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Lou Lou's Rescue

Updated on March 27, 2015

Meeting Romeo (The Dog)

Lynzee Lou loves her animals and everyday she makes sure they have food and water, along with the other care they need. Lynzee wakes bright and early to tend to her pets so that way they would not have to wait all day for her, of course as you know animals cannot do for themselves and rely on us to take care of them.

Let's introduce you to Lynzee Lou's pets and some of her other animal friends.

This is Romeo her pet dog. Romeo is mostly an outside dog but on special occasions he gets to spend the night inside. Lynzee Lou may not get to keep her canine (dog) friend inside all the time, but he still requires the same love and attention. When Lynzee first got Romeo as a puppy; a whole eight weeks old. You should never take a puppy away from it's mother anytime before this age. A puppy needs the mother's milk to help it grow. Once she adopted Romeo there was a large list of things she needed to do to make sure he was properly taken care of.

A Trip To The Veterinarian

At the Vet Clinic, Romeo must go through a series of test to make sure he is healthy; a lot like you when you were a baby. Then he received his first set of puppy shots; there is usually a set of three or four shots during the first year. He was dewormed, and then Lynzee and her father made the decision to have the vet Neuter Romeo. Having your pet spayed or neuter is very important when you don't want your dog having puppies themselves. It also saves those future puppies from becoming unwanted and dumped in shelters.

Another important decision she made was to have Romeo Micochipped. Microchips are placed under the skin of the dog with your information downloaded so that way if your pet is to become lost or stolen then found by the police or a vet clinic they can scan for the chip and find your information and contact you and reunite you with your pet.

After the vet completed everything needed Lynzee was given a set of tags and a certificate of good health, and a shot record that showed Romeo was up-to-date with his shots for the moment but he will have to return for future shots.

Before going home Lynzee Lou and her father stopped by their local pet store to pick up things Romeo would need. She bought him a collar and leash so that Lynzee would be able to walk him. He also would need a crate to sleep in; even though Romeo is an outside dog now, he was crate trained as a puppy for those times when he does stay in the house; such as when it's really cold or raining a lot, he won't have any potty accidents. They then picked up him a food and water dish along with dog feed. And at last they found him a puppy bed for his crate and à few puppy chew toys.

Raising a new puppy when you are starting out isn't cheap but is worth every dime in the long run.

Note For The Parents

When considering a dog as a family pet, please remember a few things. Any animal is a lifetime commitment. Be sure to discuss the decision first with your whole family. Make sure you can financially afford the pet and have the home needed for his/her well being. Also before you go out and spend large amounts of money for a dog. PLEASE PLEASE go to your local animal shelter and consider adopting a dog. Most shelters charge a small adoption fee and that fee usually goes towards nuetering and rabies shots. These animals deserve a FOREVER HOME as much as any other.

You can always go online, to your local vet clinic, and even to the library for plenty of research on your future pet. Certain breeds of dogs will need special feed, some can't handle certain temperatures. No dog is born aggressive it is all in the way they are raised. I am a firm believer in this I have been raised around many breeds of dogs due to the fact my parents bred dogs and we also owned a pet store where I personally received first hand experience with animals. As well as attending college where I received a diploma in Veterinarian Assistance.

Miller's family dog (Lacey) rescued 2 years ago.
Miller's family dog (Lacey) rescued 2 years ago. | Source


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    • profile image

      Alexavier 3 years ago

      A minute saved is a minute eanerd, and this saved hours!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      I agree that raising a puppy can be expensive and people should consider this factor prior to adopting a pet. We have always picked up our pets from a shelter. We have always enjoyed giving a lost or forgotten cat/dog a home.

    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 3 years ago from Hawaii

      This is a lovely hub, Amanda. And really nice advice at the end.