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Updated on October 19, 2009

Find The Cost of Freedom?

The muse is true

I speak to you

grace abounds in the fervent hearts of the lost

despairing, shelter-less, in the ideological frost

the bloodletting ,and in kind

dark interiors of mind,

splinter caravans of self doubt,

spinning secular sarcasm that protrudes,

illusions miring the mind with

perplexing puzzles that delude,

velvet words she utters without cost,

calling the innocent and the lost,

invoking the childhood dream that was once

swept away in the voice of the majorities scream,

Humility opens her hands

inviolate of temperate sands

to the rich and poor

for those seeking entry

she opens her door

no rhyme nor reason

original she remains, through the winds

and rains,

of all four seasons,

enter all whom shake and shrill and

abide in the warm even glow of humility's triumphant will..




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  • regality profile image

    regality 7 years ago from Iloilo City, Philippines

    hi there. nice poem. who's the Muse are you referring too? =p

    just curious ;)

  • Shalini Kagal profile image

    Shalini Kagal 7 years ago from India

    Absolutely wonderful! 'invoking the childhood dream that was once swept away in the voice of the majorities scream' - my favourite line!

  • tantrum profile image

    tantrum 7 years ago from Tropic of Capricorn


  • profile image

    Am I dead, yet? 7 years ago

    Michael, this was so beautiful to read. I am with ralwus, your words are so choice! The image is stunning as well. I love art, and the words just added to the joy of reading your work. So original in style. Well done!

  • profile image

    kim 7 years ago

    One of my favorites. I look forward to your book.

  • profile image

    ralwus 7 years ago

    Ahh, love the metaphoric rhyme and choice of words you used for sweet liberty the muse. 'enter all whom shake and shrill and abide in warm even glow of humility's triumphant will.'My favorite line. Come to my shore,to America, and have freedom of speech. That's my take on it. Nice job, CC

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