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MPs,mostly prats

Updated on November 9, 2015

Parasites and cockroaches.

The only people I trust less than Jack the Ripper. At least he was answerable technically for his crimes,MPS never seem to be.

MPS, mostly prats
Tony Blairs MPs ,in the news again
Problems mounting up,for the residents of number ten
Each time his MPs go off on the ran dan
That's when the proverbial,hits the fan
What can he do,he's sacked quite a few
For being stupid,when their antics turn blue
They are patronising,accomplished liars
They think they're untouchable,immune to the fires
Cabinet reshuffles,musical chairs
Making major mistakes,as if they don't have any cares.
Is it time to stand down,get out of the race
So he can't get anymore egg on his face
I sometimes feel sorry,I sometimes laugh
When his second in charge,does another gaff.
No wonder they're hated,you know you can't trust
Turn your back briefly,they'd steal your crust
Nest of schemers,I loathe them all
I wait like all the others,for the inevitable fall.

Trust issues.

mps lie and cheat everyday in their life

they wonder why their actions cause so much strife.

they try hide their sins,hope no one will tell

all leads to the inevitable ,and telling bad smell.

cheating expenses,trying to make a fast buck

usually they catch themselves out,end of their luck.

Lording it up.

a new system needs inventing

to sort these liars out

make them accountable properly

trust would return I have no doubt

not the lack lustre investigations

they're subject to now

trying to tie the strings

of the endless public cash cow

First impressions

first impressions mean a lot to me,I'm a good judge of character usually.unfortunately MPS are a breed of people I cannot warm to.each time I speak to one of them,I only think to myself ,what's this guy trying to skin me for now.they're never selfless like the small proportion of the public we all admire.they would need to do something pretty amazing for me to respect one of them.even if they did,I would still suspect they were working an angle for themselves.

Could do better.

looking at your local MP

they don't inspire trust

only interested in personal gain

in their own money lust.

endless,treachery,greed and theft

leaves public emotions,totally bereft.

£120 a day.

all this cash paid daily

for sitting a seat

listening to each other's wind

bleating like a sheep.

lording over all,that they seem to purvey

shouting at each other

desperate to have their say.


half wits,idiots,sheisters,clowns

their lives are chaotic,seem to be more downs.

always on the edge of normal everyday life

stab the public in the back,with the monetary knife.

as long as they make out of it

they care about nothing more

leaving public confidence

inevitable very sore.

Long way to go.

after recent years ,and all the MPS scandals in the press.they have the unenviable task of trying to restore public confidence in them.a mammoth task to which I see only a huge long road that personally I don't see them ending.i think too much scandal has passed by the public to ever see them restored to any semblance of respect.


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