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Made a Century--thanks to all my hubbing friends!

Updated on January 27, 2015

Today, I am writing the 100th hub of my account. Feeling good since, never scored a 100 in my lifetime. Yes, you heard it right. I have been an above average kid in school and scoring a 100 was out of question for me. I blamed it on my genes, while my parents blamed me for being careless.

Anyways, this journey of hubbing has been wonderful. I learnt so much from such prolific writers that I don't know where to start off with. But, would like to extend my THANK YOU to ALL my INactive/Active followers who have taught me in their own special way and have helped me inspire in various ways!

My mention for these writers is based on my followers pages. There is no ranking given to any of them. All are unique in their own special way...Thank you!

Thank you--A Haiku

Expression of thanks,

Difficult to put across;

Bow in gratitude.

There is so much ethnicity on our planet and saying THANK YOU in many languages is fun.

Below Thank you's have been taken from:

  • AD123--Wliwni ni

  • ghosht--Shukran

  • Rebecca E.-- Áshood

  • bayareagreatthing--Gui lah hui te ha

  • sexeducationnow--Shukriya

  • Kimberly Bunch--Kanobi

  • courtney_neal-- Seé

  • MakeMoneyGoal--Grazias

  • indian cooking--Dhaniyawaad. Your cooking tips are used in my kitchen too.

  • richtwf--Ahókacira. Your poems have so much depth and intensity.

  • maheshpatwal--Shukriya

  • Clair2010-- Bïyan bolzïn

  • becca storer--Kano

  • soumyasrajan--Shukran. Your hubs are like spices, where each have a flavor

  • lex123-- Meda wo ase. Variety in your hubs, love it!

  • soni2006--Grazias

  • libby101a--Ashoge

  • Fenixfan--Merci

  • the clean life--El-hamdullah. Proud of your determination to stay clean & sober!

  • kaltopsyd--Basima

  • saket71--Basimeh. Your topics are very interesting.

  • MikeSyrSutton--Ahíyi'ee

  • msorensson--Sh'norhakal em. Your hubs are powerful and speak for themselves.

  • daydreamer13--SaHHa. Your profile name depicts the type of hubs you write...very dreamy and wonderful.

  • James A Watkins--Mesi. Your hubs speak volume since there is so much depth in it. Hope it can help create a revolution, for the better!

  • SilentReed--Faleminderit

  • Five One Cows--Ihe edn. Was there for one heck of a party!!

  • CMerritt-- Ahókacira. Your hubs are engaging and full of debate!

  • PankaJ Gehloach--Multsãnjescu

  • remaniki-- Alíila. love your style of writing.

  • MR.POINT OF VIEW--Juu goor maniSh. your views matter!

  • avalencia_25--Matiosh chawe.

  • fucsia -- Nasima. Aloha to One dreamer from another dreamer :)

  • JLSB--Blagodarya

  • dwaynehood--Orio muno

  • Just Ask Susan-- Mercès. Any concern, just gotta ask Susan. Love your insights in various topics.

  • barbergirl28--Gràsce. Got blown away by your determination to do Xbox training for 90 days!

  • Dr. Amilia-- Akeva. Your informative hubs are always treasured!

  • noetic--Orio muno. You have interesting hubs!

  • Jangaplanet--Si yuus maasi. Smitten by your hub of swallowing spiders and other myths.

  • 6hotfingers3--M goi nei sin. You have interesting topics to hub upon.

  • sebusharma--Shukria

  • jeyaprakash84-- Matiosh chawe. Interesting topics!

  • shirishkoid--Uan tabuan. Interesting and thought provoking hubs!

  • Alhamora--Mersi dit

  • azure_sky--Maraba. Interesting hubs!

  • gauri1234--Bóg zaplac

  • akulkarni1234--Chezu tinbade

  • keepitnatural--Matiosh chawe.

  • Claudin_Dayo--Uan tabuan

  • POULOMI DUTTA-- Blagodarya. Interesting hubs :)

  • sangeetas627--Doh je sin. Fascinating hubs!

  • toknowinfo--Mnogo blagodarya

  • MonaVieAileen--Chezu ba

  • Cleanclover-- Boche'. Would love to read more of your captivating hubs.

  • Sam9999--Mnogo blagodarya

  • H P Roychoudhury-- Hvala. You are such a wonderful writer.Wishing you joy and peace!

  • heysmarty0-Orio muno

  • brightforyou--Uan tabuan

  • lisa42-- Ngua tsaa xlay'be hii. Your hubs are fascinating!

  • MakeEasyCash--Si yuus maasi

  • Ashantina-- Uninang. Miss your recent hubs, hope you publish more of your good work!

  • blake4d-- Bakhshish

  • Santoshwrites-- Sa-aun

  • Nan Mynatt-- Tirja. You are a dynamic lady and it reflects on your hubs!

  • RealHousewife--Dank je. I am lucky to have met a person who knows how to balance her life amidst her hubs and her pedro!

  • Peaceful life-- Neseke

  • Shalini Kagal--Pounsikou. You have amazing hubs and look fwd to them!

  • HartMurengu--Mersi

  • Anjili--Thenks

  • htodd--Ic þancas do

  • Ruzica--Jamayá acuá

  • daffodil2010--Snachalhya

  • marketingskeptic-- Kije

  • Dexter Yarbrough--E na ce nu we. Your white house hubs are engaging..keep them coming Dex :)

  • always exploring--A special thanks, Ruby! You are a gem of a person! Wishing you always joy, my friend!

  • smcopywrite--Ablo

  • LuisEGonzalez--Tankje wol

  • Jalapeno10--Vinaka sara vakalevu

  • YouWontUpload.Com-- A jaaraama

  • Idude607-- Fafetai

  • thevihari-- Àayyá

  • kennynext-- Aitih

  • neeleshkulkarni--Dank schön. Your comments are have so much depth that it adds value to my hubs. Thank you!

  • ThePracticalMommy--Syaabaas. Love your practicality towards life and it shows in your hubs how smart a woman you are!

  • Maira Khan-- Aabhar

  • thefundu-- Syaabaas. Your hubs sure are Fundu :)

  • jpcmc--Kali' sso'rta-ssu

  • vocalcoach--Gmadlob. Your inclination towards music is contagious and I have learnt a lot from your interesting hubs!

  • xanzacow--Kaen se !tau

  • shimla-- Ga'

  • Hampy-- Mahalo

  • lilibees-- Háw'aa

  • tsmog-- Shukram

  • K. Burns Darling-- Ti-jiawen. Your hubs have a passion for life. Love it!

  • Midtown Girl-- Imena

  • downpourofwords-- C'ac'naamal yaan

  • jagandelight-- Imela

  • KateWest-- Ilakasugotia. Love your hubs!

  • Attention Getter--Dios ti agngina

  • bheem-- Agyamanac unay

  • M.N.Kassier--Salamat

  • Felixedet2000--Terima kasih

  • epigramman--Pam parios. Do I need to say anything for Epi, THE man!

  • Reena Daruwalla-- Murromboo. Miss your interesting hubs, Reena!

  • mrpooper-- Munchas gracias. You love to laugh and share this infection with us :)

  • saif113sb-- Khawp jai lai lai

  • WriterDJ--Aw bon uija

  • SusieQ42-- Nda pandula. Love the various insights in your hubs!

  • dilipchandra12-- De gra. Interesting and thought provoking hubs!

  • uczen-- Pilamaya aloh

  • Sun Pen 50--Thank you!

  • LouMacabasco-- Develpai

  • BethanyLynn211-- Mèsi plen

  • Nelma-- Tenkey

  • Eiddwen-- Gratia. Your poems are enticing...keep them coming!

  • searchlurch9-- Kulo maluhlap

  • Movie Master--Lesley, your hubs are your personality always wow me! Thank you!

  • rikabothra--Dhanyawaada

  • Nadeeshan301-- Pilamaya ye

  • SunnyJay--Hi SunnyJay, Wishing you peace and joy Always! Thank you for your precious comments!

  • movingfinger-- Maiteka

  • chspublish-- Ujanamok. Wishing you always joy and peace, my friend!

  • AUPADHYAY--Xie xie. Your hubs are thought provoking!

  • sanathara-- Chaltu

  • PDXKaraokeGuy-- Koutai. Justin your hubs speak volume. Keep it coming!

  • Field-Of-Flowers-- Toa chie. You touch people's heart by your enticing hubs!

  • Mr. Happy-- Traeltu. Mr. Happy, your hubs speak volumes of your personality. Keep it coming!

  • makusr--Dhanyawaad. Your ever enticing comments and your hubs speak volumes of the talented person you are!

  • Kawaljit kaur--Al ning bara. I am glad to have found a talented hubber/friend!

  • Brian Anderson-- Krasia may

  • onandon--Sauha gölö

  • ubanichijioke-- Thank yu. Glad to have found you amidst this big hubbing world. You are talented and your hubs showcase it.

  • Beata Stasak-- Xoasi. Your hubs showcase the talent you have within you. Keep it coming!

  • rajan jolly-- Ke a leboga. Your informative hubs speak volumes of the knowledge you have!

  • Hunbbel Meer-- Minkari

  • mathewssense-- Gran mersi

  • Anjili-- Minmonchar

  • Sunshine625-- Ke itumtese. Linda, you are a terrific lady besides being a good writer, you rock lady!

  • thelyricwriter--Hvala lepa

  • writer20--Ke a leboga. Your hubs are terrific/poetic. I always love visiting them since, they have the depth and that portrays the personality you possess!

  • abhi_bangal-- Sha ja

  • qlcoach-- Thenk ye. You sure are THE coach. Your hubs rock!

  • Imogen French--Marahaba. love your hubs!

  • Faceless39-- Tapadh leat. A great writer. I love visiting your hubs!

  • My Digest--Thank you!

  • shampa sadhya-- You always have such beautiful and thought provoking hubs. Thank you!

  • Aceblogs--Dioka ndjiale

  • teodosye-- Ke a leboga

  • rai2722-- Sha sha

  • mckbirdbks--Ke a leboga

  • Shanaaya-- Soekoeria

  • Lorenzo27-- Gaantángí fii

  • JJ Windrose-- Birepo. Love the variety in your hubs!

  • Vinaya Ghimire-- Shukria. I have envisioned Nepal through your hubs, Thank you!

  • letizia-- Miigwech

  • NotSoPerfect-- Dankeschee

  • AureliaMilani-- Danki

  • Earth 101-- Mahad sanid. We seem to have same kind of consciousness. Peace & Light!

  • Kewl-- Litumezi

  • Chaya Parmessur--Ngiyabonga. Yoga and Chaya kinda relate to me. I am a big fan of yoga and love to read your various insights.

  • gailalovesbijou--Muchas gracias. Traveling insights from your hubs are enticing. would love to read more of your work!

  • Fellow Mumbaite-- Jag tackar. You have interesting topics :)

  • praveenanand04-- Salamot

  • stephhicks68-- Mersi

  • CMCStudio--Nyeahweh

  • Injured lamb-- Kolaval. You have interesting hubs!

  • arusho-- Mersi. A talented landscaper and it depicts in your hubs!

  • sankari.nayagam-- Quyanaghhalek. Love how you play with words, your style is unique.

  • JenJen0703-- Guishepeli

  • truthfornow--Siyabonga

  • dipsmi-- Ngiyabonga ka khulu. Your hubs are awesome!

  • Neha Sadana--Yuscotoya

  • Ruchi Urvashi-- Fofo. Your interesting hubs in finance have helped me gain an insight into it.

  • claptona-- Guishepeli. You have interesting hubs!

  • trecords0--Choshklenteco.

  • angela p--Choshcwleno'

  • anglnwu--Igamsiqanaghhalek. You have the POWER with words!

  • Don Bobbitt--Quyanaghhalek. Your insight into electronics is fascinating.

  • rambansal-- Ngiyabonga. Deep and profound knowledge and yet grounded.

  • Ramsa1--Choshkleno'

  • thumbi7-- Guishepeli. loved your mantra of sharing!

  • speed-manifesting-- Yuscotoya. Ancient knowledge put together well in your hubs!

  • Zubyre--Siyabonga

  • bruzzbuzz--Yuscotoya

  • ahorseback-- Dishklenle. You play well with words!

  • sunkentreasure--Choshklenteco. Great Poet

  • Scarface1300--Guishepeli

  • Deborah Brooks-- Quyana. Debbie, your poems are beautiful. I am lucky to get your insights in my hubs!

  • cebutouristspot-- Choshklenteco

  • Yaduvanshi-- Dishkleno. You have interesting hubs!

  • aliciaharrell-- Spasibo

  • Ghaelach--Merbani

  • sholland10-- Qaqaasakuq

  • paulynice roldens-- Nihei deebiru

  • rutley-- Jocolawal

  • ITcoach-- Tokhoyak

  • Rachel Richmond-- Nifee deebiru. We tend to share the same vibes. A pleasure to have found ya!

  • CapstoneTrends-- Qaqaasakuq

  • mrjazzyjuice13-- Fakafetai

  • a2zadda--Ois botik

  • Seek-n-Find-- Tokhoyak

  • KBEvolve--Malo te ofa

  • Cordelia July-- Ndo livhuwa

  • tarajeyaram-- Dyakooyu. Tara you always entice me with your wonderful hubs!

  • mary615-- Rakhmat. Mary one dreamer to another...cheers!

  • everythingdazzles--Wo bai-kay-way. Your dazzle like you :)

  • mathira--Danyavad. Your hubs portray elegance and poise just like your pix.

  • rameshwaram-- Tokhoyak

  • rlaha--Tashakkur. Rani you are peppy and your hubs speak for it.

  • Poetic Fool--Merbani. Your poems are fantastic!!

  • Sudhi Raj Verma--Malo te ofa

  • Maximizer-- Spasibo

  • gregas--Qagaasakung

  • raciniwa-- Towayak. Racin, always a pleasure to exchange insights on various topics..cheers!

  • ExoticHippieQueen-- Moltes gracies. Your hubs are as exotic as your name :)

  • Victoria Lynn-- Nifee deebiru. Vicki, your hubs are excellent and it is always a pleasure to get your insights on various issues.

  • Sunnie Day-- Rakhmat. Sunnie, my day brightens when I see that smile and your beautiful comments.

  • AudreyHowitt-- Moltes gracies. Audrey, you are a very talented person and it's a pleasure to exchange views on various topics!

  • Perspycacious-- Qagaasakung. You are a talented soul.

  • waleeds-- Rähmät sizgä

  • jeyaramd-- Ukhani. Your hubs are as intelligent as you! speaks volumes of you!

  • FrugalandFab-- Fakafetai

  • Escobana-- Qaqaasakuq

  • amymarie_5-- Ndi a livhuha. You are an amazing writer, yourself!

  • Anishpat--Jocolawal

  • Silent hurricane-- Dyakooyu

  • mann101955-- Tograyock

  • missolive--Nifee deebiru. Your hubs speak volumes and the forum you started helped spark a creativity bug in me..thanks!

  • Frank Atanacio-- Tograyock. Frank, your hubs are scary yet, keep reading them. You have a way with your an amazing writer...cheers!

  • freelanceauthor-- Dyakooyu

  • Simplicity4All-- Malo te ofa

  • Capedium-- Fakafetai

  • kenneth avery-- Salamat

  • iguidenetwork--Qagaasakung

  • holdmycoffee-- Rakhmat

  • ishwaryaa22-- Spasibi. always look fwd to reading your awesome hubs!

  • Patti Ann-- Danyavad. Love your hubs too!

  • Ardie-- Ippe nihei deebiru. Proud to be your follower as well!!

  • Joelipoo- Tokhoyak

  • radicalmovements-- Tokhoyak

  • sashas89-- Spasibo

  • mahua sengupta-- Malo te ofa. Good to always hear your insights on my hubs!

  • elle64--Danyavad

  • Jaspals-- Moltes gracies. You have interesting hubs and good to get your insights into my hubs!

  • John Sarkis--Dyakooyu. John, you have interesting hubs and always a pleasure to get your insights.

  • Cammiebar-- Tograyock

  • how-to-make-- Malo te ofa

  • MsKejci--Wo bai-kay-way

  • Millionaire Tips-- Merbani. Shasta, an incredible writer!

  • Fennelseed-- Malo te ofa. Interesting hubs,Annie. It's a pleasure to always hear from you. Wishing you joy!

  • tylermckinnon-- Spasibi

  • Wallabies RWC15-- Malo te ofa

  • Momma Mia--Qagaasakung. Your style is unique and it's seen in your hubs!

  • BlossomSB-- Tograyock

  • shimmering Dawn-- Tau. Shalom, your style is distinct and I love it!

  • shape_shifter-- Fakafetai

  • ripplemaker-- Merbani. You always create a ripple with your hubs!

  • Swetankraj--Tashakkur

  • billips-- Nifee deebiru

  • skinsman82000--Tashakkur

  • Lady_E--Tograyock. Lady_E you have a unique style with your hubs! love it!

  • ThoughtSandwiches-- Ndo livhuwa. Thomas, your hubs are unique and always a pleasure to read your insights!

  • Anamika S-- Merbani. Your style is unique, my friend!

  • Daisy Mariposa--Nihei deebiru. Daisy, you are fun to follow. Your quizzes on geography are so informative esp. for a person like me who still has to figure out her north, south, east and west and gets lost while driving. My GPS is my best

  • TheHoleStory-- Tokhoyak

  • tammyswallow-- Qagaasakung. Loved your jewelry making from scrap unique yet simple. always a pleasure to exchange insights on each other's hubs!

  • peoplepower73--Batz'i kolaval. Your RSS feeds hub was so insightful.

  • thougtforce--Tashakkur

  • Jennifer Essary-- Shukriya. Feels good to share the same dream...cheers!

  • Nell Rose--Ippe nihei deebiru. Ah! Nell, your pix is so poised and so are your hubs, very informative. Wishing you laughter and happiness!

  • leenamartha-- Towayak

  • nityanandagaurang--Malo te ofa. Nitya, your hubs are insightful. a delight to read them!

  • web-tools-- Batz'i kolaval

  • theking2020-- Qagaasakung

  • Tara Anderton-- Chettirdim

  • daisynicolas-- Rähmät sizgä

  • TMApsey-- Gracies

  • alocsin-- Baraka. Your online bingo hub was superb! Awesome writer!

  • Cloverleaf-- Hvala. Your energy and charisma portray on your hubs! Always a delight to hear from ya!

  • Lesleysherwood-- Ho trugarekaat.

  • fpherj48--Tangkiu. Our Karma's brought us together!

  • kaliskadavis-- Hvala

  • sweetguide--Ozasro dhanyabad

  • sonia05--Ho trugarekaat

  • Haunty-- Uninang

  • albertsj--Orio muno. Jacy, interesting hubs!

  • Curiad--Ozasro dhanyabad. Thanks for such an interesting topic...


  • frankspot--Thank you!

  • Emma Harvey--Dhanyawaad!

  • SEO_Vishal--shukriya!

  • onecaps--thank you!!

  • gregoriom-- Tangkiu

  • Cyndi10-- Gràsce

  • lamaudraleigh-- Baraka

  • Leafy Den-- Maraba

  • alisha4u--Thank you!

  • BWD316--shukriya!

  • Trsmd--Gracious!!

Phew! I never worked so hard on any hub before. But, as they say that if you gonna ace something, gotta work hard. :)

I did the same!

Thank you all and may the near future of hubbing be bright for all.



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