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Mistakes ~ Forgiven by the Cross

Updated on November 13, 2022
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Our life stages are unique. Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

Paper can have great meaning or not

Paper is paper unless meaning given unto HIM ~       ~ ripped or not it is mended by His grace~
Paper is paper unless meaning given unto HIM ~ ~ ripped or not it is mended by His grace~


Heart splitting as the paper’s torn,

For how little pain we know.

Left in tears of promises,

Covert bonds are surly blows.

Anger rips in mindless thought,

See the stain life fall apart.

Thinking hard in naked flesh,

A consequence of the human quest.

Pain is relative to growth,

Emotion will accompany.

Whether shielded by a mask,

The brain will struggle selfishly.

One that feeds the wrong direction,

Stunted, stifled, stagnant place.

Fighting midst the lost connection,

Wires frayed and slapped a face.

The flesh you whither in the battle,

Breaking under scrutiny.

Seeing clearly in the mirror,

The shocking grave of deity.

Idol is as seen within,

Lost inside this introspection.

Giving way to heart connected

To the pureness of perfection.

Losing hold of the living word,

Nearing cliff and unaware.

Surrender to transfiguration,

He will catch the sinners there.

Turning back to Trinity,

Rely upon the three in one.

Let go of futile narcissism,

Grace, for sin and it is done.

Expected slip how you have bitten,

As to slither with the snake.

Now finished and forgiven,

No longer guilty of mistakes.

Mis-takes & Re-takes

Mistakes or Missed Takes. It is all how we look at it. In life, we have many takes and re-takes if we could look at life's relationships similar to our selfies on our phones. People tweak and edit and make it look better. They change the pose, add a filter, and change the hue. Why not apply this same process to our mistakes in life? View them, and tweak and edit ourselves to make them better. Filter our thoughts and judgments to be more pure and compassionate.

Here is a thought: what if we gave our mistakes the same attention we give our staged selfies? We need to fix the problems and make the perfect look. Do the work to heal the missed take, and do a re-take. Start with one positive thought and goal and build on it. Believe in the possibilities that can come from growing in circumstance. Imagine yourselves being the healing change needed to move forward to a land of newness and growth.

Blessing by this expectant yet soft song from Young Oceans, entitled “Come Holy One”:

Hasten now, O loving Lord, to us
We’re thirsty
Fill these souls, Spirit, every hour
We need Thee

Come, come, Holy One
Come to meet us
All, all for Your glory
Lord Jesus

Lead us on the perfect path, O Lord
And may we sin no more
This spotless bride, the Church
Is Yours

I am Yours
Only Yours
We are Yours
Only Yours

© 2013 Kathy Henderson


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