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3 Life lessons to learn from Lydia's Party: A Novel by Margaret Hawkins.

Updated on November 21, 2016

Don't be pessimistic

I have always tried to live without any regrets in my life. What that looked like to me was as Sarah Kaye put very eloquently, walking around with my hands folded because walking around with my arms outstretched meant that although I was open to receiving good things, bad things would also land in my hands. This however meant that although I was avoiding the bad stuff I also was missing out on the good.

So I have learned in business or in my personal life it is necessary sometimes to not be a pessimist. To move out of the fold, take a risk, to walk with your arms outstretched and open wide in order to fulfill your highest potential. That does not mean that bad things wont happen or that there wont be any disappointments but there are higher chances of catching the good things.

Pursue your dream

Lydia's party, is a story about a lady called Lydia who was coming to the end of her life because of cancer. What really struck me about this book was the regret that she had because of all the things that she had not done, the career that she never fully pursued, the relationships that she never quite cultivated. Most of the regrets that she had were mostly about the things that she had not done.

This really made me think too of the dreams I haven't quite pursued, the business ideas that I should have pursued but didn't because I thought I didn't know enough or that it was a bad idea only to see someone else run with that idea and succeed.

Communication is key

It really struck me how all the friends at the party didn't quite know each other. All the different ladies were at various stations in their life and each of them tried to keep it secret from the rest of the friends. Lydia thought in her mind that she was expected by her friends to throw the party, that they would be disappointed if she didn't. It turns out that some of the friends turned up out of respect for Lydia but really didn't want to be there.

I found it is very important in life to not make decisions that adversely affect you for other people (I learned that the hard way). Maybe it might just be that the people you are going out of your way for really do not want you to go out of your way or expect you to. Communicating can really help in solving this problem so that you wont end up saying I gave up a lot for you or I did a lot for you (really though? no one asked you!)

Lydia's party was a great book that taught me many lessons and the ones I have written above are just some of them, and so on this day I encourage you to be cautious about being too cautious so that you don't come to the end of your life and look back with regret at all the things that you haven't done. For those who have read the book I would love to hear what lessons you learned please let me know by leaving a comment below.


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