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Lumiere Chapter 3- Her Name

Updated on January 4, 2016

Chapter 3- Her Name

When I was a kid, I was attracted to all sorts of video games like all normal children do (Yes, I had an ordinary childhood but it does not take long for things to turn around). Being a small child, I did not have enough sense to understand that I should not throw tantrums for such useless plastic things, especially when we barely got enough food to eat.

I did all of that anyway, and my mother, being who she was started saving money to get me one. Not any Xbox, PSP or Wii or anything, just a small, cheap one. After cutting back on her needs for months, she finally had enough money. While she was on her way to the store, some dickhead stole the money. Instead of hiding it all from me, she told me everything. She made me understand why she couldn't buy me one now. When a frown set on my face, she surprised me by presenting me with books. Old, tattered, yellow paged, second hand books but at least they were something. Their appearance didn't matter to me, the words inside did.

I still have those books now. They're in a worse condition now, but as I said, I don't care. They're all I have left now.

All around me I see people mingling and talking to each other. They're all so loud. To avid anyone from coming up to me and talking, I take out one of my books from my bag and start walking as I read the same lines for over a thousandth time. Not the smartest thing to do, I know, but at that moment all I wanted to do was to avoid any communication with humanity. The rest didn't matter.

What I didn't know was that that exact action of mine would result in exactly what I was trying to avoid. I was so engrossed in the book in spite of the fact that I had already read it so many times before that I didn't notice the girl walking toward me.

As we both collide, the book falls out of my hands and falls to the ground while her phone (Which she was apparently engrossed in the way I was in my book) hangs in the air momentarily (till gravity pulls it down) and plummets to the ground. Before in can she reaches out and catches it. When I finally look at her, I realize that she's the same girl who I thought I was in love with. The same hair, same face... The odds...

She pulls it up to her chest and hugs it like a mother would hold her child and says, "Gosh! Are you okay, dude?"

"Talking to me or the phone?"

She narrows her eyes and stares at me for a moment before replying, "To my phone. Oh..and I remember you!" She exclaims.

My heart skips a beat as she says that. Wild hope races through me. She remembers me...

"You are the guy who pushed me yesterday!"

And there go all my hopes down the drain. Why do I even bother?

"Yeah, I am that guy." I reply and push past her again, wanting to end the conversation as soon as possible. She shouts, again and reaches out for my arm but someone calls out for her,

"Ava!" And she forgets all about me as she turns away to answer back.

Ava, is all I can think while I walk away. Ava.

Sooo, what do you think about their first conversation? Tell me!



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