love me in your voice,
My heart hears it in the night.

'How do you know I love you by the things I write? That they are not Sweet Nothings noted by candle light?'

Your words resound within my heart. When read they touch my soul.
Within my heart I feel their meaning. Within them you share your goal,

That I might know of those things felt deep within your heart.
The pen can show much more than dealt as in a work of art.

'How do you know I love you by the things I do?'
'That they are not just a game to get me close to you?'

There are so may people out there that you see,
Yet You choose to spend your hours just to be with me,

Into the wee hours of the night we share are hearts till mornings light.
The pain the sorrow joy and tears. We learn to heal from past years.

'How do you know I love you by the things I see?'
'That they are not just visions of what I want you to perceive?'

Your smile and laughter brings me joy and even when you jest,
You bring to mind those things of beauty. A swelling in my chest.

I love you just for you. The truth is that it's felt,
In earth and sky, in universe. It resides in hearts that melt.

And when we are far apart and we cannot speak.
I feel a loss and linger for the next time we do meet.

I cannot sleep until I hear your voice at night it calls.
I cannot wake without you. It's not possible at all.

You fill my heart and soul and mind every minute of every day.
And no one till this day and time has filled my heart this way.

So indeed I hope this poem brings answers to you your questions.
Though I know that within your heart they truly need not be mentioned.

They are known to both of us and as the days go by,
Our love grows when far apart and when we're close nigh.

All I can say is I Love You! I know it in my being.
Sometimes our souls say it is true. Feeling is Believing!

Kari Shinal Copyright January 25, 2008


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    • Tuatha profile image

      Kari Shinal 4 years ago from Seligman AZ

      Thank You so much. I am pleased you have enjoyed it.

    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 4 years ago from Reno NV

      Well written poem of love. Thank you for sharing. Jamie