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Magic in Manhattan - Books About Rachel Weinstein

Updated on July 1, 2013

Sarah Mlynowski and Rachel Weinstein

Sarah is an author who writes both for young population and for adults. She started her carrier writing adult books, but after some time, she has created Rachel Weinstein, the main character of her Magic on Manhattan series.

I have to say that I absolutely love Rachel, and reading about her adventures was very funny. Rachel is smart and a good person, but she is also pliable and immature like any other fourteen-year-old girl.

She will understand this eventually, and will learn what's important in life and what is not, but it won't be easy or fast. Although you may think that the existence of magical abilities in her family will help her a lot, actually it will only make things worse.

Bras and Broomsticks

There are four books about Rachel Weinstein, and this it the first one. As you can realize from the cover, it's about girls and about magic. That was enough to catch my attention, so I bought the book and start reading.

What made me to continue reading and buying all of the other books in the series was what I found inside that covers. I met Rachel and her crazy little world of being a high school girl who is not unpopular, but not that popular as she wants to be. Almost everyone felt this on their own skin, so you can really identify with her and her problems, although it may seems ridiculous from the grown-up point of view.

There is something in Rachel's life that you will not be able to find out in your own, but you have probably dreamed about that as a kid. Her younger sister finds out that she has a magical abilities. And their mother confess' that she is a witch too! It can't be better, except that Rachel realizes that she has been skipped in this cute little family tradition, and that if she want some magic to happen, she has to beg her younger sister, Miri, to perform it for her.

But they live in two different worlds. All that Miri cares about is world peace, food for everyone and curring deathly diseases. On the other hand, Rachel agrees that this is all nice and noble, but come on, she has so many ideas how to improve their own lives.

I mean, what kind of a witch you are if your own sister doesn't have a boyfriend? Or if your father is marring some awful woman while your mother is still depressed over their divorce. World peace can wait. Being the most popular girl in your school is a priority!

You will probably say that Rachel Weinstein is a shallow person who doesn't care for anyone else but herself after what I wrote about her. But it's not true. She really has a great heart and wants to do things right, but you know, life happens. And in 'Bras and Broomsticks' it happens in a very funny, disorganised and confused way that you'll gonna love.

Frogs and French Kisses

Sarah Mlynowski did a great job with this titles of her books. It says everything about what you will find inside.

Well, in the first book, Rachel learned that magic is not something you should play with. That lesson was hard and dramatic, so you would think that she will understand it once and forever. Unfortunately, she is not the only one who wants to make experiments in this second book. Miri is on her way, and she is determined to save the world. She is still new at all of that witch things so she doesn't know anything about consequences of her deeds. Their mother that was always against using the magic, starts using it in every step, and Rachel is still the same girl that wants to make everything right, but in the way that's in her best interest.

While her family is acting out crazy, she's the only one who knows what is she's doing. And that includes finding a popular and cute boyfriend. But when that spell went out of control, with all of the other things that had already went out of order, she will have to do everything that she can to make things right this time. And that will lead to unexpected ending of 'Frogs and French Kisses' that will make you expect the next book eagerly.

Spells and Sleeping Bags

In 'Frogs and French Kisses' Rachel becomes more conscientious person than she was in the beginning, She founds out that there are more important things in the world than being popular and having a date for school parties, and this changed her life forever. It seems that this was the sign that cosmic forces were waiting for to give her one thing that she wanted the most. She became a witch, and now she has an opportunity to show how mature she is and she will use her new abilities in the best possible way.

Rachel also goes on vacation to a summer camp where she's gonna meet some new friends and have fun. Life can't be better, right? But what if she is not the only witch there? And what if she is the only one with good intentions?

Rachel now has her magic, but there is only one thing that can save her, and that's... wait for it... her good knowledge of math and numbers! Can you imagine? Although two previous books are well written and very enjoyable, Sarah Mlynowski overcome herself with this one. You will be able to identify with her and to fell like she does.

Parties and Potions

At the previous book, Rachel finds out that there are more witches out there, but she has no idea about how big that community is. But her sister Miri is very existed about some new social network that she has found. That's right, there is special web site for witches where they all can communicate, hang out and make new friendships. Miri also realize that there are special schools and classes that they can attend in order to learn more about spells.

And that's not all. In that school they can finally meet other people that are just like them. And some of those people are guys! For Rachel that finally means succeeding in her life-time mission to find a boyfriend, this doesn't sound so funny, but she finds out that actually it is. She meets Adam, a very cute boy, who is also a warlock. So, this is her situation: she has a boyfriend and friends from her high school and she loves them very much, but she doesn't feel absolutely comfortable with them because they don't know that she is a witch. On the other hand, she meets these cool new people and she can actually talk about magic with them. It's time to find out what means more to her, her old life style or this fantastic new one.

In the middle, sisters should prepare for the event of the year called Samsorta. This is actually a ball where young witches are firs time presented to a magic society. As usually, Rachel's life is very complicated and fulfilled with so many hard decisions and she will have to trust her heart in order to be happy, but of course, it's not always that easy.

This is the last book in the series, so sadly, bat this is the ending of our journey with incredible Rachel Weinstein. I'm glad that I meet this girl.

A Few More Words

This is a great book series for all the girls, whether they are seven or one hundred and seven years old. It's also a good choice for those people that are trying to find magic in any little thing in the world. You should read these books if you like to dream, if you are a believer or just want to have some fun.

'Magic in Manhattan' is charming, beautiful and honest portrait of being young, getting to know life, love, family and all the other things that really matter in this crazy world that we live in. Give it a try, I hope you will enjoy it.


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