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Macbeth Temptation

Updated on May 16, 2011

The Predictions

Macbeth was first tempted when three witches made three predictions. The predictions were that he would become Thane Of Cawdor, and King Of Scotland and Banquo's (his friend) descendants would become kings. However , what Macbeth had to do to become the King Of Scotland was a sin, he had to murder King Duncan during his stay at Macbeth's castle. Macbeth felt guilty about killing King Duncan because at the banquet, Duncan complemented him on how good and brave a soldier Macbeth was.

Macbeth's wife is in charge

Macbeth thought “Why should I kill him he is a good King?”. Macbeth changed his mind, he decided not to kill Duncan, but his wife, Lady Macbeth called him a coward if he didn't do this awful deed. Lady Macbeth pressurized him into killing Duncan and said that he wouldn't be called a man if he didn't see this murder through.

She thought that this murder meant nothing and once it was finished everything would be completely normal again. Lady Macbeth wrapped her husband,Macbeth, around her little finger and manipulated him until he gave in. He obviously did not want to disappoint his wife. Macbeth should have stood strong and stood up to Lady Macbeth but he did not.



When Macbeth was about to kill Duncan, Lady Macbeth said “ Look like the innocent flower, yet be the serpent under it”. Macbeth used a dagger to kill Duncan. When he had killed Duncan Macbeth came to his wife, still holding the dagger, with blood all over his hands. Lady Macbeth, sly and evil, took the dagger from Macbeth's hands and planted it on the sleeping guards. But even though Lady Macbeth washed and dried Macbeth's hands thoroughly he still imagined he could see blood on his hands. The guilt haunted him!

What goes around comes around

As my Dad would say “Chickens will always come home to roost”. This is his way of saying what goes around comes around.

In the end Macduff killed Macbeth, because Macbeth murdered Macduff's wife and children. After Macbeth is killed Malcom, Duncan's son became King.

My own temptation

I have come across temptation many a time. Lent is a brilliant example, I tried to give up sweets and chocolate. I only lasted a day! The thought of not having chocolate or sweets made me weak!

We all have something that tempts us. When I buy lemon bon bons and offer one to my Dad he says no because when he starts he just can't stop. So I am glad he mostly says no and that leaves more for me!


My own version of the witches chant

Witch 1: Throw in a double cheeseburger and a babies thumb.

Witch 2: A wither'd chicken and a drop of rum.

Witch 3: A queen bee in a syrup sauce.

Witch 1: But don't forget about an eye of crocodile of course.

All together: Double, double, toil and trouble

fire, burn and cauldron bubble.

Witch 2: A tail of a cat,

Whiskers off a rat,

Take the lemons sour,

A unicorns power,

Witch 3: A zebra stripe,

A juicy banana perfect and ripe,

Eye of a monkey,

Legs of a donkey

All together: Double, double toil and trouble

Fire, burn and Cauldron bubble.

Maybe if I say this often enough next Lent I might be able to resist temptation!

Study Aid

We started reading Macbeth in school a few weeks ago and I decided to write this  hub to help me understand the story and make it easier to revise when it comes to a test.

I hope you like it. If you have any tips or anything else you want to add to help me understand it more please write it in the comments. Thanks.


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