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Loving A Not So Perfect World

Updated on January 22, 2014

Not As Easy As It Looks

When each person is out for themselves

Clawing their way to the top

Stopping at nothing to see you crumble

Testing your patience and pushing all your buttons

For their own benefit and good

Not caring about others

They deserve their title

So selfish their the king of spoiled

Putting on an act

That covers their tracks

Like a wolf on the prowl

Turning a good day into madness

A wonderful time turned sad

Being down right mean

Hurtful words followed by aggressive boasting behavior

Cursing when the need arises

Their ultimate goal to be rich at any cost

Filled with such nonsense and a childish attitude

I feel my stomach churning

Lost without an answer

I walk away feeling my insides burning

I have to give my thoughts some time

But for now

Put some distance between them and their awful ways

As I think for myself without being controlled by their boldness

Taken back by their lack of interest

Having no pride

Disturbing as it may be

This is one day in the real world

The way it is not the way it has to be


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