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Lumiere Chapter 2- The Second Time

Updated on January 4, 2016

Chapter 2- The Second Time

I see her again now. After four years, she is standing in front of me again, doing exactly what she was doing all that time ago. Still laughing. Still beautiful. Still full of life. Still the same. But I am not the same anymore. I'll never be. That young, stupid and naive boy who thought he was in love with a girl by merely hearing her laugh is no more. So are all the stupid fantasies about love. And I am kinda glad that he's gone.

I'm not at all surprised that I still can recognize her. I never forgot her. But she of course doesn't even look at me. She doesn't even know me. I doubt if she even saw me before this. I don't blame her for anything. It's not her fault.

But I can change that by going to her. This is the perfect opportunity to talk to her, to tell her what I couldn't that day but I don't. I stare away from her, raise my chin and push past her, not looking back when she shouts. I can't look back without letting all those memories flow into my mind. All the memories I've been trying so hard to forget. I won't ever look back. The past is too painful.

Any guesses as to what might have happened with him?

Thanks for reading!



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