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Lunar Seas and Moon Oil Jars

Updated on May 6, 2017

Jefe Rioletto X buys himself a Spaceboard.

He is able to surf through Space on his awesome Spaceboard. Excellent mobility.

Wago holds a Moon Concert. Over 143,983 people attend. Sophdual plays the drums and the congas.

September 12. A Dark Sun Eclipse occurs. Radvalom flies to the Moon in his Space Rocket.

Stankalanker finds two monkeys in the Topaz Jungle. He finds a Topaz Monkey and an Amethyst Monkey. He trains them as Warrior Pets.

White Starperson sees Clone Orphancoat V. Clone Orphancoat V has a Power Level of 1494. He is from Utah. White Starperson kills Clone Orphancoat V. Clone Orphancoat V's DNA has been eradicated from the Universe. The new Power Level is 28,883.

Perkycoat Reclone arrives to earth

in a spaceship. His Power Level is at a 1205. His Expiration Date is April 2017. He moves to Virginia. Virginia Surf.

Perkycoat Reclone Jr. arrives to earth in a spaceship. His Power Level is at a 986. His Expiration Date is June 2017. He moves to Virginia. Virginia Surf.

Perkycoat Reclone III arrives to earth in a spaceship. His Power Level is at an 893. His Expiration Date is June 2017. He moves to Virginia. Virginia Surf.

Hunky Clone only exists in Equipment Space Sector. His Power Level is 481. His expiration date is November 2017. He is highly motivated.

Hunky Clone is hooked

on Speed. Sometimes he takes cocaine. He is full of evil energy. Go, go, go. He is obsessed with fixing computers. He is sad because he has allowed Clone Orphancoat V to die. He was the bodyguard and protector of Clone Orphancoat V. He is pissed at White Starperson. He vows revenge on White Starperson for killing Clone Orphancoat V. He still loves women.

Hunky Clone tries his best to show up at any time he can. He always tries to start a fight with White Starperson. Hunky Clone loves doing dirty work. He kills innocent humans for no reason at all.

Someone must kill

Hunky Clone. He is doing all he can to keep White Starperson from finding the Topaz Pearl.

Adino Eznite hooks Wago up with 160,000 shekels to help him keep forming his Team of Knights.

Sabbath! :)

The computer games help lead humanity into perfection. Improving humanity is the aim. We've just received confirmation that the Zonian Nebula has been successfully destroyed. Good work, everyone.

In 2015, Beestmeel Bro was sacrificed.

Dewj Froth

Benaiah Knighterrant has to use the bathroom really bad. She has to take a piss. She finds a convenience store in House of Wheels. When she walks into the bathroom, it is set up like an office, bedroom, bathroom combination.

There's a closet.

It is the National Pick Pretty Flowers Day. Each person is required to take a picture of at least 1 pussywillow. Everyone has to pick flowers. The dogs wear dainty dresses.

There is a bed on the wall. Benaiah wants to change her clothes. Her clothes are dirty. There's piss everywhere on the wall. The piss is controlled by nanobots. The piss attacks. The piss is uprising against the beds and blankets. Benaiah hurries and tries to pick up the blanket. The piss from the bed flies up and the blanket flips up and splashes her in the face.

Paintball gun bullets are

shot on two dudes' clothes. They are laughing because the paint is emerald green. Very luminescent. Benaiah wants to take a shower to clean up the piss filth.

Benaiah's cousin accuses her of being stoned out of her gourd. Her other cousin yells out that there's a green alligator in the road.

Benaiah eats cookies

that are made of chocolate. They have a strawberry and cream cheese filling. They are delicious.

Benaiah's pants are down to her knees when she runs out of the bathroom.

Wago works for the railroad. Benaiah hardly gets to see him. Wago is part of a group of people who build railroads across the surface of the moon.

That way, just as was done in the

United States of America, travel can be made easier for others. Only one problem. Wago is just so busy. He's gone a lot of the time. Benaiah gets really lonely. They rarely sport. Wago and Benaiah have a bunch of kids. Benaiah never gets to see the kids, though. It's a pretty sad situation.

While at the South Pole, Wrest P finds two snow lions in the Topaz Icecaves. He finds a Topaz Lion and an Amethyst Lion. He trains them as Warrior Pets.

Classy Clad's May Experiences

Okay, so she talks to you again. That's cool. Only reply with one-word answers. That way, there's no way you can mess up. If you play your cards right, you and your ex-girlfriend will be back in bigtime love again.

Classy Clad's wife is totally impressed with him. She has one more thing for him to do. There are these horrible creatures named sheepoxles. They go and destroy her belongings. She doesn't know what to do.

Classy Clad thinks that the sheepoxles will be an easy kill. He feels that he can eradicate anything that has such a cute name as that. He asks his wife what she wants him to do with the sheepoxle corpses.

She wants him to be careful. She doesn't want him getting hurt. He's very talented. She doesn't want him to get killed. If he gets killed, she'll get 800,000 duckets off of his insurance policy. He thanks her for her kind words. He plans to vanquish the sheepoxles from his wife's territory. He will return to her and make her happy.

Classy Clad puts on head phones and listens to Frothic music. That way the sheepoxles can't drive him mad and possess his mortal soul.


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