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Lucifer's Angel

Updated on June 18, 2016

Lucifer's Angel ( Me).


Lucifer's Angel

Lucifers Angel
I am one of Lucifers Angels, Blasphemy Christ is King.
I had my first shot of heroine in rehab.
Pucked, I realised that was one of the substances that lead to death, rapidly.
Never had more than 3 lines of cocaine at a time, first attempt, I lay wake anxious, robbed my body of sleep for 3 sunsets.In total the i watch the sunrise consecutively for 12 nights that turned into day, I had an affair with coke on four occasions in my entire life.

I thought I was in love with Mary Jane Marijuana, smoked 8 to 12 joints a day for 17 years. Triggered my Bi Polar 1 mood disorder. I could have been a basket case. Yet God had plans for my life.

I cherished my scooter Poetic Hades drive her 40 kilometres a hour for 4 years.

I was reckless in and out of rehab 6 times, the banks repossed my dear Tazz it only had 18 000 kms, 2 years my dues to‎ my blacklisting I missed 3 payments I could not raise their 7000 rand, they snatched her from me, the scars of her memory still haunt me today, now I use the luxury and convince of a taxi to get from point a to d.

‎My short comings, the price of life is dear, and I learned one way or another you shall pay for what you owe.

I was never the most romantic, yet what I take to my grave I never cheated on any of the 59 girls I dated. I have never had sex, I guess I am just a sucker for love. The love of self at times is not enough.‎

I have had 7 really great jobs, took them for granted, I know the feeling of being unemployed only to well.

Yet I count my blessings, the lessons my unconditional relationships filled with compassion, yet to betray self is more painful, than any Ill thoughts a foe might have.

My nightmare is to marry a hoe.Who feeds on my insecurities, eroding my manhood. I want to pay for her hair, nails and shopping sprees if she thinks and treats me like her Knight. I will provide a cosy shelter ‎and go on holiday when time and circumstances allow.

Yet in reality, she thinks I am sweet, the perfect candidate to take for a ride.

My ideal dream to father off spring, which can Iive a lifestyle that motivates and encourages their heritage and social belonging.

Yet am I walking towards a brighter tomorrow?‎

Deeds reminisce, the tale of our efforts.

Lucifers Poet can a man ever honestly love one girl thorough out his days laced with glory.

God's Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Renascence Me Ncala ‎ ‎


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